Welcome to Holo Pilot Training guys and today let’s take a look at the basics of the holo pilot tactical ability as well as on the ground demonstrations of how to use it. I’ll go through the basics and then some of the more intermediate and advanced uses nearer the end of this video So Let’s start with the basics. The holo pilot essentially will replicate the last movement you make, so if you want it to stay still, just deploy it from standing. Once the holo pilot is engaged, you can freely move around, and your hologram will stay in place, this also applies to crouching, so crouch, and you’re holo pilot will do the same.

Your holo pilot can also slide across the floor. By sliding just before engaging, your hologram will slide forward and then enter a static crouched position.The holo pilot can also travel a good distance, so you can deploy it if you walk forward, or sprint, giving you different speed options for your hologram. As i’m aiming down sights here my movement is slower, so my holo pilot walks at the same speed. Here you can see him running, and i suggest you make him run instead of walk, as you don’t see many pilots walking around in game, and you want to replicate real player movement with your holopilot as best as you can. Your holo pilot can also slide off rooftops and onto the ground below. Holo pilot can also be deployed as you fire your jump jets, so you can engage it as you jump. Due to the fragile nature of the holo pilot, once it comes into contact with a static object, it will disappear so you need to be careful you don’t waste it by sending it into a wall 5 feet in front of you. This brings us onto the next stage of training which is Deployment.

Now that you have the basics of holo pilot it’s time to start using it effectively. Holo pilot is primarily designed to be a distraction for the enemy, so here I saw the enemy coming up the stairs, deployed my holo pilot and backed up, giving me time to line up my shot whilst he kills my holo pilot instead of me. Holo pilot is also effective against enemy titans, and a great way to distract them and waste their heavier attacks. Here this Ion titan wastes 50% of his energy by using his laser shot to kill my holo pilot. It’s also a great way to just add a little more chaos into the mix for the enemy team.

Holo pilot is also great for modes like amped hard point and bounty hunt. Launch a holo pilot into the area to distract the enemy, giving your team an easy kill whilst the enemy chases down your hologram. It can also be used multiple times depending on how long it’s active for, here I deploy my holo pilot twice in quick succession whilst changing my position, giving me even more time to relocate and line up my shot. Holo pilot can also be deployed as you eject from your titan and is an excellent way to avoid being goosed by the enemy, by forcing them to have to track 2 ejecting pilots and decide which one to try and goose. Here I deploy just as I eject whilst I strafe to the right. As I turn around you can see the titan destroy my holo pilot, then carry on firing whilst he figures out what just happened. This gives you the space and time to decide whether to flank, go for the rodeo or move to a different area. Holo pilot will also draw the fire of AI, including the spectres and auto titans.

Whilst holo pilot does not provide you with a speed boost such as the stim or grapple, it is definitely worth putting the time into this new ability when Titanfall 2 drops on October 28th. The sheer satisfaction you get when you successfully pull off a well timed holopilot move is worth the lack of grapple or stim, and as time goes on, i’ll be needing to utilise this ability even more effectively than in the tech test, and we’ll be bringing you more advanced holo pilot manoeuvres once the game is released, so make sure you subscribe to Titantime for more Titanfall 2 Tutorials. Thanks for listening pilots and we’ll see you soon..

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