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This thread/guide here is strictly for the discussion of FPS Optimization/Know-hows to improve the overall performance of an individual’s client. As much as possible i will explain the various steps in layman terms so players will understand what are they actually optimizing on the game. For individuals with higher-order knowledge, feel free to contribute!

This will not be a static guide and i will update it whenever i find time to do so :distinguished:


They say a picture tell a thousand words

For the problems/issues of varying magnitude faced by saviors we will be only covering the one related mainly to FPS and slightly on ping

To keep things simple ,i will assume players to have a average set up:

  1. Dedicated GPU ( No integrated Graphics , Free up processing power )
  2. CPU of ~2.0GHz & > 4GB RAM.
  3. Omittance of FPS related addons ( Warmode, FPSavior )
    & 3rd Party Software ( Razer Cortex, GeForce Experience )
    ( Temporary Omittance till i gather more information from players who actually use it first hand )


Table of Contents

  1. In Game Settings
  2. User.xml
  3. Windows
  4. Addons (To be updated)
  5. Change log.



Right click Tree Of Saviour in your Steam Game Library


Uncheck both Steam Overlay and the desktop game theatre option as well

Having an overlay means your system has to process the overlay feature upon command. Works pretty much like your Windows multi-tasking feature. Removing the ability to do so frees up the system to dedicate more to the tos client.

Now click set launch options

Most people use -dx11 and there are others who think this is entirely placebo.

type in “-dx11 ” without the “.

You are done for the steam interface.

In Game


Do not copy my settings as this is based entirely on my own preference
adjust accordingly for desired results

Vsync Discussion

as seen in comments




User.xml is a file that saves a player’s settings and preference. Inside the file certain settings can be tweaked that is not available in the in-game settings.

located: SteamsteamappscommonTreeOfSaviorreleaseuser.xml
open with notepad. You will see a chunk of text , fear not.

I will assume you have already unchecked most effects in game and checked low mode. Whatever we edit here is beyond the reach of the UI settings. So lets get tweaking

hit Ctrl F, look for the following, and edit into the following values:

  1. DrawMonsterPersent=“50”
    Determines amount of mobs rendered on screen, default is 99, i dont think you want the engine to render off screen mobs when you get loaded into a map. Values are optional, you can go lower. If you bump into a sorcerer sage that clones his bats you will notice things like doors/mobs/interactable objects not being rendered since his bats took up the number count.
  2. DrawActorPersent=“50” same as DrawMonsterPersent , but applies to NPC/Interactives.
  3. UseEnvSound=”0 disable env sound effects, things like walking on mud/snow/ground renders different sound. I dont want to waste processing power
  4. UseFastLoading=“1” enable fast loading, maybe placebo. Might as well keep it enabled
  5. UseWater=“0” reduce texture quality of water
  6. BitPerPixel=“16” reduce colour range to render, default is 32. no notable difference in image quality unless you are really using a high end monitor. Should see around 10-20 FPS boost aluminum


UseWater=“1/0” − Turns off water, may increase FPS.

UseFastLoading=“1/0” − Not sure what it does, but changing it to 1 seems to make levels load a bit faster.

UseEnvEffect=“1/0” − Environmental effects.

UseCharLod=“1/0” − Character Level of Detail.

UseEffectHigh=“1/0” − High quality effects.

ResizeLevelOfTextures=“1/0” − Not sure what it does.

DrawActorPersent=“0-99+” − limits the number of characters shown on the screen, setting a lower number will increase performance, but you won’t be able to see all of the players present in the location.

DrawMonsterPersent=“0-99+” − same as the above, but for monsters.

UseGlow=“1/0” − Glow postprocessing effect.

UseFXAA=“1/0” − FX antialiasing.

UseWarfog=“1/0” − Not sure what it does.

UseDepth=“1/0” − Depth of field.

UseBloom=“1/0” − Bloom.

UseSoftParticle=“1/0” − Soft particle rendering, turning this one off seems to greatly improve performance.

UseHighTexture=“1/0” − High resolution textures.

UseLowOption=“1/0” − Low performance option as set ingame.

AutoAdjustLowLevel=“1/0” − Automatic low performance option on low FPS.

Resolution mode=“0/1/2” − 0 sets the game to true fullscreen, which improves performance, but creates all the usual problems of fullscreen games. 1 makes the game run in full window, 2 is windowed mode.

BitPerPixel=“16/24/32” − Setting it to 16 greatly improves performance without any visual degradation.

VSync=“1/0” − Vertical Synchronization, the game performs terribly with Vsync on, so setting it to 0 will greatly improve

Source 29 for glossary

Okay we are done for ToS Client Side.

Showcase of reduced water effects:


Both with low setup


Non-crowded area ( Less Objects to render) vs Crowded area ( More objects to render)



This part here is recommended for advanced users. I will skip on areas such as Overclock (:tired: for ToS)

This will require the use of 3rd Party Softwares to facilitate and store the necessary settings and changes

I will also skip the part about reducing windows UI to increase performance. Videos for such can be found easily on YouTube and Google

When running ToS, open task manager. Do note that you have to do this everytime you open the client unless you use 3rd Party Software ( Which i do )

Right click ToS, click go to details

Set piority to real time or high, this allows your PC to pioritize ToS first when the client is running.

Set Affinity, click it
You will notice

Your CPU will determine the number of cores you have. Uncheck All Processors
DONT check CPU 0, check the remainder.

ToS is able to support multi core now, however we try to avoid CPU core 0 ( First Core )
This core is responsible for running window processes and your overall system so let this guy focus on his work and not tax him.

Allow the others to work for ToS

Say if you notice a difference and you are lazy to manually do this everytime your client opens, you can use this 3rd party Software i am using, Its a free software , definitely not adware etc.

BitSum Process Lasso. Its like an advanced task manager where i can do the same things but i save it on the settings.
Set Affinity/Piority to the same desired values. Whenever i fire up my PC i dont have to manually adjust the priority and affinity.


Another software i use is:

BitSum Park Control.

Google Core Parking for more details or

just set all to 100%. If power consumption isnt an issue it is suppose to make sure your cores dont really idle or its processing power limited due to Power Setting Options.

KToS do have their own Optimisation Thread 137 which is quite similar to what i have done.

Right now i am trying the TCP optimizer used in the korean forums.
use the command //ping to display actual ping.


I am lucky to be playing near to the location of the server, before using the TCP Optimizer my ping was 0.02ish

Video Guide:

Leatrix Latency Fix

A layman version of TCP optimizer which is install-and-go. Settings prolly tweaked for mmorpgs



  1. Warmode
  1. FPSaviour

These 2 available addons have current issues of bugging the client,use at own risk


[V1.00] 8/10/2017 Updated Guide. Removed Res=0 , doesnt seem to work now.
[V1.01] 9/10/2017 Added Glossary for User.xml , Vsync Discussion and Addons Section
[V1.02] 12/12/2017 Added Leatrix Latency Fix


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