Originally I thought playing Occultist shouldn’t be troublesome, however, it seems that FP raids getting messed up by Occultist’s freeze has happened way too often to the point where I guess I’ll just have to write down a guide here to help you all out.

I don’t care if you think yourself to be the best occultist in this game, or think just because you main occultist that you shouldn’t take opinion from others, lower yourself here, if you want to get better that is if.

Doesn’t matter what Occultist build you choose, your job in FP or in any other Dungeons is to

1. Provide DOT to counter boss’s regeneration

2. Polymorph the boss as much as possible to maximize your team’s damage output

3. Most Importantly, control your freeze timing to stop the boss’s critical attacks (which we will go over later), this is an advance talent you can obtain at Class Lv.50 with Glacial Nova


Occultist is NOT a class for Button Mashers.

1. It doesn’t matter how much haste you have, it is better to save your skill and get them out when it is needed than be a Derp that just press whichever is not on cooldown.

Combo Skill Generates Massive amount of DOT when casting correctly, this is not hard at all, just go read the skill description and figure out yourself.

2. Playing the class which requires you to be observant, just like playing cleric where you monitor your party member’s health and buff situation, playing occultist you have to monitor how much haste debuff is on the mob that you are attacking, and to adjust your freeze cast timing, consider this game have the mechanic of casting delays [which the time of you casting the skill does not equal to when the skill lands on enemy].

3. This is a class that builds purely off ATK because DOT doesn’t crit in this game, therefore mind yourself and build what suits the best. Even tho this is mainly a support class, but if done correctly, occultist can also generate a lot of DPS.

Freezing the boss in this game could result in 2 situation

1. Freezing in a middle of a continuous skill animation, resulting in animation pausing, however, the skill is not canceled.

2. Freezing during a single segment or the last segment of a continuous animation, resulting in skill canceling, and skipping 2-4 of the next planned moves [depends on skill priority and animation length].

Thus judging when to freeze is very critical for the player, as there are also limits on freezing the boss, which being

1. You will NOT be able to freeze the boss during the charging phase of a boss’s AOE move.

2. You also will NOT be able to freeze the boss during the pre-animation that boss is getting ready for the next move.

3. In the current Patch [11.5], upon casting Glacial Nova will give the boss a 30 seconds freeze immune buff, if that is not straightforward enough, it means the boss can not be freezed in the buff duration. [Later it will be reduce to 10 seconds, however when is that going to happen, I have no idea] The Freeze Immune buff will always be the left most Immune Icon displaying under the boss buff bar, hover your mouse to check when will the next freeze be available.


While Have those in Mind, Here is how you can freeze during the FP raid to help your team out the most.

1st Boss: Either freeze when the duo bosses groups up, or just before they cast the snow storm. [Level of Importance: Not Important]

2nd Boss: Freeze Whenever, preferably after the melee stun, or after an AOE charge. [Level of Importance: Not Important]

3rd Boss: This being a trio boss, it all comes down to how your tank is going to pull and group them all. Freeze the boss that is going to leave the grouping, AKA the one that is moving away from your raid’s main tank, or if the pull is strong enough, freeze them all at once. [Level of Importance: somewhat Important]

4th Boss: Jester has a “marry go around laser” that will charge once the boss’s health reaches low enough, time your freeze to stop the laser, it will save your raid team a lot of time on DPS output and the weight of cleric healing. [Level of Importance: Important]

Before the 5th Boss: this is the part where a huge amount of mobs gets spawned, do not freeze immediately as your cleric will cast heal for over threating aggro pull, make sure you wait until the mobs group up enough first. [Level of Importance: somewhat Important]

5th, 6th, 7th, & 8th Boss (up to Jiko): Same As the 2nd Boss.

9th Boss (Balor Sid First Phase): The first phase of Balor Sid is pretty easy, if you want to minimize the damage taken for your raid team, freeze when it is about to cast the 8 directional fire AOE skill, this will cause animation skipping, since that in the 1st phase Balor Sid does not run very far, this is acceptable. [Level of Importance: somewhat Important]

10th Boss (Empowered Balor Sid): This Boss is just full of bugs, and all of that comes when the boss dashes away, it will either run too far where DPS can’t keep up, or when it runs, the boss hitbox offsets, then players can’t attack the boss anymore. But thank god it is not hard to time your freeze and lock the boss in position here.

The timing window is very huge for your freeze to come in to stop the boss from dashing away, as the boss will do a very noticeable lunge animation before it dashes, if you don’t know what that means AKA the “Charging animation”. The boss will surround itself with lightning and charge forward at players, this animation will repeat 2 times back to back, and the boss will dash away during the 2nd time it lunges. Time your freeze to hit the boss anytime during the 2nd lunge animation, your Glacial Nova have to hit the boss before it starts to move away from its current position, otherwise the freeze will not work or you might cause the boss to offset.

1. DO NOT ever freeze in attempts to stop the boss’s AOE attack, this will not bring good news but bad news, as if you did freeze it in this time period, all the AOE animation will be skipped, jumpping straight to the Dashing animation. From that point on, your raid will experience more trouble.

2. DO NOT freeze during the 1st lunge animation, this will only freeze the animation, as the dash will follow right after when the freeze break.

[Level of Importance: Extremely Important]


Above is pretty much the guide for how to play occultist during your FP raid, for those who have further interest, here is my build for occultist that is only to sample, not to be taken directly.

lqqe7fC.jpg ITncrD3.jpg

Despite the little healing that Shadow Lance provide, it does save me from a lot of situations, which is why I have points for Shadow Lance Healing.

Debuff Ult & Common Skills


A lot of people think flip is useless, this is why they die more often when others can just flip out of the way of a critical attack [Ex: Jester’s Lazer]

Trinket Choice


Where it is interchangeable between Demir’s Soul Orb and Scroll of Despair [Personally perfer using Soul orb because the Scroll of Despair is not stackable]


I Build DPS Occultist, and here is the stats that allows me to choose my build the way it is

I would not provide my Gear information here because gears are way too one sided in this game.


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