Ahoy thar, Legion! Nef Anyo’s back and he must really have a thing for security because while there will be tons of moas, hyenas, bursas, and a huge new enemy to deal with, the real boss fight is the endless amounts of locked doors you are forced to open each and every time. This right here is unedited footage from a pug on the easy version of the event. After some testing I can say that, whenever you trigger laser traps from say getting spotted by a camera, you’ll instantly be on full alert status and must reset them to continue.

This goes for EVERYONE in the mission, and you can even retrigger the same exact camera without a noticeable cooldown, so ya might wanna dodge that. I’d suggest avoiding all combat and zerg rush to the boss room. Once there, everyone present has to enter it just like the original Jackal fight because here’s Jackal 2.0: The Razorback! The boss fight is rather action packed, and is quite puggable, but as this information is nowhere present in the game, if you already tried it and had no idea what was going on, allow me to shed some light. In terms of combat, the Razorback is chock full of excessively damaging attacks. You can choose to stealth them, dodge them, or tank them, that’s up to you. Stealthing is fairly self explanatory, dodging requires some planning though. As Razor stomps around, sometimes constant mobility works along with hiding behind a pillar, other times ducking into a side room up top is better. You’ll note crewmen are up here, you can kill them but they just respawn five seconds later.

Tanking is easiest to pull off with a Hysteria Valkyr, but timing up Iron Skin just before soaking up a ton of rocket damage can be rather satisfying. Trying to kill me? That’s adorable. I’m sorry to say that YOUR DAMAGE SUSTAINS ME! But that is an impressive smoke angel you got there. That’s the defensive side of things, offensively: There are four laser walls on the top floor. There should be a bursa trapped behind one shooting out at you. Hack the closest console near it and set it free. Now kill it, for some poetic irony. When dead, you have a short time to hack the console on it’s back and make it fight for you! Sometimes the AI Derps out here, but if you’re lucky it will sacrifice itself damaging and stunning the Razorback, allowing you a small opportunity to shoot it.

Repeat that process a few times and collect you an Orokin Reactor on easy, and a Stratus Emblem on hard! The main name o’ the game here is avoid dying. As the fight goes on the attacks become more frequent so you’ll need to stay on your toes. Also you still have to stand still and hack things, I didn’t use any ciphers, but looking back that probably would have helped. Some warframe abilities work well like Trinity can 1 2 combo the bursa down, and Loki can switch teleport the bursas out of the laser walls, which can save ya some time. Mag’s bullet attractor used to have the boss kill itself, but they patched that out, and as of time o’ recording Limbo’s rift walk didn’t really work for this, so not all abilities will behave as ya expect. But give it a try because this event is fairly bite sized and if everyone knows what is going on, can be pretty fun too.

You have about a five percent chance to get the puncture event mods if you repeat the hard version, but most of the time you’ll get the toxin status event ones instead. Free to players don’t forget the Valentine’s color palette in the market, have fun, thank-you for watching, and I’ll catch ya next time, Legion! Take care!.

As found on Youtube