I’ll be coming back to this every now and then and updating this guide. Feel free to leave feedback. Please be kind. I can’t remember everything and I put the main points of concern.

All dungeons reset timer starts at 06:00AM PST (server time).

Main Dungeons – Reset every 2 hours

Woolruft Temple | Royal Trove | Bluemoon Sanctuary | Ruins of Oblivion | Hellfire’s Antre | The Necrohol of Azmaveth | La Catedral Infernal | Sapphire Keep | Boreas Tower


Warnings: When he puts his fist up and faces upwards (charging with no yellow-ish pools around) he will put out a stun in a V shape in front of him followed by a strike that knocks you back pretty far.


Warnings: When he puts both fists up together (his hands are clasped) he is about to summon a drill, stay away from the area in front of him. (A drill does not summon if you do not get attacked by it)

The drill gives a debuff.

In metarealm, the beginning mobs will be different. They hit much harder.

Trove Protector Treasurebot Mk.XI:

Summon this boss by killing all of the Security Bots in that area. The Treasurebot should summon shortly after.

Warnings: There will be a green wall that may come from behind where the Treasurebot was summoned, or in front, so be careful. This wall stuns you for quite a while. There will be texts popping up on your screen warning you about this so keep an eye out. You can avoid getting hit by the wall by going to the sides, there should be dips in the wall you can hide in, or you can use the gunslinger’s common skill and flip through the wall.


Be careful of the chests that “awaken” as you walk past them. Saki has lasers – they have indicators on the ground. In metarealm, there will be blue chests that Saki summon.


Avoid staying in front of him (he dashes and does most of his high-damaging/stun attacks with attacks directly in-line in front of him)


Kill all the monsters that come from the purple “portals” and kill Cire that gets summoned near Beryl (in the middle)

Avoid staying in the center – try to drag her away from the purple orbs (purple orbs do damage, slow you down, and after a couple hit you, you are rooted in place). Avoid staying in her AOEs.


Avoid staying near him and stay away from tornadoes. This may take a while to get used to his patterns. When he jumps, he summons tornadoes.


When a purple sphere encloses him, look around and locate the purple crystals at the edge of the room. Once you destroy all the crystals, the shield will lower, and you can damage Leo once more. Leo can do this more than once.

Magmolem Sartre:

Avoid his “bombs” that he spawns. They explode and deal lots of damage. Avoid his AOEs (he has a concentric one that deals a good amount of damage)

Third Eye Samsonite:

Avoid staying in a spot where indicated lasers will pinpoint (it should be fine if you get hit by one or 2, but avoid as many as possible). Avoid his circle AOEs as they turn you into a zombie.

Necropolis Guardian Draugr:

Avoid being in his AOEs

The Cursed Thorn Nadirr:

Avoid being directly in front of him. When he shoots a laser, he will rotate. Keep away from being hit by it. Lure him into one of the spotlights to get rid of the purple sphere that encloses him. It shields him from damage.


Recommend that a party member stuns first as the first attack. Avoid the three strikes that come from in front of him in a conical formation. Get out of his “smaller” circle AOE (large, but not platform-wide).

Zombies may be spawned. These give out small red orbs that are indicated by small circles. Please avoid the small circles that may appear below your character. Keep mobile when zombies are around.

Hasser may have a shield up. Please keep eyes out for 2 spotlights (which do not stay forever). Kill the two sprites and the shield will go away.


Recommended that someone can kite, otherwise the party will have to work together to deal with his two “phases”

Sky phase: Phoenix jumps up in the air and AOEs appear on the ground. Stay near the center of the platform to avoid the AOEs that stun from above.

Orb phase: Phoenix jumps to the center and orbs will appear around him. He will not take any damage as long as the orbs are visible. Kill the orbs before they reach Phoenix. Orbs heal Phoenix.

Parties who “kite” Pheonix: To avoid these phases, one way is to kite Pheonix around. You can do this by having one party member be the tank and take aggro (or someone on your team who will keep aggro). The one who is kiting must stay at least some distance away from Pheonix, to keep a good distance, use “Heaven’s Wrath” (Cleric common skill) to continuously attack it from afar and keep a good distance. Watch out for Pheonix being stunned/rooted because the kite-er doesn’t want to be walking towards Pheonix at anytime


Kill the swords when they appear before Nerokas reaches them. They give him a different buff depending on which he picks up.


  1. Blood Sword – avoid any place he attacks or he attacked (deals large damage). He leaves a trail of fire/blood which gives a DOT, deals large damage. Debuff makes it so you cannot receive buffs.
  2. Emerald – gives DOT if you stand in his indicated AOE. Do not stand in his AOEs.
  3. Snowstorm – gives a debuff – move speed, haste, def
  4. Mirror – summons 3(?) lot of “clones” which you cannot attack – each does a lot of damage


1st form: Collect the orbs that are drawn to the center. Catch them before they reached the center crystal. If they reach the crystal, a large AOE will burst and hit everyone. The orbs deal some damage, but not very much.

2nd form: no more indicators, watch out! when she goes in the middle, and you see a blue orb, run into the blue orb to shield from her large AOE.

Hertha Gage
Pools of electricity are spawned, try to stay out of them. His big red AOE (centered around himself) will give a debuff which may stun at random times.


Summons orbs, when 3 are summoned, massive damage is given. Make sure you destroy the orbs!

Oubliette Labs: 38 | 48 | 58 | 68

3 bosses

First Side (random 1):


Try to stay in the water to dispell the DOT that it hits you with. (A debuff will be shown in your debuff bar)

Lakhan (48|58|68):

Kill the Spectral Overlord to get rid of his shield.

Pupile (48|58|68):

Stay away from his AOEs.

Second Side (random 1):


Lure him to the water when he has a buff, lure him out of the water shortly after.

Sobek (48|58|68):

Kill the green butterpiller. Allow him to eat the purple butterpiller.

Crabtree (48|58|68):

Kill the slimes that get spawned – they stun.

Final Boss (random 1):


Kill the crystal that corresponds to his element when the crystals show up. Lure him to the pool (under the corresponding crystal) after you kill the crystal.

Godfray (68):

Stay away from him and keep moving – stay away from his red puddles. When he pulls you in, I recommend using your ult.

Heroic Dungeon – Reset every 6 hours

Dragon’s Abeyance | Haven of Oblivion | Foreboding Garden


Stay away from him to avoid his green circle that he puts below him. This gives a debuff of up to -50% DEF. You can keep luring him away, try to map it out so you don’t get trapped!


Party’s Stunner – Alternate between your stun and work with your team to sync with ults to avoid his cloud of smoke AOE. This deals a stun and damage. Either stun his cloud of smoke, or use your ult during that time.

Demir (party only):

Try to keep a good distance between party members. If a party member gets trapped in a purple orb, destroy it. Stand in the fire (if you can take the damage – not very much) to deal extra damage when he has his shield up. This is a damage absorption shield, once he takes that much damage, the shield will go down.
Try and stay at a good distance so you can dodge tornadoes that come out from him. They come out front, back, left, right, and diagonals around him.

Amphibian Abomination Brongus:

You can kite Brongus around if need be. Avoid being around him. When he spins on his head, he releases a small area AOE around him, does a good amount of damage. Keep an eye on his buffs, he increases his damage as his health decreases overtime.

Nocturnal Anathema Maniacha:

Avoid getting hit by her AOEs and run out of the “purple fire”. Her concentric circles trap you in purple crystals so watch out!

Ancient Anathema Cursed Maniacha:

Mostly just timing. Takes time to get right for his attack pattern. His shout deal a good amount of damage. Avoid any AOE indicators.

His “twins” – dark and light (denoting the circles) after you get him down to a certain HP threshold. Dark circle hits your HP % as you stay inside. The light twin will root you. (will have indicators) Kill both of his “twins” to lower his shield.

<Magic Songbird> Telulu:

When he is charging up for a platform-wide AOE, use your ultimate in the middle of that AOE (might take a while to get the timing down) to avoid massive damage.

<Gold Fortress> Lakeby:

Stay way from his circle AOEs. They do a lot of damage.

<Glorious King> Barbaclees:

When you are turned into a boar/sheep/frog, go into the blue circles outlining the platform. Press 1 to lure the summoned griffons toward you to kill them at the blue circles. When he jumps to the center and raises his arm, run into a ice fragment on the platform to avoid the large AOE about to hit.

Unparalleled Dungeon – Reset every 4 hours

Nabuland | Furval’s Training Ground

Chieftain Tabula: Attack Normally – avoid the colorful orbs that move around. Green orbs pushes, Blue slows, Red deals damage.

Alfred: Attack Normally

Caution: Little Furvals will be summoned by Alfred – these cannot be targeted. You will have to run away from them. The tiny furvals favorite target: Clerics/healers (if none, highest dps)


Branch Dungeon – Reset every 3 hours

Furval’s Utopia | Twilight Tribal Grounds | Dawn Tribe

1 boss (random)

Kothul OR Skarr

Attack Normally

Flanking maneuver is generally faster than frontal attack.

1 boss (random)

Fabien OR Prospero

Prospero – drag him away from where he originally spawned to one of the sides. The place he spawned will have crystals surround that area and will deal large damage.

1 boss (random)

Nosak OR Takaroch

Nosak: The little monster that glides around with a red circle around him gives:

You “debuff”: Assimilate with a flame element, bestowing ATK +10% and DEF -20%, but taking 20% of caster’s ATK every second.

Nosak “buff”: Assimilate with a flame element. ATK +30%, DEF -20%

Takaroch: Lots of good timing, the blue ice orbs will freeze anyone in a radius – it helps shield you from the fire DOT he will cast (the game will give you a warning to do so)

Adventure Dungeon – Reset every 8 hours

Octavia’s Phantasm | Kevina’s Dream

Fina: Healer

Samuel: Tank

Zaro: DPS

Destroy the crystals. Fina should use Sanctification skill (only can appear under her) to kill of the sprites coming from the crystals to avoid making zombies. (They will head toward fallen villagers)


Stay away from AOEs as much as possible. Fina keep heals at bay to help teammates.


Stay moving to avoid the electric field that shows up after some time. Fina keep heals at bay to help teammates.

Alice: Healer

Gaia: Tank

Claire: DPS


Attack normally, Alice keep a shield on whoever needs the most help with tanking. Heals can be targeted. (It shows up like a “cloud”)


Attack normally, Alice keep a shield on whoever needs the most help with tanking. Heals can be targeted. (It shows up like a “cloud”)

Abyss Dungeon – Reset every 8 hours

Aurora Sanctum | Phantom Palace | Dark Fortress | Haretic Research Labs | Flaming City

Time Limit: 20 minutes

Floor 5:

Attack normally

Floor 10/20/30/40/50:

Nicolas (all multiples of 10 will show Nicolas – similar fighting pattern)

Floor 15:

Poison attack, you can attack normally – keep a healer around

Floor 25:

Dodge the pink AOEs (deals a DOT and slows)

Floor 35:

Avoid staying in the circular energy orbs

Floor 45:

Get out of the ice walls (if you get bounced up) by mashing the “1” skill. (party only) Try to stay away from him.

Time Limit: 20 minutes

Wave 5:

Attack normally

Wave 10:

Avoid the green tornadoes. He spawns a couple at a time and they encircle around one person.

Wave 15:

Avoid staying in the ice pools (and try to keep the boss away from his ice pools) Ice pools debuff you, and it heals the boss

Wave 20:

Avoid staying near a party member, electric circles are spawned on top of each party member. Try to keep moving around to avoid getting hit by it and stunned by the attack.

Wave 25:

Avoid staying near a party member, electric circles are spawned on top of each party member. Try to keep moving around to avoid getting hit by it and stunned by the attack.

A laser indicator (large arrows appear on the ground in one direction) shortly after. Avoid it by retreating to the side to avoid the laser. Laser instantly kills you

**If the laser indicator shows and the boss is dead, the laser will still hit, and kill you

Time Limit: 20 minutes (Solo – 25 minutes)

Floor 4

  • Kill the mobs around to remove the shield

Floor 5: Tartagus

  • Very tanky, watch out for the electric orbs that spawn

Floor 10: Ides Feim

  • Watch out for the 2 circle AOEs. Does massive damage at first hit.
  • Avoid killing as many little mobs it spawns. It gives the boss a buff for every one that is killed.

Floor 11

  • Bring the mobs to the pools of “water” on either side.

Floor 15: Sainu (red) OR Feier (blue)

  • Kill the same-color mobs around the boss to remove the shield
  • Sainu – Avoid the AOEs, attack from behind as much as possible
  • Feier – Avoid the AOEs. “Pillars” of ice are summoned at the circle AOEs

Floor 20: Zara (Dark) & Caesar (Light)

  • Attack both normally, at a certain HP threshold, a crystal will appear (each will be enclosed in a circle besides the crystal)
    • Kill the crystal as fast as possible, the two bosses will be immune to damage while the crystal is up
    • The crystal triggers a wall that will insta-kill players that walk through
  • Caesar has a pull, which is indicated by a large circle around himself.
  • Zara has big punches which are indicated by smaller circles.

Floor 25: Basmay

  • Avoid getting hit by the mobs that are spawned, one you get hit by 20 you die instantly (party only). (in solo: large debuff)

Floor 30: Barsas

  • Barsas has a shield that absorbs an amount of damage. (Once that damage threshold is met, shield goes down)
    • Attack from the green circles on either side of him to deal more damage during this time
  • Avoid the tornadoes that stay and move around (icy-look)
  • Try to keep as far as possible to dodge the tornadoes (watery-look) that come from him. (One of his first attacks)

Time Limit: 25 minutes

Wave 5:

  • Attack normally

Wave 10/20/30: Layton

  • Jumps to a random target. Kill the crystals when they show around or it will deal massive damage. Stay away from dark purple areas (Alternates between middle and sides)

Wave 15:

  • Boss will preform a knock-back, so stay clear!

Wave 25:

  • Stay away from the blue-white circles that form on the ground. They will spawn white electricity fields that deal a good amount of damage.

Wave 35:

  • Spawns tornadoes around targets, move away. These tornadoes do lots of damage.

Wave 40:

  • Jumps to a random target. Kill the crystals when they show around or it will deal massive damage. Stay away from dark purple areas

Time Limit: 30 minutes

9 Rounds

Each round will consist around 3 bosses. Stay with your party members and focus one boss at a time. This will minimize death and time needed to kill each boss. You will need to rotate your camera a lot to see where the next boss is (and to keep track of your party members).

Before the run: Try to organize who the leader is to figure out which boss you will focus next.

Avoid getting hit by the chess pieces. You may kill them, but they respawn.

Try to stay out of as many AOEs as possible to avoid getting pushed or debuffed.

Hitting the chess piece in the middle (king) will give you a buff, but you will take quite a bit of damage as you attack it

If the king piece is killed, the chess pieces and bosses are bound down by chains for 1 round

There can be up to 2x chess pieces of each kind: Red Aura, Blue Aura

The Chess Pieces with blue aura gives a shield buff to the boss (can stack up 2x)

The Chess Pieces with red aura gives an ATK buff to the boss (can stack up 2x)

The Fake Bishop Chess Piece heals the boss if it crosses that square the monster is in (can look a bit off)

Round 1: Zikwen, Yarne, Ktolemy

Round 2: Alucar Northbun, Irathram, Meruclai

Round 3: Venipata

Round 4-9: Venipata + 2 randoms


Venipata (looks like: Nerokas)Irathram (looks like: Firey Overlord – pet)


Alucar Northbun (looks like: Alucard)

Yarne (looks like: Anatolli)

Meruclai (looks like: dark horse)

Ktolemy (looks like: light horse)

Other dungeons

Reset every 12 hours

Spirit Palace

Time Limit: 10 minutes

Remember to use any buffs before starting the dungeon. You will not be able to use any pots.

Move Speed will go to 100%. Do use “Move Speed” items/buffs.

Upon talking to the NPC and starting the dungeon, you will gain a buff: Spirit Power (HP +100,000. Unable to use items.)

There will be two different types of orbs spawning around the dungeon:

  • jagged, small crystal ice orbs (labeled as “spirit orb”): these will a spawn a random mini boss (of the 10 bosses in this dungeon) please be careful stepping through one of these, or having one spawn on top of you. Avoid this as much as possible by staying as close to the center of the summoning circle when possible. You may have more than 1 mini boss active at a time, they have the same attack patterns as their normal form.
    • These will give a higher score if you defeat these (and do not die as well)
  • smooth large orbs (non-labeled): these give a random buff, please feel free to move through them
    • Each buff lasts roughly 5 seconds
    • Buffs include: Move Speed, ATK +5% HP, Recover +5% HP

These are only recommendations. Please feel free to use your own skill combinations.


Recommended: Skill 3, Skill 2, Skill 1 and repeat. Heal when necessary.


Recommended: Skill 3, Skill 2, Skill 1 and repeat. Heal when necessary.

Caution: Move whenever a red circle indicator appears below you. If the AOE hits, it will spawn a drill that does a lot of damage.

  • Medium-sized circle indicator from Alucard should be targeted at you
    • Do not confuse with the other indicators from meteors

Treasurebot Mark.XI:

Recommended: Skill 3, Skill 2, Skill 1 and repeat. Heal when necessary.


Recommended: Skill 2, Skill 1 and repeat. Heal when necessary. Skill 3 only when Saki puts both his arms up and waves a bit of purple color. You want to stop his dash (massive damage, and you want to cut time on chasing him)


Recommended: Skill 2, Skill 1 and repeat. Heal when necessary. Skill 3 only when Cale does a large attack – either big arrows appear or the big circle appears.

Caution: Dodge all indicators that look like (as they all stun and do a chunk of damage):

  • A complete circle is targeted at you (or stun it)
  • A “line” (its a bunch of arrows in a line showing direction of attack)
    • A large one (about the size of Cale’s torso) – hard to dodge, get about an inch away from the indicated line (recommend stun)
    • A small one (come from between front paws) – easy to dodge, recommended to dodge this one to save the stun

You may get hit by his “swipe” indicator as it’s the only one that does not stun you.


Recommended: Skill 3, Skill 2, Skill 1 and repeat. Heal when necessary.

Caution: Get out of the red circle indicators when they show up (they do quite a bit of damage if you stay in). Don’t get these confused with the meteor indicators. Get out of her dark purple circle (directed at you, small – no red indicators)


Recommended: Skill 3, Skill 2, Skill 1 and repeat. Heal when necessary.


Recommended: Skill 3, Skill 2, Skill 1 and repeat. Heal when necessary.

Caution: He has an AOE stun (similar to Dragon’s Abeyance) where a cloud a smoke appears – you must stun here

The stun he causes gives you a DoT and does a lot of damage


Recommended: Skill 3, Skill 2, Skill 1 and repeat. Heal when necessary.


Recommended: Skill 3, Skill 2, Skill 1 and repeat. Heal when necessary.

Caution: You must dodge when the concentric ring indicators show up – this gives a large DoT and will chop at HP.

Caution: Be weary when a red circle indicator shows below you, it stuns and deals a lot of damage.

Advice: Try to stay at least 1 square (the ones on the ground) away from him while attacking. This is far enough to dodge the concentric circles.


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