Ahoy thar, Legion! Just a quick heads up that after a nice long nap, the Acolytes are a comin’ back! Might even be today, which would be pretty funny, but a few Devstreams ago they confirmed Acolytes to appear before the year is through, and well… not many days left so no better time than now to gear up! For all the New Tenno out thar tunin’ in you have but two objectives to tackle! Number one! Unlock as many missions and planets as possible! Acolytes strike hard and fast, but we always hit back harder so they tend to only stick around for fifteen minutes. Unless they have mods we don’t want. We tend to ignore those, heh ^_^ But the more land you have access to, the more likely you can take part in the hunt! Which leads tooo– Have a strong set of gear at the ready! Acolytes don’t mess around, so you’ll want to bring your best stuff with ya. You don’t need best in slot, just something ‘stronger than not’ So get those mods upgraded! For all the Warframe vets, you have two objectives as well! 1. Sell any spare Maim Strikes and the likes NOW. Whatever value they have is gonna tank once the Acolytes go live, so trade em for as much as the market will carry before they bottom out.

Then, during the event… Grind up another spare batch! Platinum saved is Platinum earned, Tenno! Might as well double-dip on the profit! So stay on guard and keep an eye out, Legion! We’ll have Acolytes, Mirage Prime Access, triple prime unvaulting and likely an event or two thrown in for good measure all in a short amount of time, so pace yerself! Gotta guide with the exacts on Acolytes on screen if ya wanna quick refresh n’ recap on that, and as always, thank-you for watching and catch you next time, Legion! Take care!.

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