For those of you deeply curious to the why and the how, this is part one of tracking and hunting bosses. This guide is to help anyone wishing to know any of the how to with world bossing. Bosses will be covered in order of their level. Keep in mind I like to keep this purely informational as to shorten the guide/have it be useful.

 To which I will cover;
  • where to find/track world bosses
  • what world bosses drop
  • things you need to look out for when fighting a world boss
  • tools/tips that might help give you that extra edge
 And I will not cover;
  • Optimal builds
  • reroll costs
  • boss stats (will include links to them)

The first thing to know is the universal rules which apply to world bosses which are;

  1. A world boss will never spawn on the previous map it was on, but will spawn randomly on the other possible maps (this means it will alternate maps if there is only 2 possible maps)
  2. World bosses will remain for 1.5 hours. If out of combat after 1 and half hours it will despawn, but will remain until it is out of combat.
  3. World bosses will give an 8 hour debuff that will prevent you from getting cube at any other world boss with that 1 character. This debuff does count down while logged out
  4. World bosses spawn every 4 hours, exceptions to jackpot world bosses (which occur on circumstances I don’t know of) or the channel crashing (which is also impossible to tell).
  5. Should either there be a Jackpot or a crashed channel the respawn timer will reset and will once again take 4 hours for the next one
  6. World bosses give cubes to the top dps and their party upon killing it. The cube will automatically go to your inventory even if dead. Silver will also drop which isn’t as important but can be picked up normally.
  7. World bosses have spawn points but they never spawn directly in the center of them rather in general areas, learning those general areas can help you when it gets highly contested (to which tends to be in rooms and not in hallways)
  8. World bosses only spawn on ch1, once again exceptions to jackpot bosses
  9. All World bosses will spawn 4 hours after the servers come up on one of the maps they are normally on at random, when the servers are up is debatable as it can vary on the maintenance (in other words it’s not when they open them to players but rather when they come online)

[details= Quick Tips:]

  • I highly recommend working with others allowing you to alternate who bring the high dps character, cover more of the map at one time when bosses spawn, cover times you can’t be on for world bosses or even being able to take down the high level world bosses in the first place.
  • The most amazing and beautiful addon that would locate bosses on the map is dead. You may be gone but you are not forgotten.
  • Having more then one character can help so you can show up to bosses more then every 8 hours
  • world bosses have a warning for when they are “about to” spawn. This is an approx 2 hour heads up before they spawn on that map.
  • Understanding that finding the boss the first time is the hard part, so it might be easy to get discouraged. However, part of the game is perseverance even when nothing goes your way.[/details]

Blasphemous Deathweaver 67

Locations: Crystal Mines 2F/3F, Ashaq Underground prison 1F/2F/3F
Level: 24
Drops: DeathWeaver Card, DeathWeaver club, DeathWeaver bow, DeathWeaver crossbow, DeathWeaver cutter, DeathWeaver rod, DeathWeaver Tooth, Silver bar
Details: DeathWeaver is currently the only world boss that there are two of. One spawns in crystal mines and One spawns in Ashaq, the biggest struggle with deathweaver is getting to hit it as it can easily be murdered by anyone who doesn’t like spiders. With less then 1mil hp it’s easily a snack for most high dps builds, If you need better odds form a large party and spread out over the map in mines, while in ashaq try to keep a fast runner on every floor it will spawn on. Combat wise you’re not really in much danger so long as you are lvl 50+.

Bleak Chapparition 65

Locations: Tenet Church B1/1F
Level: 42
Drops: Chapparition Card, Chapparition Bow, Chapparition Mace, Chapparition Rod, Chapparition Shooter, Chapparition Sword, Chapparition 2handed Sword, Chapparition Staff, Silver Bar
Details: The biggest thing to pay attention to is it does not spawn on 2F of tenet otherwise (which it can as a jackpot) it’s really straight forward and sticks to the rules. Combat wise he’s not going to hit very hard if you are 90+. If you do happen to be low level watch out for a large aoe he does in front of him, it will easily one shot you

Hungry Velnia Monkey 33

Locations: Novaha Assembly Hall, Novaha Annex, Novaha Institute
Level: 56
Drops: Talt, Velnia monkey armor (rec), Velnia monkey pants (rec), Gold Bar, Silver Bar, White Tiger Mask (rec)
Details: Very unpopular world boss and for good reason thanks to it’s poor drop list. I can’t tell you much about it combat wise either, but it’s not a threat for most characters anyways. I can tell you for a fact though, that it’s not a monkey.

Violent Cerberus 58

Locations: Royal Mausoleum 4F/5F
Level: 96
Drops: Cerberus Card, Gold Bar, Primaluce, Durandal, Gladiator Band (rec), Nurse Hat
Details: A Rather popular world boss thanks to unique and good drops. The update to bosses made Cerberus not only easier to kill but hardly a threat at the same time. Will spawn flame pillars when his hp gets low.

Forest Keeper Ferret Marauder 17

Locations: Bellai Rainforest/Zeraha/Seir Rainforest
Level: 103
Drops: Talt, Gold Bar, Ferret Marauder Horns, Ferret Marauder Shell, Ferret Marauder Shield
Details: Easily the world boss I’ve done the least of (out of the low level bosses) so I can’t tell you much about it. However when i have done it, it’s been little to no problem to take it down

Noisy Mineloader 26

Locations: Mage Tower 4F/5F
Level: 135
Drops: Mineloader Card, Pink Bunny (headgear), Gold Bar, Trinity Sword (rec), Wilding Bane (rec)
Details: Noisy Mineloader isn’t that much different from fighting regular mineloader in 130 dun. Just remember hug him from green laser, run away for purple and stay away from red orbs.

Burning Fire Lord 16

Locations: Main Chamber/Sanctuary
Level: 148
Drops: Fire Lord Card, Ruby, Kaloo Hammer (rec), Wizard Slayer (rec)
Details: Outside of both the maps being difficult to check for him, he’s straight forward like the last bosses. Big aoes like normal, absolutely terrible drop list.

Wrathful Harpeia 30

Locations: Demon Prison District 1/2/5
Level: 166
Drops: Harpiea Card, Zircon, Audra (rec), Luciduce (rec)
Details: DP5 is rather far away from any statue making it more pain to track harpy then anything else. Once again if you fought harpy in 130 dun it’s not much different, but I would recommend 190+ characters due to the large aoes harpy has.

Starving Ellaganos 46

Locations: Videntis Shrine/Mokusul Chamber
Level: 200
Drops: Ellaganos Card, Maledoom (rec), Feather Armband (rec), Max Petamion (rec), Sissel Bracelet (rec)
Details: Ellaganos is more annoying to fight then anything else with large aoes that cause knockback and spawning on large maps it can be difficult to get your hits in when competing with others for cube.

Prison Manager Prison “Pizza” Cutter 33

Locations: Sentry Bailey/Resident Quarter/Storage Quarter/Fortress Battlegrounds
Level: 217
Drops: talt, element dance (rec)
Details: Boasting the dumbest name for a boss and large aoes like a lot of world bosses. Prison cutter can pretty hard hitting as many of those aoes are multi hit, but there are no cc to be afraid of from him so it’s more of a game of staying alive.

Level 280 bosses

For the most part all the rules of the previous hold true to the 280 bosses, but there are a couple additions:

  1. It’s also imperative to know all of the 280 bosses will destroy magic circles if there are too many on the ground (which will include heal, safety zone, ect)
  2. bosses that share maps alternate between which one you fight next (this means if you fought mirtis in solitary cells, helga will spawn 4 hours from her death in one of the other maps they spawn in)

Mirtis 34

Locations: Kalejimas Visiting Room, Storage, Solitary Cells, Workshop, Investigation Room
Level: 275
Drops: talt, Cripple (rec), Shark Cutter (rec), Marksman (rec)

Helgasercle 55

Locations: Kalejimas Visiting Room, Storage, Solitary Cells, Workshop, Investigation Room
Level: 280
Drops: talt, Bandit (rec), Heldasercle Card

Rexipher 32

Locations: Thaumas Trail, Salvia Forest, Sekta Forest, Rasvoy Lake, Oasseu Memorial, Maven Abby
Level: 275
Drops: talt, Iron Fist (rec), Finisher (rec), Circle Rod (rec), Rexipher Card
Details: Rexi is an annoying fight. Not a marathon like he used to be before the re-balance but annoying all the same. He is able to reflect damage, cast death sentence and drain sp. So you’ll need to stock up on sp pots/dispellers if possible or possibly bring a priest.

Demon Lord Marnox 79

Locations: Thaumas Trail, Salvia Forest, Sekta Forest, Rasvoy Lake, Oasseu Memorial, Maven Abby
Level: 280
Drops: talt, Power Staff (rec)
Details: Marnox is very fast. Most of his attacks come out quick, has an attack that makes him leap across the map basically, along with fast walk speed. his speed can turn things into a brawl fast. Spawns flame pillars, then breaks them, always a good laugh.

Level 330 bosses

Similar to 280 bosses but instead of additions they have some exceptions to the rules:

  1. All 330 bosses have a 16 hour respawn, not a 4 hour one.
  2. The warning for when the boss is about to spawn is for 8 hours not 2 hours.
  3. None of the rules apply from 280 bosses.
  4. I believe it is impossible to get jackpot bosses for 330 bosses.

Demon Lord Blut 25

Locations: Tevhrin Stalactite Cave Section 1/2/3/4/5
Level: 330
Drops: talt, hasta gear
Details: puts down poison pools, missile hole is nice

Demon Lord Nuaele 23

Locations: Mishekan/Nobreer/Yugejan/Syla Forest
Level: 330
Drops: talt, Tevhrin things
Details: missile hole is nice, unless you got agro don’t stand in front

Demon Lord Zaura 17

Locations: Mollogheo/Ghibulinas forest, Alembique cave
Level: 330
Drops: garbage and talt
Details: I dunno he spins a lot, missile hole is nice, shields are nice

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Thanks for reading my guide.
Currently in the process of updating it, so some things might be missing/incomplete/incorrect (330 information). I will get on this in the next week. If you have anything to add please feel free to comment.


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