Ahoy thar, Legion! Devstream 70 something or other should be goin’ live in just a bit, so if you don’t have time to sit through that whole hour long stream or ya weren’t part of the initial notification squad, sall good! We’ll be doin’ our regular Recap N Review of it for ya on Monday. As for TODAY we are takin’ a crack at Void Traces! From what they do, how to use them effectively, and of course how to get more of em when ya run out. Now if you are confused by them at all, that’s perfectly normal. DE themselves didn’t even know what to call them. First they were Residuals in Devstream 76, then they were Luminous during the following Developer workshop, then they were Shards on Prime Time just hours before release… and then they went with Traces. Now I am assuming ya know how Void Fissures and Relics work, if not that’s fine, we got guides setup for both which I’ll place right huah for ya. Click em if ya need em! But ya might be asking: what do Tracers do? Namely they blink around the level, totally aren’t a direct ripoff of The Scout, and tend to have a lot of pointless hot-aired drama attached to their poses.

Yes, that was an OverWatch joke. But I needed an excuse to setup this image. You’re welcome. As for Tra*ces*, oddly enough fans of fishin’ in Minecraft actually are ahead of the pack here as the Luck of the Sea enchant is apples to apples the same mechanic at play with Traces. Ya use them to upgrade your Relic which not only increases the odds of you getting a rare item, but DECREASES the odds of getting a Common one.

Stats wise the best tier will boost your rare item drop chance from 2% up to 10, which is certainly better odds, but it’ll also cost ya 100 Trace energy, which happens to be what you are capped at. Based on how they work, at least in my opinion, I’d suggest an all or nothing strategy. Save up Trace energy by running relics with common drops you’d like, either to add to your collection or that you plan on trading with other players or even converting to ducks with the void trader. While doing that, store up Traces till you hit the cap, then unload em all on whatever rare drop relic you want. If you have an abundance of keys, you of course can run them uncharged as you still have a shot at it, I even got mag prime’s rare drop my first attempt without spending a single trace, so it can happen. Now to get as much Trace stashed away as possible, you’ll need to know where and how to farm it.

In time I’ll probably be putting an annotation up right about now as it seems very likely we can get these off Void mission runs in the future. So spoiler: you can probably do void missions for them in a month and get em that way as well. But ain’t not time like the present, so in order for you to cap that trace bar TODAY you’ll need to hit up Void Fissure missions.

During the fissure event three specific eximus units will spawn. These guys will drop a small amount of traces and when you seal the fissure off it will also drop a little as well. As those eximus drop them on death, the usual line up of Nekros with Desecrate or a Hydroid with the Pilfering augment will just about double the amount of traces you can get per run, jumping the total from 8-10 up to about 20-25. Which is far more respectable.

Quick Random Tip: If you chain run fissures and seem to waste traces from being at the 100 cap all the time, there’s nothin’ stoppin ya from charging up a relic and holding onto it for awhile, say till your friends or clan mates get on. You can bank away quite a few of these glowin’ cabbages and do some back-to-back high roller runs if ya line em up right.

Make it rain, Legion! Make It Rain! If this guide helped ya out or put a smile on your face, we’d be honored if you’d like, favorite and share it with your fellow Tenno. We always appreciates it when ya does. As always, thank-you for watchin, enjoy the weekend, and catch you next time, Legion! Take care!.

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