Ahoy thar, Legion! Tis the Monday after a Devstream so ya know we gotta Recap N Review for ya! Console Squad! You got yourself an update recently, so hope yer enjoyin’ that. I believe we all on the same page, more or less, on the Hydroid rework, for better or worse, but in the end DE said that’s about enough of that and he’s not gonna get any more changes now They said he might be too powerful, which I’ll let the Rant Roundup weigh in on that one to see if the players agree -_^ Of course the actual reason for this rework is due to the changin’ of the guards of Prime Access! Oberon’s is getting replaced with Hydroid around August 29th. So if you wanted Trinity Prime, Dual Kamas Prime, or the stylish Kasava Kubrow Prime collar, farm ye their relics now, or forever rip in peace.

Tennogen round 9 was just released, but round 10 will be simultaneous on all platforms on Halloween with spoopy looks in tow. Speakin’ of Fashion Frame: Deluxe Skins! Ember Deluxe has a rather checkered past and is apparently getting reworked entirely, Mag’s was shown briefly and we can supposedly expect this before Halloween, but what do we have here? Is this a new frame? Could be based on the design. But it’s actually a deluxe skin of…. Nekros! I have no idea as to why or how they came to this look, but there it be and hope you enjoy it more than I. Personally I think it looks a lot more like the Zephy deluxe skin, and Zephyr fans I know you’ve been waitin’ ages for yours, and DE’s gave an update on it! It was, and I quote: “The only update is that there is no update.” These pictures of it right here I have saved in my folder since, Drumroll, please! August 21st 2016.

Been over a year since we’ve seen it. Long enough to declare it legally dead! ( I dunno if that’s true, or not, but it sounds funny XD ) You turkey lovers out there have my condolences. I don’t know why do they enjoy torturing you so much. I’m sorry. Glass Frame! Not much new, other than her default colors and codpiece still scream FemRhino to me, so I’m still shippin’ that. Her initial abilities must have sucked as they are reworking them, but as long as that chest piece remains in place that one gif I put on reddit will get some use, so there’s that.

No hard yes on a quest for her, but they said it’d be Plains related? Speakin’ of Plains, loot there will be different as normally it’s handed out at extraction and here is a wide open space to explore. While they are adding several places to extract to save you time goin’ all the way to the main entrance, completing mini-missions and objectives will sync your loot with the database, so ya won’t miss that fish ya just fished. We’ll also have mining or Prospecting to do on rocks or caves to get Gems we can add to the melee crafting system which is also a rework of the Arcane system as well. Raid system stays the same, this is a new and more attainable version. Get gems from rocks, put gems in weapons, there ya go. No details yet, but I suspect it has something to do with the Mastering process they brought up last stream.

Also the next Landscape area planned is on…. Venus! For the final tidbits this week we got some sort of “Throwback Event” planned which will grant us past and present day weapon skins like this one for that Lato, which compared to the current aesthetic of warframe looks friggin’ weird! But curious to see how it pans out. Someone asked about Riven Transmutations to spend four to get one random one back… which for some reason Scott thought was too much RNG. But what are Rivens themselves but RNG incarnate? Random reward for a random weapon of a random weapon class with random bonuses or even negatives all of each having random amounts.

But getting rid of four and hopin’ for a better one is too random. Words. I have none. Well I got one but it’d be pretty loud XD Someone asked about adding more appearance tabs which they said might be too stressful to the database, so take that as you will, Another asked to make Magnetic damage more useful against enemies as it wipes our energy entirely and doesn’t do anything nearly as debilitating to them. They sort of shrugged and nodded but it seems even words with Mag in them don’t seem to get any love from the devs now. The ‘Tusk’ Grineer of the Plains will stay there, dunno why it was asked as Drekar stay on Ur…. –planet they come from, you naughty buggers -_^ And both Nef Anyo and the Kingpin system are planned ‘sometime after Plains’. At this point it’s a race to see which one comes first, so let’s get a poll a-goin’! Who do you think will we see arrive first? Nef’s rework, the Kingpin system, or Zephyr’s Deluxe Skin? Lemme know what ya think along with anything in the devstream yer lookin’ forward to.

If you’d like to see more of these in the future feel free to subscribe and ring that bell icon for notification squad access and as always Very elite! Very rare! Very hard to join -_^ And as always, thank you for watching and catch you next time Legion, take care!.

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