Hey there pilots, respawn have released the first look at titanfall 2 customisation, and by the looks of it, Repsawn have gone all out on the visual options for titanfall 2. let’s take a look at what they mentioned, as well as some customisation options that were not discussed in their video and i’ll show a comparison at the end of this video. So first up it’s pilot customisation and in Titanfall 2, you can now customise your pilot with camos as well as your primary and secondary weapons.

If you look closely you can see that some of these camos have the phrase ‘advocate gift’ underneath, which to me looks like you can earn specific camos by joining the advocate network which players were automatically joined to in the tech test. Maybe in the future network owners will be able to create their own custom camos that are specific to their network. Your pilots customisations are separate from your titans, so they don’t have to match up. For titans we’ve got warpaints, camos and nose arts, which are applied over the top of your chassis skins for even more customisation.

You can also customise your titan weapons on top. Some of these camps are environment specific, meaning you can create visual load outs for specific maps, helping you blend in to your surroundings, so as you can see here with fire frenzy and fractal ocean, giving players the option to either go for the tactical approach of trying to blend in, or the all out guns blazing approach. Respawn have also stated that some camps can actually benefit your play style, for example the zebra pattern for Ronin could possibly throw off the read for the enemy if you’re moving fast enough. But what Respawn haven’t gone into yet are the amor options for your pilots, and this image of the pilot with cloak demonstrates the changes you can make on top of what has been released so far.

When we put this alongside the amor load out for the same pilot in the tech test, we can see just how deep the visual customisation appears to be, with the ability to change the helmet shape and design, the knee pads, the boots, the arm protectors, even the ammo pouch style and colour, as well as the clothing, especially that awesome fur shoulder cape. Here we also see a different melee execution for the cloak pilot, so we’ll also be able to change our execution animations.

In fact, Respawn have announced they’re adding more content to the Titanfall 2 Digital Deluxe Edition by including Prime upgrades for the Ion and Scorch. These Prime upgrades modify the physical appearance of the Ion and Scorch, introduce new sound effects, and offer up some killer new executions. None of these items impact the balance of the gameplay, they’re just a chance for you to show a little more flair on the Frontier. So for those of you who are not sure which edition to pre-order, the deluxe edition is starting to look a lot more enticing. The mention of sound effects is really exciting to me, and Respawn have said they will be releasing more cosmetic items as DLC. Maybe in the future we’ll be getting different titan OS voices, date specific warrants and nose arts, maybe a pumpkin skinned Scorch for Halloween, who knows. Either way I have to be honest, the new customisation options have me more than excited, and i’ll be keen to unlock every single one once the game releases.

So which customisation option has you most excited, and more importantly, what holiday specific skin ideas can you come up with, let us know in the comments below and we’ll catch you next time..

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