Ahoy thar, Legion! I have a quick heads up for ya today in this bonus Wednesday upload. With the buzzword of HEMA still fresh in our minds, DE has done it again with another strongly anti-player release of the Ignis Wraith. Having been designed to only be handed out to about 10% of active clans and shedding the personal goal requirement of all previous event weapons, many players got left out with dead or no clans at all and only ended up with a sour taste in their mouth.

So why the happy music playin’ after that bad news? Because yet again Warframe’s amazing playerbase is doing their part by fixing the problem themselves. Maaany users on the game’s reddit page have posted messages letting players know they are freely giving out copies of the weapon to any in need. Some even began compiling a list for players to make this process even easier, and I thought that this was a great time shine some light on the positive aspects of the community as well as get folks a weapon they might have gotten ripped off from. They even made a subreddit specifically for Hema Research a time ago, but I had wished DE woulda fixed the costs by now to make mentioning that unnecessary. Console Squad, this applies to you as well! While the event is not yet live for ya, it’s a-comin! Now would be good time to ready up and get the word out to repeat this kind gesture as it would be a great show of solidarity and strength that hopefully DE will take note of and maybe, just maaaybe emulate the same ideals their playerbase has shown to have and remember to be a bit more player-friendly again in the future.

Links to several posts, timezones, and the Hema Research subreddit in the description. If you have a clan with access to this and are willin’ to lend a hand, feel free to leave a comment below with your in-game name to let the Legion know they got even more options. And to anyone needing those weapons, wouldn’t hurt none to tip the kind lad with a mod or some a spare ayatan for their efforts. Just sayin’ -_^ Turnin’ off ads from this one, Legion. Unlike DE I want no profit from how this was mishandled. Got some light-hearted co-op action with the Misses set for Friday I need to render up actually but until then, continue to be awesome to one another, thank-you for watching, and catch you next time, Legion. Take care!.

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