Ahoy thar, Legion! PC Tenno! The Thousand Cuts Tactical Alert is here! Console Squad you’ll be happy to know this event is LIVE for you as well! All platforms can partake in this event and it runs until the middle of Monday so even if you are busy today, you have plenty of time to complete it! A stratos emblem is up for grabs as well as the long vaulted Machete blueprint many collectors have been killing to get their hands on. Also resource drops are doubled during this event for everyone, so farm up some Tellurium or whatever materials you’ve been running low on! As with most tactical alerts, this one has some modifiers ya need to follow. Thousand Cuts is: Only Melee weapons allowed (and sentinels/kubrow) Your max energy is capped at 25 And for good measure, enemies tend to inflict a potent bleed proc on you with nearly every hit. So, there’s some spice there. Not sure if it’ll mix well with my peanut butter chocolate greedy milkshake, but twill do! Twill do! Part one is a survival mission and things start out pretty tame. I went in blind and was surprised with the nasty bleed procs, and without high enough efficiency muh Rhino can’t use Iron Skin to walk through it, so some strategy is required.

Enemies tend to get free hits on you, especially Scorpians at range, so I’d recommend trying to bottleneck the enemies a bit and take cover when moving around to dodge some Scorpian hooks. Also, if you have Life Strike, it’s a life saver here. Part two is just barely more difficult because it’s a mobile defense so you can’t just melee mash your way through it. Well I guess you could, but–just keep an eye out for it’s health, ‘kay? Also energy leeches start to spawn in, so that limited energy pool is going to be under even more of a threat from this moment on.

Guard the things, hit extraction, and onto the next one! Part three is a super short assassination mission, though now the difficulty is starting to ramp up. For starters your assassination target is a Manic and the level is filled with Bailiffs now which have much more health and damage than the previous enemies had, so if you slept through the last two, keep an eye open here. Part four is the endurance run, we’re back to a survival, and the gloves are off. Enemies start out at level 35 and scale up to fifty by the end of it. Manics now spawn regularly and knockdowns and staggers from rollers can be lethal when back to back. You’ll need some power in your weapons and warframes for this part, but it’s not insurmountable. I took my Rhino and an unprimed fang for giggles, and while I could still wipe out most enemies in one combo, Baliffs were dangerous targets as they removed most of my shields in one hit. I did get this nice kill on a Manic though! And an ash drop, good stuff! Onto the rewards! In order, you shall receive an orokin catalyst, an orokin reactor, the retired machete blueprint, a chance at a mysterious rare reward which cooould mean rift sigils, but most folks were reporting the electric event mods dropped for them, and finally a stratos emblem.

If you’ve collected em all at this point, this is what it’ll look like for ya when you claim it! Oh and protip: If you are on the revive menu when someone else extracts, you do not get any credit for the mission! So you’ll have to rerun that endurance mode, which is… fine! It’s fine, really! Not bitter at all! …>.< Enjoy the event, Legion! Hope this guide helped ya out! Thank-you for watching, have a great time, enjoy your weekend, and I’ll catch you next time! Take care!.

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