Pyromancer Class Overview

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This is an overview and guide of the Pyromancer class that aims to give light on the many aspects of the class, how it works and if it is right for you.
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Class Type
The Pyromancer is a DPS class, in the most literal sense of the word. Most of the attacks of the Pyro deal continuous damage as long as the enemy stays within the range of the skill. This is useful for dealing with groups of monsters, large bosses and slow moving enemies.

The Pyro, as with all other Wizard classes, is a bit on the squishy side and could truly be described as a glass cannon. The class has the ability to take down a large number of mobs fairly quickly but could also be taken down with a few well-placed blows. You need to stack up on both HP and SP pots so you could last longer in combat in between campfire rests.

In Solo Play, the Pyro can be a little showoff. Nuke a group of enemies while people are passing by or steal enemy kills to mark your grind territory. You have to watch out though, once you’ve used your skills, they are on a fairly long cooldown and you have to rely on Enchant: Fire and basic attacks to get your kills. They also take quite a bit of SP starting out but it gets less prominent as you level up and allocate a little of your Stat Points to SPR.

During Party Play, Enchant: Fire can add a good amount of damage to your regular attacks and also buffs your partymates’ damage. You would be taking the primary DPS role when your skills are up but know when to stand back and move to a secondary DPS role once you have dropped all your skills to cooldown.

Party Play is more efficient because your partymates can cover for the damage and exp you aren’t dealing during your cooldown and you can start nuking again for them when your skills are up.

Early Skills
All the Pyro skills require proper positioning to work. If you stand the wrong way, “One hair out of place” you won’t do a single point of damage. You should always be aware of your position, where you are facing, where your teammates are and where your target is.

This skill sure is something. It’s fun to play around with but deals a hell amount of damage once you give it two or three points. It’s really good during boss fights when the boss is stationary. Cast it a few steps away, far from the boss’ immediate range, then hit kick it towards the enemy for sustained damage. During grinding, it’s useful for taking out groups of enemies that are huddled together. Keep in mind though that, at r5, even if it has sustained vicinity damage, it only deals it to 3 enemies at a time. I suggest you max this out.

Great for dealing damage to mobs following you. It’s a good way deal with kited monsters walking through choke-points like bridges, doorways and stairs. You can dictate the direction of the flame to do the most damage in grouped mobs but you can simply tap the skill to shoot it forward in a straight line during the heat of the fight. It deals massive damage to a large number of enemies The number of wall segments you conjure, the damage inflicted and its duration are all relative to the rank so I suggest you max this out.

Enchant: Fire
Gives you and your teammates extra fire-type damage with each basic attack. You would be relying on this a lot since you would be doing mostly basic attacks when you’re cooling off. I suggest ranking this up to r5 just so you could maximize the duration and damage without raising the SPR requirements too much and without taking precious points from Fireball and Firewall

This skill is very situational. You snap your fingers and any enemies who have the Burning debuff will detonate. To be able to use Flare, you need the attribute Fireball: Flame Debuff which enables Fireball to inflict Burn at a 10% chance per attribute level. You would only be able to use this skill after setting the mob on fire with another skill and IF he catches fire. If both these conditions aren’t met, you have a dud skill. If you insist, I suggest putting as little points in this as possible. I’m personally leaving this out of my build.

Recommended Stat Allocation
This is my suggested Stat Point allocation for the entire Wizard branch that can be applied to any of its advancements. My recommended allocation focuses more on survivability and longevity in the field. The Wizard branch easily runs out of HP and SP in the middle of the fight and this aims to counter that.

Your main focus is on INT, the secondary priority is SPR, and the tertiary stat is CON.

Raise up your INT every level. It should always be double your SPR, no more and no less. If your INT is more than the suggested amount, place Points on your SPR so it is, at the very least, half the amount of your INT.

It is the same relationship between your SPR and CON. Raise your SPR as suggested above: INT/2. Then raise your CON the same way. It should always be half of you SPR.

For example: you have 50 INT, your SPR should be 25, and your CON should at least be 12.
You may adjust this formula to your personal taste.

Future Advancement
C2 Pyro
I am personally going this route. Fire Pillar looks like it deals heavy amounts of damage while also immobilizing the enemy as it flinches in the heat. I would max out Fire Pillar and place the remaining points towards Firewall, Fireball or Enchant Fire, depending on which one you use the most. I would go on to C1 Elementalist and take Prominence and Electrocute. Then Meteor in C2 Elementalist. I’m not one to take Ice skills but that is up to your preference. Azula from The Last Airbender is my muse for this build so I’m personally sticking to Lightning and Fire for headcanon reasons.

C1 Psychokino
Psychic Pressure synergizes well with the rest of the Pyro abilities since all of them requires the mob to be either stationary or moving really slowly. Swap and Telekinesis can also combo with the C1 Pyro skills you have since you can set up a Fireball or Firewall then manually move your enemy within the range of your Pyro skills. The Psychokino’s Psychic Pressure and Telekinesis can both combo with Fireball. The earlier will cause Fireballto shoot missiles in different directions, while the latter allows you to move Fireball around as if it were a monster.

As a Psycho Pyro, you will really feel immense power as you can solo bosses way above your level and clear entire rooms on your own, you would also be spending most of your time chugging down SP pots and sitting by campfires because of all the SP this combination consumes. Either C2 Pycho or C1 Elementalist would work well for further advancement.

C1 Linker
A Linker in conjunction with a Pyro is a powerful combo. It removes the limitations of Pyro’s short skill range and need for positioning with Joint Penalty. You could simply link the enemies together and nuke the one most convenient to you: the slowest moving, the stationary, or the one closest to you. The Linker’s lack of reliable DPS is counterbalanced by the Pyro’s excessive nuking capability. Further down the line, either C2 Linker or C1 Elementalist would work well.

Like fire itself, capable of burning down entire cities in a single fell swoop but also used to warm hearths and nurture the young, the Pyromancer is a really flexible class. You can focus on being a secondary damage dealer and increase survival, a semi-support with a damage buff and closing choke points, or be a glass cannon DPS with nuclear balls of destruction. Most things are viable and you should keep on playing as you want. This serves only as a point of reference and you should adjust it to your personal taste. Just remember to watch your bars and stock up at least a dozen pots per run. Stay in the back and always mind your position and your surroundings.

Credit to @Kiyoshiro for additional info.

Burn bright, Pyro


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