Ahoy thar, Legion! Tis the DAY of the devstream so ya know I gotta recap n review for ya! If last ya heard was that the devs lost their darn minds, I got good news for ya! They are hittin’ the biggol’ undo button on those rushed and obviously ill-advised changes and are resetting Onslaught back to normal with a few buffs for our troubles. This will go into effect later today, or Mondayish latest, maybe? The short version is, and I’ll put a time stamp up for folks who only wanna see what was actually talked about on stream so ya can skip this if ya like, normal onslaught is going to get easier so wave 8 rewards will be all but guaranteed, while elite is aimed at folks with thicc builds that want to really dig into high leveled enemies so instead of capping enemies at 180, by wave 25 they’ll top out to 280! They rewinding the double burn speed on the efficiency bar, spawn fixes both to tilesets and ai pathing are in the works, crashing bugs are getting touched up and host migration…

Seems to be something they dunno how to tackle but they are workin’ on it anyway. Also they are increasing the focus cap for us, an extra 5k for each mastery rank ya got. So if you are 20, you’ll have a total of 350,000 to earn per day. finally they said armor scaling is not a top priority, but they did mention it by name so at the very least it’s been brought up to the surface again as something on their to do list. As for my thoughts on the matter, this seems to be what the majority of folks wanted. One, for DE to pretty much…

Not do any of what they had planned, but also for the hard mode to actually let itself be difficult without a time limitation. While that high end sort of stuff doesn’t appeal to me with my loadout, I know people who are proud of their loadouts they’ve put together and they’d likely want a really beefy target to sink their teeth into to see how it measures up. It’s like that one king who built a massive catapult outside of base that didn’t want to surrender. When the catapult was finished they waved the white flag and walked out with their hands up…. only for the guy to make them turn around and march right back. They waited for him to build that monster, by crikey he was gonna use it. So I’m glad both the normal mode will allow us easier access to the loot we are looking for, and the elite mode will be the one you hit up for focus, or if you stay long enough, potentially quite the challenging time.

Part of me wants to say it was a waste of time for them to rush those changes in only for us to get frustrated and then they took it out in the end anyway, so we’re pretty much right where we started but with some lingering memories of funk for our troubles. But, as stupid as it would be not to, they didn’t *have* to revert those changes so we gotta commend them for doin’ that.

Maybe it’s the crunch factor with Umbra or TennoCon or whatever that had them drop a stanky brain fart. And hell, maybe they do something incredibly dumb tomorrow, but for today, the least I can do to give em a toast on makin’ it right. I wish the road was a little less bumpy and with a lot more scenery, but you corrected a wrong turn and for that, good on ya. But let’s get back to the Devstream! Lemme start with somethin’ big to make up for that semi-tangential stuff: Scalin’ rewards! While it was sparked by a question about Kuva Survival, and without Sheldon they couldn’t really say anything concrete, but Scott said he’s not a fan of scaling par se as he doesn’t like the idea of playing one level for eight hours, but mentioned perhaps adding more letters to the mix to help with dilution, like ABCDE sorta thing. I’d like an ABCD as the double A system works with batteries but not very well with loot, in my opinion.

Focus reworks are still a thing, but the previously mentioned 5k per mastery buff was quick and easy while his plans for it would take a lot longer to setup. My only concern was, he brought up Devstream 100 which is the episode I myself brought up the other day in my patch reaction video, but most people I see talking about it have never HIT the cap. Raising it is nice for the power players, but that passive focus acquisition buff they talked about back then was the main thing I was looking for here, so fingers crossed they don’t forget that part. An odd addition to plains was flying vehicles you could commandeer, but you could only do so if you found a rare spawn parked on the ground. Well, they finally got the idea of maybe if you take out the pilot of the hovercraft, you could just use his instead of looking for one tucked away. I’d harp on em, but I assume the coding process was “fun” to manage so I’ll just take the good news on this one. Khora’s rework is lookin’ a lot better than her launch.

Her animations are getting sped up, so her whip attack will line up a lot better than previously. Using it on ensnared enemies will force it to pull more in towards it, as now it is more of a burst snare that aoe pulls twice instead of a slow creeping over time thing. Her pet will be passive, but you can use the ability to command it to attack. You might recall this was how she was supposed to ship, but DE’s ‘testers’ thought it was too difficult so they took it out. Since they are adding it back in, gg testers is all I can say on that one. Finally her ultimate will drop bodies instead of keep holding onto them, and if you hit a target stuck in it, the damage will be shared across all enemies currently stuck in her dominatrix net of awesome. I mean of pain. ….I mean of awesome XD The new ui coming will allow both PC to use controllers and Console Squad to use a mouse. Though! Not all of the Squad is equal it seems, Steve said PS4 is getting this but…

Lemme just read the quote “And maybe coming to the other platform if they go that way” While clearly avoidin’ the Xbox name, likely to avoid rufflin’ feathers, I find it funny how avoiding the topic kinda makes it sound just as bad or worse haha I gotta story about that with WoW raiding and the Misses but that’s for another time! Hey, Legion… Would you like to see a big head? Because you can with the next Peculiar mod! Everything shot grows in size with this one, so naturally reb shot at a bunch of grineer instead of Valkyr, Nova, or Saryn. Gotta keep it family friendly I suppose. Ceramic dagger visual rework in progress but I’ll wait for them to finalize it before teasin’ ya like what’s happened with Zephyr.

Speakin’ of deluxe teases, Nidus is in the works so you infested fans The fighting mini-game is aiming to be playable at TennoCon. This is minorly worrisome as they have now added all warframes with their own special power, meaning someone spent time on this while we waited for bug-ridden Onslaught and little else in-between, but also because the Play as The Stalker mode was at last year’s TennoCon and we’ve yet to get that in our hands yet either. Comba/Scrambus auras are gonna get a visual now to let you see what’s up, though the aura in question is pretty… rough so I’ll give em time to tweak before showin’ it The long lost equinox helmet was finally shown! They backed this one up a few times so it shouldn’t have any corruption issues like the last one. So Equinox lovers, enjoy! A PBR pass for Karak, Gram, and Kronen is on the way, so more details and fashion frame goodness there.

No word on the Warframes that were supposed to get that done already, but as Rhino is one of em I’m okay with that as I dunno if I’d like him tampered with. But who cares what I wanna see? What would yoooou like to see, Legion? Anything ya liked or loved this Devstream? Lemme know in the comments below! Was quite a… fun ride these past 72 hours or so, hopefully that hotfix to revert those nasty changes is live already or in the coming days.

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