Hey guys, Welcome to WhatsThatChannel an today were gonna be going over the Top 5 tips to make you a better Titan fall 2 player. Now a little bit about me I was on the top 5 gamebattles team for titanfall 1 So basically I know how to play, im really good an I will even show you I was a top 25 player on game battles for titanfall so… Here we go Number 1 Bumper Jumper This is the biggest tip any body can give another player Its a little hard to get use to in the beginning But once you do it, it will make you 10 times of a better player Now what it does, is it takes the A button from your normal jump So instead of hitting A to jump, you actually hit one of your bumpers So on your controller, actually on xbox it turns it into this button right here The one in front of the joystick So what it does The idea behind it, is you can jump and aim without ever moving your thumb thats the whole idea behind it So you can actually Jump, Aim and shoot, all in the same fluid motion allowing you to kill players while you are up in the air That is number 1 Number 2 Stimpack, now this is actually an ability in the game an it does a variety of different things It allows you to cross distances very quickly So that you arnt in open range where you can actually get shot an killed So your survivability will go up 2.

It increases your movement speed So you can actually get away from situations that you would normally die in if you need to run away, an wernt prepared for a situation So you can easily run away, and get away Now stimpack actually does a 3rd thing it actually increases your health regen speed for surviving So it increases your survivability 10 fold So you can get away quickly, heal , turn around and kill them An it is hands down the best ability in the game, by far Number 3, the Carbine This is by far one of the best guns in the game, its my personal favorite Now it obviously depends on your style of play But the carbine offers the best multitude for everything, its got up close damage it does very well with that, and it does long range damage where you can actually shoot people far away and actually kill them Most of my kills comes from medium to long range with the carbine Its my number 1 gun, an you need to give it more chances specially with bumper jumper on When you go to kill people with the carbine from long range, make sure you pull your shots, what this means You just want to tap tap tap tap instead of spray an pray Number 4 The Charge Rifle The reason you use the charge rifle, is you can hit a titan from long distance who wants to get right up close to a titan to shoot it Your gonna die So use the charge rifle to keep your distance, and you can even get kills on pilots too.

An number 5, You gotta keep moving If there is a wall next to you, you should be wall running It gives you the jump on other players It just makes you harder to shoot If your standing still and not moving around much, your gonna be an easy target to shoot an you dont wanna die… Thats it for todays video of WhatsThatChannel If you guys like the video, let me know in the comments down below An dont forget to Subscribe for more content When i get around 10,000 subscribers I will start doing give aways So look forward to that, Thank you guys..

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