Hey there guys, welcome to TitanTime and today let’s take a look at the phase embark perk available in Titanfall 2. This question came from Sozin who asks : Does anyone have any thoughts about Phase Embark? Not sure of what purpose it serves. So I trawled through my footage from the tech test and noticed that I didn’t use phase embark that much, the power cell and health regen options felt the most necessary for me to use for my gameplay style, but quickly it dawned on me that actually phase embark can be very helpful in certain situations, so in this video we’ll take a look if phase embark is quick enough to be a worthwhile perk to equip, what combinations it can be best for and i’ll do some side by side comparisons nearer the end of this video.

Before we get into it I’d like to just say a huge thank you to all our subscribers.We’ve had a lot of comments saying just how quickly we get videos up for you guys, as well as the level of detail we go into. Even though Rich and I have full time jobs, our love for the Titanfall franchise make us strive to bring you the best content as quickly as possible, here at TitanTime, so once again, thanks a lot guys. Anyway Phase Embark, here we go. Phase Embark is available in your pilot tier 1 kit and is used to teleport quickly into your titan. This essentialy stops the opening hatch animation when embarking and leaving your titan, speeding up the process overall. But how much quicker it is? Well lets test it out. To do this I’ve tried to be as fair as possible, by starting the counter at the time of beginning the entry process, and stopping it once titan control is activated.

First let’s see them one after the other, starting without phase embark and then with. Without phase embark is seconds With phase embark is seconds So here you save seconds with phase embark Let’s do another example This time seconds with phase embark and seconds without. So that’s a difference of seconds. So to me it seems that you gain 1 second of time entering your titan when using phase embark, once we factor in that my timings can’t be precise as possible, because of the restraints of my video editing software. So after seeing the comparison I thought, well really 1 second isn’t that big a deal, because even without phase embark your pilot is immune from damage during the animation. Then I thought, well the new battery system in Titanfall 2 means pilots have to get in and out of their titan to pick up stolen batteries as well as batteries from destroyed titans, so maybe phase embark helps speed up the entire process overall to be worthy of a solid place in a pilots load out. So let’s try that, here is the entire process without phase embark.

seconds and with phase embark that’s seconds, saving you 3 seconds when getting in and out of your titan. And that’s actually a bigger deal than I first thought. That’s 3 seconds off having your titan being shot at in guard mode as you disembark to pick up a battery, and this will be even more critical when using lighter titans such as Ronin and Northstar. So the question is what load outs will most benefit phase embark and make it most effective.

I’d suggest using phase embark paired with Warpfall Transmitter with your titan, as warp fall leaves your titan vulnerable as it no longer drops with a bubble shield like in the original Titanfall. I’d also suggest using stim alongside it, giving you both the speed boost of stim as well as the boost of phase embark. Now I’m sure we’ll find a lot more uses for phase embark when the full game releases, and we’ll be bringing you more example on phase embark and of all the other perks right here on Titantime, so don’t forget to subscribe for all the latest tutorials and news before Titanfall 2 release, thanks for your support pilots and we’ll catch you next time.

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