Hi, I am ikaros, I play cleric as my main in TS, although I play some other classes, but cleric is the one I like the most. I will be here sharing some experience and tips for those who have interested in play cleric. Hopefully you will enjoy reading it.

This guide is a updated version of the previous guide made by Rune and me.




Creator full set is the best for cleric in the current meta. Inquisitor or Ares set is not recommended because there are a lot of dungeons that has very high level monster, and your evasion is less effective. Its better to have more constant hp pool to survive in HRL, FP, etc.

Reinforced(5% def) prefix is recommended.

For Weapon, Hallowed Force is your only choice. You may doubt that the level 70 weapon gives more atk, but the extra 30% crit dmg offers a higher healing/dps output.

You need lv70 inquisitor accessories to cap crit on cleric with the aid of rita. Massive(5% atk) prefix is recommended.

For Trinket, you should use Demir’s soul orb which provides 10% crit dmg with Cruel prefix(3% atk) and Dark Dragon King’s Jade Hook +2300 atk with Massive prefix(5%atk)


A whole set of pvp weapon and armor is necessary. And please keep using the inquisitor accessories instead of the pvp.

You should use Will Incarnate(lv50 pvp trinket) and Sacred Branch(lv60 pvp trinket)

Outfit & Costume

The BiS Outfit is the one that you craft with the Golden Desert feather. You can reroll for 6% crit dmg on both head and body outfit. And remember to put healing done enchant on the head outfit!

For Costume, you may want to get these as below:

Weapon5% Crit dmg
Head3% res
Face2% hp
Wing and Body3% moving speed


Please see the previous guide



for Red and Yellow starstone, you should use all atk based crit dmg pvp starstone. It works on cleric’s healing skill in both arena and dungeon. It provides more healing power than any other starstones.

For green, cooldown reduction of heaven’s light is the best if you have enough healing power. It shorten the window between your healing skills.

for blue, you can choose from moving speed or just def%. all of them should be def based.


For Blue starstone, you should pick hp based and 6% dmg taken in pvp.

For Red and Blue, you may want to cap crit dmg (Please add up the base crit dmg and the crit dmg in pvp, up to a total of 300%), and then all the rest should be pvp dmg taken.

Green starstone should be the same as PVE.


Rita, koharu, and kittana / nalani is the bis in game.

nalani provides a good def boost and moving speed, while kittana provides hp and crit dmg. Aryn is a optimal choice if you have your crit dmg capped.


Healing TreeAtk Enhance tree

I go for atk enhance tree to maximize dmg output of my team during raid and dungeon, Healing Tree is optimal for people who doesn’t have enough healing power.


In dungeon, when the tank is luring the mobs, you may not want to heal them unless they are dying. Your heals generate threat, and may draw the aggro of the mobs towards you.

Your Holy light gives additional heals, and Hallowed Flare gain additional stats when you use them after Sanctification.

Your Ultimate: Light of Might gives 8% atk to you and your teammates, so use them at the last mob before boss, and then use Sanctification + Hallowed Flare when the tank engaged the boss.

Stay aware of your skills CD in hard dungeon like FG. You don’t want that you have no healing skills when someone is about to die!!! In other words, don’t heal when someone just get kissed by a mob right the way.

Your heaven’s light can get removal of up to two debuff. For example, in 68s, when Pheonix jumps and use the circle aoe that roots you, you can use heaven’s light to cancel it out.

Play more! and you can discuss with me anytime in game or thru discord.

This is the end of my guide, please let me know if you have any question or suggestion, and I will be updating this guide along with the patch. See you in game


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