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In-Depth Merchant Review



Hiring merchants is unlocked upon reaching level 5 in the guild. Merchants appear in the Guild Palace. First off, authority over who can hire merchants is permitted by all ranks of the guild, but the authority level can be adjusted accordingly as a guild pleases.

There are four merchants that can be hired for the guild. These merchants will stick around for 7 days. Each merchant has its own specific function, for example, summoning a void boss or starting a carnival parade.

Below is a list of all merchants as of CBT. Guild resources are required for hiring merchants, which are shown in parentheses.

  • Void Summoner Beedris: Beedris can summon void phantoms at the guild’s request. (5000)
  • Superstar Boinkley: Boinkley can organize parades to fill the guild with jubilation. (4500)
  • Miracle Merchant Moomoo: Moomoo sells rare items that are usually very valuable. (2500)
  • Fortune Star Patsykin: Patsykin can predict your future for the next three hours. (3000)

Void Summoner Beedris (345,360)

Beedris can give you a Void Codex (1000 guild resources) that will summon a guild boss in Central Plaza at your own will. The Void Codex will be randomly given- you cannot choose. These void bosses will stick around for 10 minutes before despawning from non-combat, starting from its spawn time.

There is a limit of 3 void boss summons per day!
(But you can buy as many Void Codexs as you’d like)

This is by far the best merchant to hire as it summons a guild boss in your guild palace.

Superstar Boinkley (206,505)
Boinkley can organize carnival parades using the Carnival Ocarina (1000 guild resources). The carnival will last for 10 minutes. During the carnival, a scavenger hunt will take place that will randomly place carnival treasure chests around the guild palace. These treasure chests give out rewards when clicked.

A carnival can only start once every 24 hours after the last carnival.

Personally, the reward so far that I’ve gotten in CBT were 20 loyalty points per chest, which to me is not worth the time. I would not recommend hiring this merchant until they fully utilize its feature with more content that are not subpar.

Miracle Merchant Moomoo (206,478)
Moomoo sells rare items such as furniture formulas. These can be purchased through your own guild tokens.

Guild Contributor’s chest contents:

If members of your guild are looking for more ways of getting LP / charms, then hiring this merchant could be worth it.

Fortune Star Patsykin (344,234)
Patsykin can tell you your fortune for the next 3 hours (20 guild tokens). These fortunes work similarly to Astral Adventures and are not affected by the Astral Daily Limit. These fortunes come in 1-star, 2-star, or 3-star, and each provide beneficial buffs.


Go here after you’ve paid up your tokens. It shows as an “Astral Adventure” but does not count towards any of the 10 daily AAs.

I would recommend this merchant as it grants a 3-hour buff that can be beneficial, especially if it is a 3-star buff. On top of that, these have achievements.

Guild name cannot be changed once established; choose carefully!

Suggestive guild names and logos can be deleted.

Guild EXP

Guild Level 1
» 250 EXP to advance
» 2 ranks (Guild Master, Recruit)
» 35 members maximum

Guild Level 2
» 1750 EXP to advance
» Message boards
» 3 ranks (Guild Master, Recruit, Commander)
» 50 members maximum

Guild Level 3
» 7000 EXP to advance
» 4 ranks (Guild Master, Recruit, Commander, Elite Member)
» 65 members maximum

Guild Level 4
» 21000 EXP to advance
» 4 ranks (Guild Master, Recruit, Commander, Elite Member)
» 80 members maximum

Guild Level 5
» Max guild level
» Unlocks Guild Palace
» 5 ranks (Guild Master, Recruit, Commander, Elite Member, Senior Member)
» 95 members maximum

Rank names can be changed by anyone with the permissions to do so.
Member permissions can be changed by the guild master only and at any time.


Each tribute also gives a separate stash of tokens for the player to spend on Miracle Merchant MooMoo. Spending guild tokens will not affect individual tribute points listed on the roster.

Each tribute also contributes to the guild resources. Guild resources are used to hire merchants, as well as start parades and summon guild bosses from the respective merchants (more info above).

Each tribute gives guild EXP as well: to sum it up… guild tribute is what keeps a guild running! Do your dailies.

Ways of attaining tribute:
» Astral Adventures [10]
» Dungeon Dash [10]
» Bounty [10]
» Battlefront Quests [5]

You can see which are available through the quest interface (L).


Guild Bosses

Daily Bosses
Guild bosses are automatically summoned every day at 1/6/8 PM PST (server time).
These summons appear in every guild palace at once, and disappear within 10 minutes of the summon if no one is there to kill it. It doesn’t cost any guild resources to take advantage of these bosses unlike the bosses summoned by Void Summoner Beatrice (more info above). Guild bosses give rewards in your in-game mail (system) as well give titles!
They will appear in this area every time:

Taken from the Twin Saga Wiki. All credits to them for creating this graph.


A random Void Codex can be bought from Beetrice.
Read more about summoning above.

Guild Chests

Guild chests can be found in certain dungeons as drops (party dungeons). These chests are tradeable and can be bought/sold in the AH, unlike Community Chests. There is no limit on how many can share a guild chest at once. The box opener will not get additional rewards for having more participants. Anyone can open a guild chest in the Guild Palace as they see fit.

The only difference between the advanced chest and the regular one is the costumes inside that have a chance to be obtained. Well, besides their appearances (advanced is the purplish chest on the right) when they’re being used.



Both of the boxes have these rewards:

To use a guild chest, go to Augar’s Square in the Guild Palace

Click the chest and insert the chest you want to use (must be in your backpack).

Once opened, a countdown to 30 will begin (and cannot be stopped). Make sure to click this chest within this time period to claim your goodies! You can tell when your guildies have clicked because their character starts dancing after doing so.

Guild Bank

The guild bank is a shared bank between all members of a guild. Anyone who has permission to access the bank can take and put anything tradeable in the bank at any time. Only place things you’d be okay with sharing because once it’s in there, it’s free game! Guild banks cannot be expanded (55 slots total), and each transaction is recorded in the Bank Log (so don’t do anything too questionable; they’ll know).



Seriously, anyone in the guild can read the log (which includes the IGN, date, and the name of the item withdrew/deposited) and see whats in the bank whether they have permission to use it or not.

Extra: Guild FAQs

Always being expanded when needed!
Have a question? You’re probably not the only one wondering the same thing; go ahead and ask.

» Guildies can visit other guildies terras unless guild access is turned off
» Guild logos can be hidden in settings

Confusing Button Names
» Leave a guild via the “Quit Guild” button in the Administration tab on the guild interface. Clicking “Leave” in the Guild Palace will simply take you back where you originally came from before heading to the GP.
» Hitting apply on the guild interface simply saves changed settings.
» Posting messages and managing messages are part of the same function. Those without management permissions cannot delete posts.

Making a Guild
» Creator must be level 10+
» 10 gold to create a guild
Remember, running a guild takes dedication and effort (mostly anyway). Make sure you’re up to the task!

» Only the guild master can change the logo
» Must be in .bmp/.png format
» Supports transparency
» 32×32 pixels in size


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