Hey there pilots, welcome to TitanTime and let’s take a look at all the boost cards available in the Titanfall 2 multiplayer. Now if you played the tech test you’ll know that boost cards are activated by building your titan percentage meter to a certain point, allowing your chosen boost to be activated. We only saw 2 in the tech test, but Respawn have packed in a ton of other boosts to pick from, so first let’s go through each one, starting off with Pilot Sentry.

This is an automatic anti-personnel turret with a 1 minute life time, which will only be affective against pilots, grunts and spectres. We first saw this in the pilot reveal trailer, placed strategically behind the new a-wall pilot ability. Now obviously this boost is going to be a good choice for game modes like amped hard point and bounty hunt, but positioning will be key in using pilot sentry. I also think pilot sentry will be beneficial in Capture the Flag, either defensively by covering a flag running route or your base, but also offensively for flag runners themselves. Deploying a turret as you make your run, giving your pursuers something else to think about whilst you put more distance between them. The activation cost is 72%. Next is Map Hack. This reveals all enemy players on the minimap and was one of the most powerful burn cards available in the original Titanfall. Map Hack has a few changes though this time, as it only lasts for a short time, so it won’t last a full life like it did in Titanfall 1. If an enemy player is using map hack you will get an on screen notification, so at least you can be a little more prepared.

It’s also proximity based, emitting a pulse highlighting enemy players who touch it, essentially like a pulse blade attached to yourself. The activation cost is again is 72% Battery Back-up. Give yourself a free battery, which at first doesn’t seem like that much of a big deal, is going to be really beneficial in game modes like Last Titan Standing. A free battery means you can easily boost friendly titans if your titan is doomed without having to put yourself in harms way to get one, keeping your teammates alive for longer. But with a hefty 80% activation cost, you’ll most likely have already picked up a battery or two from rodeos in Last Titan Standing before you can activate it, so we’ll have to see just how effective this boost will be once the game is released.

And next we have Radar Jammer, which you guessed it, jams the enemy radar and seeing as the activation cost is a low 40% it’ll be a quick and effective way of disrupting the enemy at the beginning of a match. However I’m sure with all the new abilities and boosts, we’ll have more than enough tools at our disposal to not have to worry about our Radar too much if it gets jammed by the enemy. Next we have Titan Sentry, which is very similar to the Pilot Sentry but for attacking Titans instead of pilots. With a cheap activation cost of 35% and a 1 minute lifetime, this will be handy in Last Titan Standing as it’s quick enough to activate, providing you with a nice distraction for the enemy titans whilst you go for the rodeo. It’ll also be handy for those times when the enemy team has titan superiority on the battlefield. Next….Smart Pistol! Just as we told you a month or so ago, the smart pistol is back but only as a boost, with two 12 round magazines, replacing your secondary weapon when activated.

Enemies will receive a lock on notification when in use, which we wanted for a long time in Titanfall 1, and it’ll cost you 60% activation. Next is Phase Rewind, which phase shifts you back to a previous position before activated. I think this could be really good for Capture The Flag, deploying just as you enter the base to get a quick view of who’s in the corner, or a few seconds after you start your flag run, giving you chance to fake your route direction and re-direct yourself and throw off your pursuers.

It does take a second or so to activate, so you won’t be able to just spam this if someone gets the drop on you, but if you time it right, it’ll be a helpful plan-B , and with a 25% activation cost this will be easy to activate and provide multiple uses. Now for Hard Cover. Essentially this is the cheap alternative to the a-wall, providing you with a pilot sized particle wall, but this does not amp your shots like the a-wall does. But at a mere 20% activation cost, this’ll be great to deploy if stuck reloading half way through a 1 on 1 firefight, or if you’re already using the a-wall, just another wall to make you feel extra safe, because sometimes, we all need to build a wall, or 2. And 3rd time lucky because next it’s Holo Pilot Nova. As if one holo pilot wasn’t enough, you can now deploy multiple decoys of yourself, and was a full on WTF moment when I first saw it here in the pilot trailer.

You don’t need to have the holo pilot ability equipped to use this, and I sure can’t wait for Rich and I to launch this ability into a hard point, at the same time, with a few electric smoke grenades as well just for good measure. With an activation cost of 40%, we’ll be sending out holograms of ourselves left right and centre, literally.

And last but not least, it’s Dice Roll, which randomly chooses a boost and is activated at 36%. Although you’ll probably end up picking specific boosts for specific game modes, this is a great choice for those players who want to mix it up and get a chance with all the abilities. Seeing as most of the other boosts are more expensive than 36%, you’ll be getting the more costly boosts earlier with this, with the drawback of course of not knowing what boost you’ll be getting.

This will be a lot of fun for those of you who play private matches, having this set up with everyone not knowing what boost they will get. Now the amped weapons and ticks we already saw in the tech test, and amped weapons will still set you back 80% activation, providing you with increased damage for both your primary and secondary weapons, and the ticks, which gives you 2 deployable slide drones which will automatically hunt down enemies before self detonating will be 65%. With 12 boost cards to choose from, there’s something for everyone here and we’ll now have even more options in Titanfall 2, and your boost choice will be just as important as your weapon and ability choices. Which boost stands out most to you do far, and which will suit your play style the most? Let us know in the comments below, and keep it locked to TitanTime for all the latest Titanfall 2 news and tips, we’ll catch you next time..

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