Titanfall 2 is the critically acclaimed, dynamic fast paced shooter meets giant robot brawler that you always wanted to play. But, if you find yourself failing to play this game on your low end computer there are a couple of quick tips that will help you reduce graphics to the super lowest and get this game running. This is the LowSpecGamer, where level of details exists to go down and low textures are good textures. So forget detailed characters because we are making this game run. This video has very kindly been sponsored by the EasySMX gaming mouse. Most of you already know I am not particularly the most skilled of gamers but I have been really surprised of how much of a difference a good gaming mouse makes on my performance. With all 7 buttons on the mouse being programmable, on 5 different profiles and, my personal favorite functionality, a color coded DPI control so you can change the sensibility of the mouse while playing. You have no idea how much I have been using that lately. Oh, and you can also change the weight of the mouse.

Because apparently that is a thing. I will be using the mouse during this video and you can find more info in the description. So, we are going to start with all the settings to the lowest it allows, adaptative resolution off and most effects off as usual. This, on the Athlon 5350, Nvidia 640 combo I was seeing between 30 to 40 FPS with the ocassional slutter BUT on the Surface Pro IntelHD 4000 the game barely manages to break 17 or 18 FPS so… what is there for us to do? This video is inspired by this neogaf article linked in the description. Thanks to all the people who sent this to me. The titanfall 2 configuration file is located on your document folder, respawn, titanfall2, local and it is called videoconfig.txt Inside you can set setting.mat_picmip to 4 to set the textures as low as the engine will allow You can also disable some particles by settings setting.cl_particle_fallback_base and setting.cl_particle_fallback_multiplier to 0.

Then we have my favorite one: setting.r_lod_switch_scale controls the level of detail of the game’s models. By settings it to 0 you can force the game to load the lowest models possible at any distance…. Woa look at those polygons. Finally, here is a group of commands from the neogaf thread that some people are reportedly using. These look like source engine commands, which kinda makes sense since titanfall 2 actually runs on a fork of the source engine… that… I did not expect. These commands reportedly disable some extra effects. The final configuration file I have been using is linked in the description. The Athlon 5350, Nvidia 640 combo game me from 45 to over 50 fps on the same scene and the intelhd 4000 jumped to 20, all the way to 25 sometimes! But wait, there’s more! The lines in the configuration file do not really like custom resolutions but you can use launch commands on origin to force almost any resolution using the -width and -height commands.

Most resolutions work in windowed mode which you can force with the windowed launch command and some, like 800×600 will work on fullscreen by using the -fullscreen command. Let me show you the kind of results I got. Oh my sweet, sweet low poly models, oh do I love you. Ok, while this is far from the ideal circumstance to try this game, I just really wanted to see what you would get if you tried to play this game on a surface pro computer and so far it isn’t as bad as I expected.

Especially considering just how hectic the multiplayer is. Wait, there’s someone there. Oh, wow, wow, wow, shit! Ok, granted. I have no idea what happened there, I’m sorry about that. Oh fuck. Oh man, well my reactiong time could do something much better than that, I apologize. Oh, I’m getting better at this actually. Or not… I mean, you can say many things about this game but the campaign is absolutely fantastic! In a world where there are so many games that feel like tacked on campaigns for the sake of selling a multiplayer game but try not to be multiplayer only and still charge a premium price, this game is really fantastic. So satisfying finding- shit, c’mon man. Yes, yes, excellent! The weapon load out is pretty interesting and there’s sort of this asymmetric gameplay where you’re- ooh! Oh, oh, this is going to be fun, I have always wanted to do this! That might have been a little bit overkill but good job. And so we keep going at this for better or for worse, let’s see what we can do. Yep! And that’s the second one! And that’s the third and that’s the fourth! I was doing great actually.

And we’re dropping into the zone. Oh! Ah-ah, ah! HA! Oh, that was close! And that’s one. Ooh! Oh there’s a titan going around, that’s going to make things a little bit harder. A very low end titan. Well, it’s official. I suck at this game, but you know what doesn’t suck? The EasyMax Gaming Mouse. Available now on Amazon.com-c’mon man, are you serious? I’m trying to make and ad here. Right, I’m going to do it much better this time, I promise. Oh! Oh c’mon man, I had him. Oh, now we have to eliminate a titan? This mode is fantastic! It’s really interesting. Oh that’s not gonna work. No, I need something better. Yeah, yeah, yeah! Take it! Um, we just lost a- we just lost a titan. Excellent! And now we have a titan. C’mon, c’mon man. C’mon I can do this. There’s a guy up there. Ooh! That, that actually got a little bit closer. Yeah! This is so intense- oh shit! “Titan Ready”, yes, yes! I have waited for this.

My time has come! Low resolution Titan, here we go. Well, that was short lived There’s someone behind… me. That is all for this video. Thank you to the people of Patreon and to EasySMX for making this video possible! Remember to subscribe if you are interested in seeing more of this. New videos are released weekly. See you on the next video..

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