Ahoy thar, Legion! Just in case the Titania release comes out late and doesn’t give me enough time to tinker with the quest or new stuff added, I’ve decided to do a quickie how to get a gorgon guide video for ya! And real quick on top of that, Devstream 79 should be goin’ live shortly after this does and last just over an hour. If you’d rather have that all condensed down to save ya some time, we’ll have that recap n review of it ready for you on Monday.

But for today: GORGON! More specifically, how to GET the Gorgon. Anyone can get it right away, actually. Just have to open up the Options aannnnddd give this a click right here. There! Now you have the Goregone! The blueprint for this thing used to be in the market for a few thousand credits, then one day they took it out! Since then folks have been wanting to make it at the very least to complete their collection, but the options to do so were quite limited. Daily Login Rewards used to be the ONLY means of getting yourself a copy, but with that whole system getting reworked the odds of running into one got cut rather dramatically.

The second option they added was to run Conclave missions and blindly hope you’ll get lucky at the end of the round… and that sounds like fun for everyone >.> So your two methods were to login every day, grind PvP, and cross yer fingers. BUT! Now we have an improved method! Generally speaking, if you see a Grineer Heavy Gunner, kill it. Kill it hard, and kill it often. You’ll have to be patient to find the blueprint on individual kills, but the sheer numbers of these things you tend to mow down every day bump that drop rate up to acceptable grinding levels for a vaulted weapon of sorts. They won’t drop often, but they will drop which is a big boost by itself. To spare ya some grief, the drekar variations don’t seem to be part of this change, and the void ones…

I dunno. Got conflicting intel on those, so to be safe I’d suggest the normal heavy gunners and their arid counterparts. Chew those two up, churn em out, and eventually that elusive Gorgon will be yours! Good luck on your grind, Legion! Here’s hopin’ the pending Devstream comes baring good news, and not more delays! As always, thank-you for watching, enjoy your weekend, and catch you next time, Legion! Take care!.

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