Hello guys so today I will give you ten ways to get platinum in warframe so platinum is basically the currency through which you can buy lots of stuff in market or trading with other players. So this is the platinum. So first way is of course with your real money and the tip here is that don’t buy the platinum when you don’t have a discount code so basically you get the discount when you do daily login. So through daily login rewards you get the the discounts and it shows up here. Then you can buy the platinum at a really really low rate. so just wait for this login reward and then only buy the platinum how much the prices are slashed okay so next tip which basically a lot of people players do is buy low and sell high.

So as you can notice; I hope you guys know this warframe market so you can like basically go for the rare mods like such rare mods like maiming strike and as you can see right now the price of maiming strike is 350 platinum the lowest price that player is selling at. so you can just message him and buy from him and then after maybe a week or two you can sell it off for maybe 450 platinum since all these low rates will be gone by then so this is one way like if you don’t want to wait you can go for the primed mods so like prime continuity.

You can buy from some people who like bought a lot of primed mods when baro came and they sell it off for a very low price even lower than this lowest price 200P. They sell off for 150P rank 0… so that is a good way to earn platinum then third way is we do max rank mods and sell off. so like you can see the rank 0 primed mod is 200P (suppose) tenth ranked mod is 400 Platinum so that is double price.

It’s not easy to you know level up prime mod because it takes a lot of endo. I will just show you how much endo it takes so and credits also. 2 million credits and 40 thousand endo. The best way to farm endo is in arena that is in sedna and then you can also go for excavation in hierachon the fourth way is to hoard up special event mods so like I said maiming strike. The acolytes event happened just a few days ago, like its still ongoing and you know I farmed up maiming strike. So I have like 5 maiming strike you can keep them with you till like a month or two (mostly a month) and then you can sell it off for like 500 or 600 platinum because right now people are selling for 350P so just keep them with you and sell it off later.

Fifth tip is to prepare for Baro. So right now you can go to regional channel and you can type in ‘when baro’ and a bot will message you. So baro trades only with players >= MR 8 So thing is baro mostly brings in disappointment, like he only brings in mostly decoration or fancy clothing but sometimes he can bring primed mods last to last time he brought primed pressure points so right now the price of prime pressure point is 80-90 plat but maybe after few months it’ll move up to 150 platinum. So you can prepare for him by farming relics dropping prime parts and then when he comes with good prime mods or something nice, you can sell off those prime parts and get the ducats Sixth tip is by selling prime parts so a lot of people just farm relics then they make them radiant and they try to drop the last part, like suppose here it’s ballastica prime So generally warframe prime parts are mostly farmed you can also type in.. So mirage prime.. So mostly people farm a set of warframe and then sell it off. 7th way is to sell riven mods.

The rivens are special mods which you get from sortie or through trade from players. So I will give the price of veiled rivens right now… For Melee its mostly 40P, rifle rivens also go for around 40P. Shotgun rivens are little costly, they go around 80P and pistol ones are really cheap like 20P. So basically you do the challenge and you unlock the riven. Sometimes its trash so you can just dissolve into endos or sell off to some people. sometimes they are of good weapons which people mostly use like tigris, orthos so those you can.. you know sell it off even like the unrolled ones, like this I haven’t rolled at all so you can see I just require nine hundred kuva to re-roll it so unrolled you can sell or you can roll and get good stats from those rivens and then sell it off. So selling riven is one tip.

8th is to join parties like you can go to recruiting channel join parties which are like going to farm some rare mods like one which mostly people farm is condition overload. So you can mostly go with neckros with desecrate desecrate which is an augment mod or hydroid with a pilfroid which is also an augment mod. So if you get those frames or those mods then you’ll be golden bcoz people are looking for those all the time. They also look for speedva. You can sell this for like 50 platinum or 60. Depends on the buyer. So this is one tip the ninth tip is to hold off vaulted primed parts so like DE will announce in forums maybe a week before that they are going to vault certain warframes which are prime warframe or prime weapon.

So last name nikana prime and saryn Prime I think got vaulted so you can farm for those sets or weapon and then you can keep them with you for like maybe three months and then maybe some players who really need will it buy from you at a very high price so like Nova prime, its vaulted, its prices is right now around three hundred platinum. Rhino price is around 400 platinum whereas ember and Loki… Ember goes around 500 platinum and loki goes around 600 platinum. So most probably in next month (at the time of recording) they will get unvaulted so you can have them in relic drop tables and you can farm them so that’s one way okay so last tip is to do vault runs. so a lot of people recruit for vault runs vault runs are basically in orokin derelict. You can buy these blueprints or the keys from market and you can craft those keys and you can join parties or maybe if someone else is hosting then you don’t need a key but if you are hosting then you need a key so mostly people go for orokin derelict capture so you can complete the objective fast and 4 of the players have 4 of the different keys like some maybe someone has bleeding, someone has extinguished so it’s random which kind of door there may be in the vault runs and whichever key the door says that key player has to open that door and you can get corrupted modes from that the corrupted modes are basically dual stat Mods one one part is positive and the second part is negative stat so like blind rage and actually there are more mods.

I don’t remember… Oh okay, it will take time. So basically blind rage or narrow minded. Think I will show you narrow minded at least you can also max these mods and that sells for like maybe 200 or 300 platinum and they require relatively less endo as compared to primed mods. 30,000 endo and 1.4M credits and okay… so this is the last tip. I hope you liked the tips and these are all the tips I found and used myself. So right now I’ve around 500 hours of gameplay, so I hope you liked it. If you liked it, please comment, like, share and subscribe. Thank you..

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