You want to git gud? Well, good, cause you are looking here means you arent.

So, you are still at level 30? Good, now come back until you reach lvl50 or 60.

Oh and yeah, dont expect me to help you with PvP, im not so good with that.

Ok, lets get started with this newbie course.

First, make sure you have some gear in your slots.

Second, make sure you have alot of spare time so you can waste your life.

Third, dont use your Advanced Scrolls or any like these Guarantee Scrolls yet.

Git Gud:

Now, how do you git gud?

You need GEAR! and levels.

What gear do you need? Depends on your current level and class and your FEELINGS.

So, what gear do you need? What i recommend is begging getting some Formulas from either dungeons, Auction House, illegal Trading.

But i still havent said WHAT gear you need. You would probably want to look into TwinSagaDB and look what stats you like.

Obtainable Gears:


lvl(nr): (Gear) or (Another Gear) ((Weapon) or (Another Weapon))

lvl40: Haretic

lvl50: Starwalker’s (Blazing Force or Glacial Force)

lvl60: Dominion or Savior’s (Mythic Force or Astral Force)

lvl65: Harbinger’s or Wrathful (Neutronic Force or Empyreal Force)

lvl70: Inquisitor’s or Creator’s (Celestial Force or Lunar Force)

Good, now you know what items you can farm for. But what about buyable/other weapons?

Yes, you can also buy and farm them.

For example, Hallowed Force and Sacred Force are obtainable by either getting from bosses in Haven Of Oblivion (Solo) and (Party) or by collecting 7 of Essence of Oblivion dropped from the same dungeon and crafting with it.

Same as Rage of Ares WillTelulu’s Loyal ProtectionLakeby’s indestructible ArmorRage of Ares Will and Ares’ Cruel Heart which you can get from Foreboding Garden (Solo) and (Party), and by collecting 3 (for head pieces) and 5 (for chest pieces) of Primeval Powerdropped from the same dungeon and crafting with it.

Click on the links to see information on where you can get the formulas and what you need to craft it.


I hope you know how to craft, cause thats easy.

Eh, ill just explain it anyway. I assume that you know WHERE it is.

Lets go to our workshop which is in our terracottage.


As you see in the Materials, you can see a gear and another material (not for all gears).

You mostly get the gear from the same dungeon you got the formula from, and the same with the second material.

Just look it up on TwinSagaDB.


Congratz, you have now created your first gear!

Now what? You are still not gud? Well, thats beacuse you have missed alot of things! For example Fusion Boost and Evolution Scrolls.

I would not recommend to use your advanced scrolls yet if you are using lvl40 rare gears. If its above lvl50 gear, maby.

Now, how do you get advanced scrolls? Its expensive to get alot isnt it? Well, you can either obtain them by AP, LP, Astral Puzzle, Gold and making alts to do main quest dungeons.


I would recommend to not buy normal scrolls from the AP or LP shop at any cost. You can easily get them from doing Oubliette Labs.

Now, how would you get LP, well, i would also recommend doing (Party) Furval’s Utopia(Party) Twilight Tribal Grounds, Nabuland (Solo) and (Party) and Furval Training Ground (Solo) and (Party).

Now… AP.. HOW DO YOU GET AP WITHOUT SPENDING MONEY? Easy, do these offers! And beware of these offers, they might be evil. (Does not take any responsibility of you damaging yourself or your potato laptop/desktop)

(AC)(AC)(AC), evil things. Really cheap these days (prices change over days, last edit in 23.11.2017). Do Astral Puzzles and you have a chance to land on Advanced Scrolls!

And now gold. Just farm, sell everything you own. I would probably look into some shady selling guides.

Fusion Boosting:

You get them by combining EXP Crystals with their correct level and tier.

You can also combine same gears into one! Really easy!

Max Fusion Boost:

Legendary: 150%

Epic: 140%

Rare: 130%

Special: 130%

Common: 130%

Note: Annihilator’s Force uses the Legendary Lv65. Weapon EXP Crystal for some reason.

Last Words:

Now that you got everything ready, its time to git gud. Thankfully you have probably not reached gear lvl50 and fusion boost 150%.

Now defeat every single monsters out there!


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