leveling and also looking for very good equipment at levels 120 to 200 is certainly no doubt if we choose the Demon Prison 2F place or map, where there are lots of monsters there, and of course it increases the drop rate of the equipment, the monsters on the Demon Prison 2F map drop equipment lv 170 quickly.

why do you have 2F demon prison?
because here we can defeat monsters quickly due to low mobs of monsters, moreover it’s a good place to raise levels quickly, so we can use the equipment here quickly
the equipment here really helps us in leveling on this place alone and also on the next map after we reach level 200 (Cranto Coast)

Why can’t we use monster-dropped equipment directly?
That’s because after we get the equipment here, we must first identify it

where can we identify the equipment?
we can identify the equipment in a store that is opened by another player or NPC Merchant in the city, or in the master appraiser

Good Luck…!!


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