Hi guys this is x3lp from Staunch System and today we’re gonna look at Warframe. So here we have Ash Prime which is one of the newly-released Warframes and leveling up could be a breeze~ if you know how. So right now I’m gonna explain a little bit on how I would level up my warframe. When leveling up a warframe you wanna equip as little equipment as possible because they will drain experience points away from the item that you wish to level up in this case the warframe. So only equip the necessary items like a good primary weapon, or melee weapon, sometimes I don’t even equip or bring my Sentinal or Kubrow it would be in your best interest to have some survivability mods with you the next thing you need to know is where to level up it could be really easy at high-level defense missions and interception missions if you have friends or clan mates helping you out but if you are alone you can always try interception mission Draco at Ceres, which is a very popular map and you should have no problem getting squad even without actually recruiting.

Here is one of the videos I’ve made a while ago showing us how we could solo Draco at Ceres all the way to round 4 easily, this is very useful if you want to hunt for tower 4 keys and couldn’t find a good squad. So first thing you wanna do is actually clearing the map killing every single enemies you could see without capturing any towers after that you wanna capture the tower according to the sequence A, D and than tower C when capturing tower C it’s a good trick to keep the door next to it open so that enemies could not respawn from it.

Finally you wanna get up to your camp spot as soon as possible and cover all 3 of your towers So at this point you are pretty much done, all you have to do is repeat the cycle over and over again until round four. Here are the location of the panels that you’ll have to defend, do keep in mind it every tower will have at least two panels for you to defend. So let’s recap you will be CAPTURING Towers, you’ll be DEFENDING them and finally you will KILL STRONGER ENEMIES just to make the place safer for your squad. So unless you mess up, it’s pretty much a hundred percent win. This rarely happens~ but some people might get angry at you for camping just because they don’t understand the importance of role or~ are maybe just your 🙁 *blamers gotta blame* the bright side is you should reach max level in about 1 or 2 hours. I believe the setup for Ash prime can be very subjective and I’ll not go into detail however I like to say that Ash has the highest health among all other warframes having health increase mods by percentage like Vitality will really benefit this particular warframe and normally I would also use Rage just to convert any loss in health into energy.

For the Vectis Prime I just like to say that is a great critical based on one hit kill weapon monster you will need to forma it to reach its full potential and I would recommend Shred just so he could fire a little bit faster and also kills enemies in one line Hush will be needed if you do not wanna alert enemies when firing. I find that the Atomos being one of the best secondary weapon at this moment simply because its ability to link enemies and deal damage to them when they are near by each other with the help of Ruinous Extension this weapon become super amazing the best part is you don’t even need to aim the enemies you could even aim your teammates which is great when you’ve fallen and you’re being revived.

For melee I choose the Jat Kittag, I really love this weapon because of this huge range, very high base damage, very cool combo animation, has momentum when attacking and as an utility it can help you to reach very high places when ash uses his teleport on an enemy the Jat Kittag as a hammer could do thousand % stealth damage Carrier is probably the best sentinel for Ash because of its ability to pick up loots most of the time, while using BladeStorm which is Ash’s most powerful area offensive skill I’m the way I’ve modded the Sweeper is by maximizing it’s Attack Speed allowing me to stagger it’s opponents frequently enough because it deals primarily impact damage. As a summary I’d like to say that Warframe is a great game and it’s really up to you to find your own style while exploring and growing with your friends. Please like and subscribe if you want to see more and if for some reason you did not like this video, please let me know in the comments section below. Once again this is x3lp from the Staunch System wishing you a pleasant day! waaaa zeeeeiii~ ?? were you too near the…

nono, just ate a grenade…..

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