Ahoy thar, Legion! How all yall doin’ today? I actually have dinner a-cookin’ on the burners, and I don’t want the food ontop of it to live up to it’s name so we’re gonna do a nice n’ easy quick review o’ the shiv. Or is it sheev? I believe it’s the sheev. Believe in the Sheev! Originally it was handed out during the operation gate crash or project gate crash. There was crashes and gates involved, and potentially some jokes at Window’s expense, but now the weapon is back in circulation thanks to sortie season 5 rewards. Currently the parts are not tradable due to a bug on the PC version, but that should be patched out in an upcoming hotfix. Console Squad! You’ll probably be able to trade them as soon as season 5 becomes available to ya…

Whenever that is due. With DE that’s likely SOON but, just a heads up on that. The Sheev is generally looked down upon and I’ve even used it a few times for giggles and got some comments asking why I bothered with it. Up till now it was fairly rare, plus it has that cool glowing grineer edge on it. Stats wise it is NOT meant for crit builds clocking in at only 5%. Even with that one shadow debt mod that increases your crit chance by 90% while sliding, 90% of 5 is like 4 so 9% crit chance ain’t really happenin’. Feel free to give crit builds a try, but just know it’s a rough battle goin’ in. You’ll have a much easier time with a status build thanks to it’s 25% status chance. Damage wise it is almost entirely slash with very little impact and puncture, which I guess makes sense with the glowing blade edge n’ all. You might notice I have high mod capacity with this weapon, did I actually throw a catalyst into this for once? Sorry to ruin any fanfics, but this was gifted out with a built in one from the event.

Besides I got a slim build just on the other page. As far as a rating would go, it’s solid. If you are looking for only god tier weaponry, this one is not for you, but it’s also not nearly as bad as the stigma around it would portray. You’ll get pretty far with the weapon, I went with just flat fire damage to mow down the basic grunts of all factions, and it performs that task nicely. You can make due with it like that till the enemies get up to about level 40 or 45, at that point the blade will start to dull, and of course you’ll be whittlin’ away at heavy targets. I did solo 5 level 60 bombards in the simulacrum, but it wasn’t pretty and I was limpin’ away in the end.

But it can be done! Also worth noting is it produces a fire ring on ground slam attack. This has the added benefit of bugging out infested crawlers and making them perfect height to stab. These are notoriously rough to melee with some weapons, but setting them on fire turns them into squishy stinky tee ball batting targets. Random trivia ya won’t find on the wikia: In the star wars universe, sheev is actually the emperor’s real first name name before he siths the bed and goes evil. So if you were wondering if you should try farming up this dagger, know that the evil overlord of the darkside endorses this weapon, so by all means DO EET! If this guide helped ya out or put a smile on yer face, we’d be honored if you’d like, favorite, and share this video with your fellow tenno! We always appreciates it when ya does! As always if you have any questions or suggestions feel free to leave a comment below! Thank-you for watching and catch you next time Legion, take care! There’s a weak opportunity for a cloak and dagger pun as he wears one and the weapon’s a dagger, but as long as we are all aware of it, that’ll good enough.

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