I debated writing this out for a while now, something of serious value, but I doubt the community would care enough to be worth it. Killing time now so I might as well go for it.

This guide is entirely focused on PvP, when I say PvP I mean 1v1, winning by numbers isn’t PvP, it doesn’t matter that happens in “PvP” modes, all you’re doing is DPS a still target that got CC’d by someone else. I’m not gonna tell you the optimal way to do that, it’s boring and skilless, and I know this game is the perfect example of skillful PvP, it’s not even good, but no reason to make it worse than it is, if you want to Group Up, and hit it til it dies! I’m sure there is plenty of PvE guides to teach you how to do this. With that said…


The class you pick is pretty important I guess, if you pick an archer you’ll have low defensive tools and be forced to rely on some pretty mediocre tactics. You’d basically be limited to Archer and Assassin type classes (When I say Archer, I mean those who focus on kiting, very weak in this game, when I say Assassin, it’s kind of like bringing PvE into PvP but with more class, it’s about opening on someone, note you still rely on your own skill) On the other hand picking a class like Reti 3 will yield you much better results but not of your own doing, anyone can press a button that pulls in players who aren’t even on the screen and then do DPS to them. An assassin build like this may be effective but it gives the user no practice in anything, so as soon as they meet any type of counter to this, you got nothing, because all your experience has been in using this 1 skill, players who have it easy never have to try and thus never get any better.

So when deciding what kind of build remember this, options are what matter. Don’t just try to pick a class because it has the best way of killing people, part of what makes the best classes where they are is that they do the easy CC and high damage skills while having other things, like how Lancer for some dumb reason has a cleanse on top of Cataphract having Trot, a huge MS buff, and both having access to ridiculous CC. All of these options make it a much stronger build than any Reti would end up, despite that Reti is easier. (Not that Lancer is difficult in any way)

You’ve probably heard that Clerics are the best, they’re not, they have the best defensive options and the most healing which is super valuable in PvP, but despite how good they are, 2 class trees are far better. The actual ranking of the class trees should be Wizard > Sword > Cleric > Archer. Players forget the value of potions and CON and it makes it easy for the worst of them to overrate Cleric, a very defensive class sure but severely lacking in CC, and relying a lot more on poor decisions made by others over good decisions made by them.

This is a class chart sent to me about a week ago, which apparently represents the communities opinion on classes in PvP, I will now correct the largest mistakes not to insult the creator or those who agree with it, but to offer a different perspective from a player who understands the value of defense and utilities a little better. I won’t bother with minor corrections or I’d be completely remaking this and that’d take forever. So stuff like Druid won’t be commented on because it’s not ranked much higher than I would place it in overall PvP.


  • Necromancer is far too high, it’s biggest value is that the large amount of targets ■■■■■ with the terrible combat system causing single target skills to miss the user. It’s not enough to be worth calling it S tier, regardless of what else it has.
  • Musketeer is an Assassin that has no defensive tools worth noting, it’s pure damage, not even close to A tier worthy.
  • I don’t understand why Featherfoot it there but Idk the class that well so I can’t say for sure this is wrong, but from what I hear, you can’t heal off players, which is what I would call the biggest strength of this class. Idk well enough to say this is wrong but it’s worth mentioning it might be. (One of the few classes I can’t be bothered to take a serious look at)
  • Sadhu and Ranger are pretty worthless, Sadhu 2 has CC so there is a bit of value in that, but it’s 2 ranks of garbage for that, if you can fit Druid in instead then you’re better off. I can’t imagine a build worth taking this on but even if I found one I’m sure Paladin 1 would probably be good enough in it’s place.
  • Cryomancer is one of the best classes in the game, It has 3-5 amazing skills and it’s a rank 2 class, Subzero shield is a huge counter to physical classes, Ice Pike unstealths, Frost Tree is massive CC, and Ice Bolt is easy CC, even Ice Wall has some value.
  • Cataphract is even better than Cryomancer, for someone focused on damage it may seem bad due to lacking it, but this class provides so much CC and MS. Top 3 Swordsman, without question, and definitely one of the top 10 classes in the game.
  • Oracle 1 is still good, just not as good as it was or as good as PD, it’s still worth taking if you can’t fit in PD and can for some reason fit it in. The biggest issue is just that it’s outperformed by PD. Could even be paired with PD.
  • Shinobi is underrated, it has great CC, Stealth, massive damage boost, range, and players just don’t look at that, Kunai as a ranged attack doesn’t do much damage so players don’t value it as they should.
  • Chrono has a MS boost and long CC, Chronos either choose to die or they are assassinated. Their match ups are too good to die to non Assassins.
  • Murm resists everything, C2 and C3 might be garbage but C1 is at least B tier, it’s synergy with Peltasta, on top of it’s own defensive value and CC. It’s very good. The only reason to rate it low is MS reduction and that can be fixed.
  • Falconer has insane range, can also blind for an absurdly long time. Along with it’s flight. It’s severely underrated. I’m not sure on this but from what I’ve seen it looks like a Falconer can attack you no matter where you are in TBL and Gem Feud as long as they keep you targeted.
  • Templar shielding alone makes it worth ranking much higher, but on top of that it has Battle Orders which is a MS buff and a slow, Invasive Area is an active block against magic skills and Forge stealth targets, between just Forge and Shield Charger, one of the easiest targets to kill has become one of the most annoying targets to go for as a Scout BM.
  • Lastly Highlander/Doppel are far underrated, Highlander provides an active block which fixes everything for them in any physical match up. Magic still poses a threat, but with a proper build to deal with it (cloth armor, Nuaeles and MS) these classes can do well, it’s a matter of skill, a bad player might make these F tier but put someone who actually tries on it and you can get some decent results. 2 things to remember, Cyclone resists debuffs, if you can’t block with Cross Guard all hope is not lost. On top of that it will in the future increase MS for some.

That concludes the class section of this guide, you don’t have to listen to me if you don’t want, and TBH maybe you shouldn’t, it’s not that I’m not right but rather that if you listen to what other people tell you, you lack an understanding of classes that those who actually look into the options would have, the best players will always make their own judgments, meta is a disease. Take my views if you want but form your own opinions and build what works for you.


Unlike the previous wall of text, this is gonna be much more brief, some may think it’s difficult to figure out what stats to invest in. It’s really not, CON offers hp, the most valuable stat in all games ever. The most common way to lose in a game is to run out of hp, and damage is so overloaded in games that top PvPers for basically any game will always value defensive stats over offensive stats, because you’ll always do good damage when you have strong gear, but you won’t always be able to take a hit. I can’t think of a class that I would actually suggest investing in any other stat, even Lancers who can’t make use of block should still prioritize CON for it’s hp. HP pools aren’t nearly high enough in this game and it shows by the tier list I linked which places an absurd amount of DPS focused classes high up. I mean come on, Sage and Zealot S tier, Musketeer A tier, Dragoon and Shadowmancer B tier. Because they do damage. The fact is the more CON you have the less you view these classes as threats. Sage and Shadowmancer offer a ton of other things so they deserves their spots but the biggest things most players are worried about from them is the damage. If those classes did low damage they’d be about as underrated as Murm was.

As far as other stats, they’re not all useless, SPR and DEX are worth having on gear, and STR for physical classes as well. No everyone needs SPR or DEX but those that use it get a lot of value out of it, in general I would say if you do physical damage, get CON > DEX > STR on gear, if you do use SPR and do Phyisical damage (Like say a Zealot) get SPR as well, 4 stat gears, don’t accept less. For magic users CON > SPR > DEX > INT/STR which brings me to the final part of the guide.


Most of it is solved by the stats, CON > SPR/DEX > STR/INT but wait, MS is the second best stat in any skill based PvP game, and although ToS is not worth calling a skill based PvP game yet, it does have some pretty important stuff to avoid (Psychokino skill, Hook/Iron Maiden, Lancer openings, Thorns, and so much else.) these things can make a big difference on whether or not you win or lose so when you have the option MS becomes a priority. Therefor my suggestion is when it comes to boots Fietas Leather boots turned into into Velcoffer or Laitas Cloth boots turned into Velcoffer are the way to go. When using a shield Emengard is the way to go.

Now that we have that out of the way what type of gear is best in PvP. Although it may seem like Plate is the ideal since 3/4 class types do physical damage and only 2/4 do magic (Not to mention Sorcs do physical damage) Block and Evasion exist as well as a large amount of skills that avoid physical damage. On top of the fact that shields give physical defense, I would say Cloth is the best choice for every class in PvP. There is also the fact to remember that Wizards are the strongest base class in the game, and cloth works vs them. So turn your Fietas/Laitas boots into Velcoffer cloth, as well as all your 3-4 stat green and your weapons. With the Gyvenimas set bonus you gave 35 CON, 1 MS and an active shield skill. Easily the best choice for PvP.

Choosing a weapon can be difficult and I won’t go into too much detail here, but between Primus, Masinios, Solmiki, and the upcoming Acio and Waystrull items. You should find the weapon best for each class, look at all 5 options, and then unless you choose Solmiki or an Acio/Waystrull Cannon, turn it into Velcoffer.

Now much like the Acio Cannon which has 5 sockets making it superior to other cannons, you also have a few armor pieces which are okay options and can be considered in SOME circumstances. So this is the list.

Solmiki cloth top: 84 CON, some other okay stats, 2 sockets and when paired with the jewelry offers 1400 SP. Alternatively it can be used as a substitute for the necklace for cases that prefer another Necklace, like for example the elemental necklaces that boost damage by a % and might possibly be broken at any given time. Regardless with 2 sockets and these other strengths, this is a piece to consider.

Cylli Plate Boots: You’d lose your 5% magic defense bonus and a bunch of other stats, but in return you gain 2 sockets and 1extra MS. Ofc there is also the Velcoffer set bonus to consider on top of this and if you’re going this far for the MS/Sockets there is another choice that takes it further.

Wind Runners – For most it’s not advised but it does have some value, again you lose your 5% M-Def and this time way more Defense/M-Def, but you get +3 MS and 3 sockets.

For Jewelry you have a few options, physical classes can use

  • Solmiki
  • Nematomas

And for magic classes.

  • Solmiki
  • Rangovas (Sorc/Necro)
  • Kite Moor (Taoist)

Don’t get me wrong Frienos and the other world boss jewelry are good for PvE and can even work in PvP, but they aren’t BiS for anyone and should not be the end game goal for a PvP build.

Lastly cards, I won’t go into detail on which classes should use which but rather I will compile a list of worthwhile cards and place them in order of overall value.


  • Froster Lord
  • Hydra
  • Velnia Monkey/Prison Cutter
  • Chapparition/Glass Mole


  • Nuaele
  • Zaura
  • Armaos lvl 1 (For the poor)


  • Rafene
  • Blut
  • Abomination
  • Unknocker


  • Gazing Golem (I’m told doesn’t proc in PvP, BiS card if it could, but if PvP only, maybe skip this.)
  • Marionette
  • Velpede
  • Stone Whale
  • Dullahan (Good for the rich, but especially good for poor as lvl 1)
  • Bitteregina/Rajapearl


  • Blut
  • Rexipher
  • Nuaele

Remember that any card that has a chance to go off, only requires 1 of that card, while yes a 10-15% chance to slow someone is much better than a 3-5% chance, the first one you put in is significantly more valuable than the rest, the first Marionette increases your chance to apply it’s slow by an infinite amount, but the second one only increases your chances to apply the slow by 3%, followed again by 4%. Infinite, 3, 4. So unless you have such a build that you rely on the effects of one of these cards, it’s probably better to stick to just 1 per type of purple card, and then get other effects as well.

I don’t expect you to agree with me, and I don’t care if you don’t, if you choose to follow this guide I urge you to follow the most important thing I said here which is to make your own decisions, what I’ve said may help you, but don’t choose to play Doppel just because I said it’s decent, just like you shouldn’t disregard it just because someone else told you it’s bad.

If you don’t drink the poison known as “The Meta” you will be better off, and who knows, you might just find something that works so well for you, then future morons are treating your build as the meta.


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