Introduction – Builds & Discussed features

The discussed Farming builds are viable support&buffer hybrids for party play.
During solo play you are an excellent solo farmer. During party play you are an excellent support&buffer.
The weakness of these builds is big Area of Effect (AoE) damage.

BuildSolo farmDifficulty to levelAble to function during lag?Party support (second function)Important to know
Wiz2 Link2 Thauma3 Feather3very goodHighNo. Lag = fail farm comboGoodRequires additional AoE gear investment
Wiz2 Link3 Thauma3 Sage2very goodHighYesHighSage is also a taxi class
Cryo1 Link3 Thauma3 Shadow2very goodHighYesHighRequires a quest to unlock shadowmancer
[Pyro1 or Cryo1] Link3 Thauma3 Enchanter2very goodVery highYes, but lag = slower damageVery HighAuto-attack (Z-attack) based build
Wiz2 Link3 Thauma3 Runecaster [Sorc1 or Wiz3]goodHighYesVery highMost popular party support, runecaster skills have cast times
Wiz2 Link2 Thauma3 Onmyouji3goodVery highYesGoodAll Onmyouji skills have cast times, requires a quest to unlock

To check lag, you may type //ping in-game in normal chat. Press enter to get your ping. A //ping below 0.08~ 0.06 is sufficient to play featherfoot (0.06 = 0,06 seconds – or 60ms delay). With a ping of 1.0~1.3 you will barely finish the featherfoot farm combo and may fail.
//ping is usually higher if it is crowded. Luckily the farming builds are excellent solo farmers.

Thaumathurge requires reagents to cast skills (magic powder, available at the wizard and thaumathurge class masters). Enchanter requires reagents too (available at the enchanter master). Sorcerer requires a boss card to insert into the grimoire to summon (drop from bosses) and reagents (available at the sorcerer master). Runecaster requires runestones (available at the runecaster master). Onmyouji requires paper dolls (available at the onmyouji master).

Linker—Thaumathurge based farm builds

Thaumathurge: if a mob would drop an item, Thaumathurge’s Swell Body debuff doubles that drop. Swell body does not affect the % drop rate. Swell body’s hit area is a small square in front of your character.

Linker: joint penalty spreads damage to all linked mobs to kill faster & hangman’s knot gathers mob into a small area in front of you (to swell body).

Difficulty to level
All farming builds are difficult to level. Builds with featherfoot, sage, shadowmancer become strong after reaching rank 8(+9) because those ranks unlock the strongest offensive skills.
The enchanter builds is the most difficult. The enchanter builds does not unlock a strong offensive buff skill (Lightning Hands) until enchanter2 at rank 9.
The wizard2 + runecaster + sorcerer1 build is the easiest to level. If you decide to take sorcerer1, you may pick it at rank 5 to have a summon to provide AoE damage during leveling.

Order of build
If you like to level fast, please pick your damage classes as soon as possible. Your last rank will be the slowest to level-up, so keep that in mind when you decide your build order.

 General recommendation (farming purpose) << click here

.Wiz2 -> linker2 -> thaumathurge2 -> featherfoot3 -> thaumathurge3 (easier to farm/AoE early),
or linker1 -> thaumathurge3 -> featherfoot3 -> linker2 (stronger buffs early, less farm early).

.Wiz2 -> linker2 -> thaumathurge3 -> sage2 -> linker3,
or linker3 -> thaumathurge2 -> sage2 -> thaumathurge3.

.Cryomancer1 -> linker2 -> thauma3 -> shadowmancer2 -> linker3,
or linker3 -> thauma2 -> shadow2 -> thauma3.

.[Pyromancer1 or Cryo1] -> linker2 -> thauma3 -> Enchanter2 -> linker3,
or linker3 -> thauma2 -> Enchanter2 -> thauma3.

.Wiz2 -> linker2 -> sorcerer1 -> linker3 -> runecaster -> thaumathurge3 (faster level-up), or
Wiz2 -> linker3 -> runecaster1 -> thaumathurge3 -> sorcerer1 (earlier support for party play).
.Wiz2 -> linker3 -> runecaster -> thauma3 -> wiz3

.Wiz2 -> linker2 -> thauma3 -> onmyouji3.

On linker3 + thauma3 builds, picking linker3 first allows you to more easily kill bosses with the Spirit Shock skill (mental pressure attribute). Picking thauma3 first allows you to buff stronger (solo farm).


Overview Farming Builds – Power

Base skill sequence:
lure mob -> joint penalty -> hangman’s knot (cancel animation) -> swell body (cancel animation) -> burst skill.

Animation cancel:
option 1: release directional movement key and press it again
option 2: jump+directional movement key

Burst Skills
Featherfoot: kundela slash
Sage: micro dimension, ultimate dimension
Shadowmancer: shadow conjuration, shadow thorns
Enchanter: no skill, just lightning hands buffed Z-attacks
Wizard & Rune caster: rune of destruction, magic missile
Onmyouji: water shikigami, toyou, white tiger howling, ying yang harmony

BuildLink + Burst damageCooldown of burst skill matches link?Able to cycle skills to match cool down?AoE without linkBossing damage
Wiz2 Link2 Thauma3 Feather3Very HighYesLowHigh
Wiz2 Link3 Thauma3 Sage2Very HighNoYesAverageHigh
Cryo1 Link3 Thauma3 Shadow2High (vs ground), Average (vs flying)YesLowVery High (vs ground), High (vs flying)
[Pyro1 or Cryo1] Link3 Thauma3 Enchanter2HighAverageAverage (low speed), High (high attack speed)
Wiz2 Link3 Thauma3 Rune [Sorc1 or Wiz3]AverageNoYesAverageAverage
Wiz2 Link2 Thauma3 Onmyouji3GoodYesYesVery HighLow

Gameplay – Weak points

FeatherfootMust combo within 3s after casting hangman’s knot –> combo fails with lag, unable to take Heal Tiles when levitating
SageSlow and long skill animations
ShadowmancerWeaker vs flying mobs. When linking a mix of ground + flying, must properly target the ground mobs
EnchanterHigh ping = slow attacks
RunecasterMust charge skills
OnmyoujiMust charge skills, multi hits of skills breaks link fast

Videos – Combo

Show rank 10 farming
Wiz2 Link2 Thauma3 Feather3 here < 19
Cryo1 Link3 Thauma3 Sage2 here < 26
Cryo1 Link3 Thauma3 Shadow2 here < 21

Required stats, attributes and skills

Status Points
These are base-references for stats. If you are an experienced player, you may use your own preference of stat-distribution.

 Status point recommendation here <<

Regular-map farmer:
Option 1: 0-50 CON, rest SPR.
Option 2: 0-50 CON, 100-150 SPR, rest INT.

Hunting grounds farmer:
Option 1: 50-100 CON, rest SPR.
Option 2: 50-100 CON, 100-150 SPR, rest INT.

(special) Enchanter: requires dex for faster attack speed (50-180 DEX, depending on //ping)

High SPR is beneficial for thaumathurge’s buffs (for party). High INT boosts your own magic attack more. Swell Brain scales on SPR. Swell Left Arm & Swell Right Arm scale on SPR+INT. Always cast Swell Brain first to gain an INT boost, then cast swell arms. More info about thaumathurge here< 10


Green card: Gorkas Card (+50 looting chance at 10 stars, per card)
(recommended): purple card: Tutu card to increase inventory weight.
(optional) purple cards: % chance to restore SP vs specific elemental-type enemies. Pick your most-farmed enemy.
(only featherfoot) red card: Centaurus card 10 stars.
(optional for enchanters) red card: froster lord card inflicts a debuff (with a % chance) which increases Lightning damage by 50%. This debuff does not proc vs bosses.

AoE attack ratio for Featherfoot
Featherfoot requires 8 AoE attack ratio to hit 8 mobs affected by linker2’s level 10 hangman’s knot. The base AoE of kundela slash is 3, and wizard’s base AoE is 3. Therefore you need to gain +2 AoE attack ratio. Options: vubbe fighter gloves (+2 AoE attack ratio), or centaurus card 10 stars (+2 AoE attack ratio). If you are unfamiliar with AoE attack ratio, please read the explanation of Tree of Savior’s Area-skills below.

 Explanation of Tree of Savior’s Area-skills

AoE mechanics of skills
Tree of Savior skills use 2 different Area of Effect (AoE) mechanics:

  1. AoE attack and AoE defence mechanic (AoE mechanic)
  2. Amount-of-Targets mechanic (targets-mechanic)

AoE mechanic explanation
1.Depends on your AoE attack ratio (F1 status window).
Archers have 0 AoE attack ratio (AoE-atk) base. AoE may be increased by equips, buffs, and potions.

2.Uses enemy AoE defence (AoE-def) ratio:
Small enemies have 1 AoE defence ratio.
Medium size enemies have 2.
Large have 4.
Bosses have 5 AoE defence ratio.

Calculation of targets hit =
.1. Inside your skill AoE area, the target with the highest AoE-def will be hit first.
.2. Substract their AoE-def from your AoE-atk.
.3. If your remaining AoE-atk is sufficient, your skill will hit the next enemy.
If your AoE-atk is 0, no more enemies will be hit by the skill.

Target mechanics explanation
.The skill will ignore AoE mechanics.
.Skill will always hit the amount of indicated targets (on skill description), 1 enemy = 1 target.
Advantage: ignores enemy’s AoE-def.
Disadvantage: you cannot increase the amount of targets hit with equipment, buffs or potions.


English skill planner sites

View skills and skill power at several skillplanner sites. Click on the class icons to select a class. Click on the skill icons (left click or right click) to add skillpoints.
(English) by Thai-TOS skill simulator site: here << click
(English) by TOSCAMP skill simulator site: here <<
(English) NEW Steam Server skill simulator site: (not finished yet)

Important Skills for farming

 Linker <<< click here


Linker2 (featherfoot):

 Thaumathurge <<<

Priority: strongest buffs + amount of linked targets must match swell-body targets. This is the basis for the skill distribution.

Linker2 + Thaumathurge 3:

Linker3 + Thaumathurge 3:

 Featherfoot <<

Minimum skill requirements:

Fill remaining skills according to your preference.

 Sage <<

Offensive skills are maxed. Dimension compression is used vs bosses. Combo: spirit shock -> dimension compression (full charge).

 Shadowmancer <<

Offensive low cooldown skills are maxed, and shadow hallucination is maxed to provide a longer duration clone (shield).

 Enchanter <<

Minimum skill requirements:
Fill remaining skills according to your preference.

 Onmyouji <<

Second option: you may leave genbu armour at 0 and take 14 white tiger howling.



 Linker << click here

Max when possible, order of priority:
(featherfoot) Hangman’s Knot – Focused attack
(featherfoot) joint penalty: poison
(enchanter) joint penalty: Lightning
(onmyouji) joint penalty: Earth
(linker3 vs boss) spirit shock: mental pressure

Finally, you should max all listed attributes of linker, list:

 Thaumathurge <<


 Featherfoot <<


imageThen, next:

 Sage <<



 Shadowmancer <<


The shadow hallucination attribute increases HP by 6% per attribute level.

 Enchanter <<
 Onmyouji <<



For genbu armour users:

Filler classes – skills and attributes

 Wiz2 & Rune Caster <<

Sleep: dream eater for rune caster and sage builds. Combo: Sleep + [Rune of Destruction or sage skills].

Rune CasterTip:


 Cryomancer & Pyromancer <<


Choice of second ranks

 Text << click here

. [Sage, Rune caster, Featherfoot, Onmyouji] + Wizard2: surespell
Sage: Dimension Compression (bossing skills) requires 3s charging for max damage.
Featherfoot: blood sucking is a channeled skills. Without surespell it cancels when you receive damage.
Rune caster, Onmyouji: skills require charging. Without surespell, charging cancels if you take damage.

.Cryomancer or Pyromancer + Shadowmancer
Pyromancer provides enchant fire. Enchant fire adds a small amount of fire damage to each hit. Shadowmancer’s hitcount on skills is low. Cryomancer provides a shield-passive attribute. Farming builds should wear a shield to increase survival.

.Pyromancer or Cryomancer + Enchanter
Pyromancer advantage: free enchant fire (may be replaced by skill scrolls from market), craft enchant fire scrolls to sell
Cryomancer advantage: fill missing enchant fire with skill scroll, frozen mobs take 50% bonus damage from Lightning attacks (Lightning Hands). An alternative is using (red card) froster lord cards, however the chance to apply Frostbite through froster card is lower than the freeze chance of cryomancer’s skills.

.Sorcerer1 or Wizard3 + wiz2-link3-thauma3-runecaster
Sorcerer advantage: a summon to tank some damage, summon automatically attacks to provide consistent damage. Cat buff is very strong.
Wizard3 advantage: unlock lethargy-Strike attribute to boost strike-type damage, stronger magic missile filler skill, free quickcast (instead of thaumathurge3’s swell brain-quick cast attribute), longer Sleep debuff.

 Sorcerer’s Cat buff information << click here

Feather, Sage, Shadow, Enchanter: circle choice
Sage’s strongest burst skill Dimension Compression unlocks at sage2 and maxes at 5. Sage3 only increases the levels of micro dimension and ultimate dimension. Sage2’s level 10 skills are strong enough to farm.
Similar reason for shadowmancer and enchanter.
By leaving out their third circle, you gain linker3. Linker3’s spiritual shock attribute (mental pressure) is very valuable vs bosses. Linker3 unlocks additional support skills for party play. Disadvantage of linker3: difficult to aggro 10 mobs (especially on regular maps) to match joint penalty 15’s target-count.

Featherfoot3 + linker2: featherfoot gains very strong attributes at its third circle. Thaumathurge3 is kept to gain the strongest buffs. Same reason for onmyouji3.


Overview Farming Builds – Utility

Farming builds are similar. Therefore you could make a decision by looking at its remaining skills and party-play skills:

Wizard2 Wizard3Magic Shield reduces 20% incoming damage, Sleep debuff on ground mobs, Earthquake knock up, Energy bolt knockbackLethargy (and attribute wiz2) increases damage of tile-based skills, (wiz3) lethargy attribute increases strike-type damage (wiz2) Surespell, (wiz3) quickcast
Cryomancer1Freeze mobs, Shield passive attribute increases magic defence and ice resistanceFreeze mobs
Pyromancer1Enchant fire is shared through spiritual linkPyro-enchanter builds may craft enchant fire scrolls
Linker2 Linker3Joint Penalty + attributes increase damage, Hangman’s Knot + attribute increases damage on mobs, Spiritual chain shares several buffs and attribute buffs magic damage, Spiritual chain + lifeline shares party stats, (linker3) spiritual chain’s attribute decreases magic def by 25%
Thaumathurge3Transpose swaps INT and CONThaumathurge buffsRequires magic powder
Sorcerer1Summon is able to tank some mobs, some summons have CCEach summon may be targeted by 5-8 enemies, Cat buffRequires Boss card for Grimoire
RunecasterRune of Giants increases HP & Def (for 1 player, recommend yourself), Rune of Destruction’s 15% magic defence decrease, Rune of Protection prevents knock-effects for party, Rune of ice to support ice skills of partyRequires runestones to cast skills
Featherfoot3Drain HP of beasts, demons and insects, Levitate vs meleeBone Pointing (and Kurdaitcha) debuffs with Curse, which increases Dark-Elemental type damage by 50%
Sage2Missile hole blocks magic & rangedMissile hole vs magic & ranged for partyAble to save up to 6 warp-points, open warp-shop
Shadowmancer2Shadow Hallucination’s (with attribute) clone is a temporary max HP increase and blocks flinch effects (using bonfire + sit with clone works)Quest to unlock bonus costumes
Enchanter2Enchant Earth provides players and summons the ability to block without a shieldBuffs: Agility, Empower, Enchant Lightning, Enchant Earthopen spellshop, craft skillscrolls
OnmyoujiGenbu Armour redirects damage to SP pool, tiger briefly stuns mobsTiger easily taunts mobs, tree pulls mobs, toyou (attribute) may knock down mobs, high multi-hit AoE skills proc card effects easilyBig AoE allows you to easily farm lower level maps and Hunting Grounds without requiring link


Aukuras tip
Instead of using any blue cards, my farmers use Level 1 Aukuras scrolls (have pardoner to make scrolls). The HP recovery is surprisingly high due to high SPR (or INT) builds of Farmer Wizard. Aukuras scrolls are cheaper than potions and replace HP potions. Aukuras scrolls are sold at the market too.

Gem tip
Also I bring a gem which I level. Whenever mobs drop (blue) equips, I feed it to the gem to decrease inventory weight. Move to a safe spot in the map (regular maps), or exit the map to a safer map if it is impossible to find a safe spot. Sit and feed blue equips to gem. Keep primus (weapons), feed blue, and dismantle bad purple-identified (more powder than blue). The gem exp per item matches the item’s required level to wear (level 380 item = +380 gem exp).

Warpstone tip
Use a warpstone to travel instantly to your current map’s entrance. The warpstone is not consumed (15 min cooldown). Find it at your inventory – quest item section.

Warp Scroll Hunting Grounds tip
Some hunting ground maps take long to walk to. Use TP to buy warp scrolls at the TP shop (Letitia NPC). You receive 1 free TP every 4 hours – up to 5 TP max. Each warp scroll costs 2 TP. Use the warp scroll inside the hunting grounds to create a warp-point. Warp to town (or any other statue) and next time you may warp back to the inside of the hunting grounds again.

Regular map + Basecamp
On regular maps, use basecamp to increase buff duration and get a free warp. Look for the Camp-icon near your character’s name-HP-SP bar. Basecamp is a Squire (swordsman class) skill. Build a basecamp to make a warp-spot (free telepor –without cooldown – for you and party members to the basecamp). Buffs cast near the basecamp are tripled in duration. Optional: squire’s may build a food table at the base camp. Eat (maxed attribute) food to gain various buffs. The buffs lasts for over 30 minutes and do not disappear when you leave the map.

 Food buffs << click

Each food provides a different effect:
+32.5% max HP (useful for entering difficult Hunting Grounds: Nazarene Tower and Baubas Cave)
+32.5% max SP (useful if SP pool is low –low SPR+high SP cost builds)
-10 seconds of HP recovery cycle (useful)
-10 seconds of SP recovery cycle (useful)
+3 AoE attack ratio (recommended for featherfoot)
+AoE defence ratio (never take this buff), a higher AoE defence ratio means mob’s AoE attacks hit you first

Rubbing Buff
Pay silvers to the Fishing-Statue at the left-side of the very North of Klaipeda to gain a Looting Chance buff.

.Swell body also doubles EXP and Silver drops. Always swell glowing mobs, you will get a lot of drops, silver & exp.
.Swell does not affect elite mobs or bosses.

Featherfoot tips
.Level 1 Bloodsucking is sufficient to recover HP to full – just keep channeling. Once you have hit your bloodsucking skill and started the channel, mobs still get damaged by bloodsucking when they move away from you.
.The Enervation skill does not hit flying mobs. Find a ground-mob to cast it, and drain it to recover HP. The remaining featherfoot skills hit flying enemies.
.Enervation debuffs mobs. Debuffed mobs become aggressive and walk to you. Used as a soft-taunt vs mobs.
.During Levitation you cannot recover HP with Bloodbath. During levitation you cannot get heal tiles from clerics.
.Bone Pointing inflicts a Curse (hex) debuff. This debuff increases Dark Damage by 50% on the debuffed enemy, and decreases their magic defence by a %. The % magic def decrease is unknown, but I think it is the same as Bokor’s hexing (cleric class). Level 15: decrease magic def by around 10%.

.Save your most-farmed locations with the portal skill. Each location becomes a free warp, on a 30 minute cooldown. Sage warp-shop does not have a cooldown, but you cannot use your own warp-shop on the selling character.
.(vs boss) wait properly after each micro dimension cast video explanation here<< 7

Sage & Enchanter: shops
Open shop when you log off.

.Use shadow hallucination and sit + place bonfire. Your character will not get interrupted and continue to recover HP & SP through the bonfire until the clone dies. With high SPR, your SP pool fills in 3 seconds. Bonfires are cheaper than potions. Maxed attribute clone’s HP is 80% of your maximum HP.

Hunting Grounds

Hunting Grounds 340: Nazarene Tower farm spots
Recommended Magic attack after buffs: 4000+

 Click to view map <<click


Hunting Grounds 370: Baubas Cave farm spots
Recommended Magic attack after buffs: 6000+

 Click to view Baubas map <<<

Other info

Hunting Grounds
Locations : to enter a hunting ground, find the warp-orb portal and use spacebar to interact with it. You will be teleported to the hunting grounds map. Everyone may enter the hunting grounds, even if your level is too high or too low. Use this tosbase world map<< 1 to find locations.
-Tavorh Cave ‘recommended for Lv 100+’ . Video, entrance at Seir Rainforest.
-Narcon Prison ‘recommended for Lv 150+’. Video, entrance at Gytis Settlement Area.
-Natarh Watchtower ‘recommended for Lv 170+’. Video, entrance at Dina Bee Farm.
-Tatenye Prison ‘recommended for Lv 190+’. Video, entrance at Ruklys Street.
-Neighport Church East Building ‘recommended for Lv 210+’. Video, entrance at Stogas Plateau.
-Sjarejo Chamber ‘recommended for Lv 230+’. Video 2, entrance at Woods of Linked Bridges.
-Netanmalek Mausoleum ‘recommended for Lv 240+’. Video, entrance inside Sjarejo Chamber.
-Rancid Labyrinth ‘recommended for Lv 280+’. Video, entrance at Grynas Hills.
-Balaam Camp Site ‘recommended for Lv 300+’. Video, entrance inside Rancid Labyrinth.
-Michmas Temple ‘recommended for Lv 320+’. Video, entrance inside Balaam Camp Site.
-Nazarene Tower ‘recommended for Lv 340+’. Video, entrance inside Natarh Watchtower.
Rank 10: Baubas Cave ‘recommended for Lv 370+’ . Video, 10 entrance at Mochia Forest

More resources
How to Unlock Shadowmancer & Runecaster guide here < 1
Rusiky’s forum guide -How to Farm end game equips with farmer build- here << 14
Level 170 Hunting Grounds – Natarh Watchtower detailed Guide here < click
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[Level 370+] Materials (farming spots) for new Novaha & Nicopolis raid guide here < 17
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