Hello everyone my name’s AZZATRU and welcome to another Titanfall 2 video of mine. In this video I will be showing you gameplay of the smart pistol in Titanfall 2 and sharing details on its differences compared to the first game. I will be uploading more Titanfall 2 videos over the next few days so if you want to never miss another news update and more subscribe to my channel! Now I am not a smart pistol user but I wanted to get some gameplay at the last capture event for you so you could see how it differs from the original game. I used it for 4 games and only got 3 kills. It takes about a second to lock on which seems less than the first game.

This of course is not 100% accurate though but I will share with you a couple of examples of the time it takes to lock on in both games. In case you did not know, it is boost so this means you have to earn 60% of your titan meter to use it. This is the 6th highest percentage needed for a boost. It replaces your secondary, has 12 rounds only so once they are gone you will not be able to use the pistol and can be swapped out for the primary weapon if you need to adjust for a gun fight but if you die and respawn, it will not return with you.

You can still target explosives that are unexploded which is cool but I feel like it can lock onto enemies that are not in plain view thus possibly making this a potential issue in the final game. Use the comment section below to discuss anything I’ve talked about in this video. Thanks for watching and if you enjoyed this video make sure you click the like button! If you missed any of the 2 videos on screen, check them out! I shall see you in my next Titanfall 2 video.

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