Ahoy thar, Legion! Hope the week has treated ya well! I believe we are finally getting a Devstream today, so if that’s the case we’ll have a recap n’ review of it for ya on Monday to save you some time. But for today we got a request from loyal Legionnaire Alex who wanted to know how to get that pesky Barrel Diffusion. Of course, lad! The best strategy to farm something is to know where it actually drops, so let’s check that out first! According to the wiki our options are: Grineer Seekers, Orokin Void containers, dark sector or infested defense, interception, and of course the gambler fallacy favorite: transmutation.

Now I’d prefer to overlap as many opportunities as possible to increase our chances, and the only two that really do that are Grineer Seekers and Interception. I’d recommend trying this method except for one minor flaw: Interception does actually actually drop barrell diffusion making this and all the other testing runs across different planets a colossal waste of my time. Come on, Wiki! You had one job! ONE JOB! But the task remains before us, and by crikey your Barrels will be Diffused if it kills me some Corpus! That primarily leaves us with farming Seekers or defense rewards. Percentage wise, it’s not pretty, as for both Dark Sector and Infested defense, you’ll need to sit through 15 waves for your shot at it, making this fairly a rare occurrence for random public matches meaning you’ll need to convince the folks you are playing with to stay that long or go in solo or with a group with this plan in mind ahead of time, and even then it’s just over a two percent chance.

Seekers are the fastest to access but individually the drop rate is abysmal by design. Any type of seeker will do for this method and you’ll be aiming to kill as many as possible to essentially multiply your chances, so endless missions like Survival, Excavation, [sigh] even Interception missions can do the trick. In case you were wondering, yes, that means Draco is an option, if you able to subject yourself to it, at least. Ceres is a great spot, Kappa on Sedna is a blast from the past, but of course you’ll want a full group for the highest amount of spawns and a Nekros or Pilfering Hydroid will help sway the math in your favor. If you are really desperate or you ran across an abundance of rare mods you don’t need, you could always try out Transmutation.

I generally don’t approve of this method as it’s so random but then again so is the drop rate on most of the stuff we’re hunting in in the first place. So in summary: Grineer Seekers are probably the primary option, though you’ll have to grind through a ton of them, Dark Sector or Infested Defense wave 15 has a better drop chance one to one, but you have to keep in mind the time it takes to clear that out per attempt, or you can leave it all up to Lady Luck trying your hand at rare transmutations. Those things can get costly though, but if you are feelin’ touched by RNGsus and the dice are hot, all the power to ya! Quick shout out again to Alex for his superb suggestion, if you have a suggestion or question of your own, feel free to leave it in a comment below and we’ll do our best to answer em.

Might even turn them into a guide video! Again, we’ll have today’s devstream recapped and reviewed for ya on monday so enjoy the weekend, have fun, and as always, thank-you for watching and catch you next time, Legion! Take care!.

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