• Introduction:

    You are starting this game and you have no Idea what to do? Well maybe this guide can help you a bit.

    I will cover most of the PvE aspects, so if you search for PvP stuff, you are wrong here.

    So lets start with the guide and your path to greatness.


    At the beginning you should know which class you want to choose to play in the beginning. It is recommended to level all classes to level 35 to get all common skills.
    It will be useful if you play classes like Sword Master and need to revive your team.

    You will start with Sword Master, Mage, Gunslinger, Dragon Knightd1b243-1517321502.png and Monk.

    The other classes will be unlocked later on, through Mainquest or Dungeons.

    NOTE: You should pick a main class in the beginning, because you will get the most exp out of the Main Quest.

    Leveling a class above ~lv40-50 will take a significant amount of time.

    Lets start with the mage:


    Mage: has an extremly low Cooldown, combined with the haste stat(global attack speed) you will be even stronger. Skill spam inc.

    The only thing is, you are a glass cannon. You will rely on pots or Senshis to heal yourself.

    (One thing to note is that Mage is weak until you reach high level and is extremely hard to solo things with until you’re geared. Not the best class for beginners).


    Paladin – Tanky , has healing skills and is easy to play. Downside – tanky paladins are really slow when it comes to farming solo dungeons and party comps aren’t really a thing in this game anymore so tanks aren’t that needed.

    (This class is very beginner friendly)


    Monk: Has a good burst, some sustain (lifesteal), gap closer and is pretty useful for party runs.

    (If you can keep the Combos up it’s a good class)


    Sword Master: Offtank class. Pretty tanky (can be secondary tank with 300% agro mastery), has good damage. At really high level (~68) has lifesteal. (Beginner friendly too, just spin to win!)


    Cleric – healer class. Low damage (only 3 damaging skills) but extremely good sustain.

    In group Dungeons not always important, if you have a strong dps group you can literally face roll the Dungeon anyways.

    My personal choice of class, if I can’t solo the dungeon.


    Dragon Knight: Personally never really played this Class, seems to be fun but can’t say more about it :P


    Gunslinger: low range, low damage. Can be fun, but your positioning is really important. I wouldn’t recomment this class as beginning class.


    Rogue: good class in PvP, when it comes to 1v1. A bit squishy for efficient PvE, but can be played with max Evasion.

    (Like Mage, gear dependent, but easier to gear than a Mage.)


    Hunter: pretty strong and fun ranged class. Like Gunslinger is the positioning very important, with the range you also have some leeway to run away. ALSO YOU HAVE A PET!!!!


    Berserker: Well has some burst. You have to unlock this class through an Item(Berserker Class License) from the Dungeon (Aurora Sanctum with level 45)


    Occultist: mostly support class with pretty animation. Rainbows, bubble auras, and you can turn enemys into cute little things.:$

    You also have a lifesteal skill with later level, which can help sustaining your HP in Dungeon

    Has to be unlocked through an Item(Demir’s Grimoire) with level 50+ from a Dungeon (Dragon’s Abeyance)


    map-raywing_harbor.jpgLevel 1-10

    We will start in Raywing Harbor, its nothing special just a little introduction to learn the controls and classes. Just do the Main Quest till you reach Level 10.

    You will also get your first Senshi: Fina :)

    The next location will be Meridia.




    Meridia is the next location you will arrive.

    Your first task will be doing a astralquest. It will be one of the most important things, to level efficiently.


    <– This thing indicate Astralquest! Do 5 of them, to get a bonus EXP-Buff, but no more 8, it will be important to get more exp out of it.


    Level 11-20

    map-woolruft_plains.jpgWoolruft Plains..

    like the Raywing Harbor, just do the Main Quest. You will meet your first Dungeon here, Woolruft Temple.

    Dungeon itself isn’t very hard and you should try farm your level 18 Equipment, to progress easier later on.

    You will also get your 2nd Senshi here. Samuel :)

    To get more EXP you can do the daily Quest. If you run the Dungeon for the level 18 Equipment do this Quest, free EXP are always good!!

    You will earn some Advanced Scrolls. Store them and don’t use them, till you hit 70!!

    To leave this area you need level 20. If you did the Quest in Meridia you should reach level 20-21.

    The next area you will visit is Arkadia, just do the Main Quest. Player usually will meet up here or open stalls(CH1).
    Like a Boss Event usually happens here!



    map-vitreus_mines.jpgThe Vitreus Mines

    You will meet your 2nd Dungeon here. The Royal Trove. Just do your Main Quest and do the Daily Quest, while farming your level 28 Gear.

    You will earn some Advanced Scrolls. Store them and don’t use them, till you hit 70!!



    Bluemoon Grove


    Like the areas before, do the Main Quest and Daily Quest. If the dungeon is too hard for you, try ask some people to run group/party Dungeon with you-

    If you hit 40, I would recommend to buy a
    Draconic Force formula. You can also ask in trade chat, if someone would gift it to you.

    Also the last free Senshi will arrive. Zaro(goodjob)

    You will also have the possibility to farm the Oubliette Labs, which can drop Gear Evolution Scroll (Bound), loyalty points and 38 PVP gear.

    You will earn some Advanced Scrolls. Store them and don’t use them, till you hit 70!!


    Note: Do you remember, when I told you not to do the remaining 5 astralquest? Assign your 3 Senshis to the Terracottage.

    And go into your Terracottage. Your Senshis will give you 3 Quests each. Try doing them. Sometimes you have to do astralquest to complete the Senshi Quests, which is why we didn’t do all 10 in a row.


    Button looks like this, if you don’t remember.

    You may have to mine something or fish something. This can be done in Meridia, press M and look for the appropriate fishing level or mining areas.



    Maplewood Glenmap-maplewood_glen.jpg

    Do the Main Quest and Daily Quests.



    Arrakin Desert

    Like always, Main Quest and Daily Quest. But also have a new Dungeon here. Farm it for the level 48 Equipment!

    You will also have the possibility to farm the Oubliette Labs, which can drop Gear Evolution Scroll (Bound), loyalty points and 48 PVP gear.


    You will probably hit 48 now.

    The next Main Quest will start with level 50. You can upgrade your level 48 gear to +10 if you want, it will help you to survive longer and increase your damage.

    To level to 50 you can start running dungeons in group (Search a guild, who can help you with this:)) or you start grinding solo, beginning with the battlefronts daily.

    Battlefronts daily are faster, but you may need some help with the last boss of the quests.

    The Battlefront quests are in the Battlefront – Jungle Mortalis and Battlefront – Lost Metropolis area.

    I would recommend doing Nabuland Solo and Group and after that Battlefront Dailies!

    You have now 3 paths to choose:

    NOTE: Before you take a path, always do the Senshi Quests and Astral Adventure! You can do 10 Senshi Quests per day!!
    1. Play casually. Then only do Nabuland Group 10x, while sometimes Naboland Solo per day.

    2. Play a bit more. Then do Nabuland as above and take the Battlefront Dailies.

    3. Grind everything. Do Nabuland, do Battlefront Dailies, all Daily Quest and all the Dungeons(Metarealm and normal/ Group and Solo) [Dungeons below 38 can be ignored if the Daily Quest don’t force you to go in. EXP is too low].

    NOTE: Farming Dragon’s Abeyance with 50 can drop the Item for Occultist, while Aurora Sanctum: Hall of Trials can drop the Item for Berserker. Both Dungeons are good for EXP. Aurora Sanctum: Hall of Trials Solo should be ignored, it takes a long time and the EXP you gain through the Solo run can be grinded faster with other Dungeons in group runs.

    Its also a perfect time to level your other classes a bit, if you didn’t do it before!!

    You will do this including the Main Quest till you reach Level 55.

    With 55 you will gain 2 new Dungeons :
    Furval’s Utopia and Twilight Tribal Grounds

    Just repeat the paths you took and include this 2 Dungeons in it. It can be hard to find people for this 2 Dungeons, so good luck.:)

    Repeat it till you get the new Main Quest and reach the Waking Wetlands


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  • 56-60

    Waking Wetlands

    This area will be harder for you. Try going on with Main Quest till you reach the Dungeon(La Catedral Infernal).

    You can run the Dungeon with level 58, but I wouldn’t recomment running it solo.

    Try ask for Party runs and get the level 58 Equipment.

    I hope you still have some Gear Evolution Scroll (Bound). If yes upgrade your new gear to +20, else you have to farm Oubliette LabsFurval’s Utopia and Twilight Tribal Grounds till you get your gear +20.

    Now you can try doing it solo.

    Should you hit Level 60 before you do it Solo, buy a Mythic Force Formula in the auction house! It will make things easier for you!

    After this, it is just repeating everything with other Dungeons.

    A priority list which Dungeons you should run:

    NOTE: Before you start, always do the Senshi Quests and Astral Adventure! You can do 10 Senshi Quests per day!!

    1. Furval Training Ground

    2. La Catedral Infernal (Note: If you are Level 60 and if you can find a good group, prioritize Haven of Oblivion)

    3. Metarealm: Bluemoon Sanctuary / Metarealm: Ruins of Oblivion

    4. Dragon’s Abeyance (If you know you don’t want to farm the pages and want to try get the book instead run Group only)

    If there are new Main Quests, do them first then the Dungeons.

    You are done with the Dungeons? Waiting for resets? Have enough of this grinding?

    Check out the Conversation Guides, hidden Quest Guide or the Astral Adventure Quest:

    [GUIDE] Conversation
    [GUIDE] Hidden Quest

    [GUIDE] Astral Adventures

    Achievments will improve the stats of your character for a small effort.


    Level 63+

    The next Dungeon that will wait to be cleared is the  Sapphire Keep at the Sanctopolis: Constellacia.

    If you bought the Mythic Force and upgraded it to +20, you can do this dungeon Solo.

    If necessary change for the 63 Equipment, that can drop from the monster and upgrade it +20.

    With the Main Quest we should reach ~64-66. Depending on how much you grinded and when you started the Main Quest.

    This will be the worst part. If you thought the leveling from 51-60 was grindy, this will be more horrible;-;

    You will have to find groups who are able to carry you through the Sapphire Keep Group Dungeon.

    Try your best to not die. Every point of EXP will be one step to Level 70.

    Its also a perfect time to level your other classes a bit, if you didn’t do it before.

    Depending on your playing time I would recommend skipping some Dungeons.


    NOTE: Before you start, always do the Senshi Quests and Astral Adventure! You can do 10 Senshi Quests per day!!

    1. Furval Training Ground

    2. Sapphire Keep ( Change this Dungeon with Metarealm: La Catedral Infernal when you hit 68)

    3. Dark Fortress (With 65)

    3. All the 58 Dungeons

    This will take a very long time. And I hope you did not gave up and reached Level 70.


    If you started farming (Nightmare) La Catedral Infernal or (Party) Metarealm: La Catedral Infernal I hope you will be lucky to get the Level 70 Gear. (Creator’s or Inquisitor’s)

    Some people wear the full Inquisitor’s Set, some will wear Creator’s. This is your own Decision! Wear which Set you like or mix the Sets.

    I also hope you kept your Advanced Scrolls safe! You will need it for your Level 70 gear go it from +20 to +50!

    For Weapons you have more choices, pick the one you like, or ask in Discord or Ingame for recommendations:

    Lunar Force

    Celestial Force

    Sacred Force

    Hallowed Force

    Those 4 Weapons are viable choices in my opinion.

    If you want to know more about:

    Terracottage: [GUIDE] Terracottage

    Gear / Evolution Guide: [GUIDE] Gear Evolution and Fusion

    Guilds: [GUIDE] Guild

    Guide for Dungeons, if you don’t know how to progress: [Guide] Dungeon

    Senshis: Senshi “Guide”

    I hope this guide helped you a bit with leveling your character. If you have more tipps, I will gladly add them.


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