Ahoy thar, Legion! How all yall doin’ today? Been awhile since we’ve taken a look at the glitches I found, and I don’t think there’s a better place to look than our most favorite mode of the game: Archwing! Let’s start with some ancient ones, this was back when Regor was first released, good ol’ SharkWing! When you first loaded up the level you’d sometimes be floating in submersible form and could fly around and shoot things. The moment you hit the first hallway it’d kick ya out of it, sadly. But then again you’d sometimes get people that joined mid boss fight who would be stuck in the wing frame as well! Made the fights a lot more entertainin’ during the Equinox grind, to say the least. From one extreme to the other, instead of loading up in an arching in the on foot section, you can load up on foot in the Archwing section! Because this is such fun to navigate. I even met two Grineer that got lost along the way. But I was able to help them out.

Well these look… normal. Sheesh, no wonder they let us blow this thing up, dang grineer built it defective! This one was fun! I nicked a sensor just before gettin’ out of the area because the game didn’t want to register me hitting the escape pad, and when it finally did I was stuck like this. Luckily I was leveling my Itzal at the time and the game allowed me to fix itself by teleporting out of this hell bubble. Fun stuff! This glitch, I’d venture to say, is the reason why we now have timers at the end of interception rounds.

As it’s kinda hard to wipe out the rest of the enemies… when there are no rest of the enemies. AHOY THAR LEGION! PRO TIP! WHEN YOU SEE A CAKE LABELED “EAT ME” READ THE BACK OF THE THING FOR POSSIBLE SIDE EFFECTS. I’m not sure how I find these things, but I find these things. Stuck under an archwing level.

I wouldn’t call it a gift, but it’s certainly a talent! And here’s the jackpot of glitches, Legion! Arching extermination. The mobs aren’t spawning so we have to wait it out, the walls at the exit aren’t solid so you can fall through em in several places, you can even rocket off the back end and fall for ages. I even got a co-pilot on this trip. Cannonbaaaall! Later on I ran into my phantom buddy here. What’s up mr trooper. Ya doin’ good? Guardin’ yer little post there? Wanna buff? No? That’s fine, that’s fine. I’ll guard it with ya. you look like you could use the company. I’m gonna highlight this just to remind ya not to think about it right before goin’ to bed tonight. Sleep well! Hope ya liked this batch-a glitches, Legion! With Update 19 drawing closer to reality, we might just get another cluster of em to have fun with! You get any nifty one of note recently? Leave a comment below and tell us all about it! As always, thank-you for watching, and catch you next time, Legion! Take care!

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