Ahoy thar, Legion! If you are just now coming into or finding some free time to play the update and wondering how to get your hands on Sands of Inaros, you’re in luck! Not only can you unlock all his parts in one day, but if you’re patient you can do it without spendin’ a single platinum! Let’s show ya how it’s done! If Baro is at a relay, you’re gonna have to pay him a visit. The quest starter will set you back 200 ducats and 50,000 credits. Both are relatively easily to farm if you frequent the void, but we’ll put a Dukat guide up for ya in the description if you could use some pointers. If Baro is not active, you’ll either have to wait for him to resurface, or trade with another Tenno who has a spare. Once you have a copy, head back to your liset and access the foundry to craft it. You can find it under the Keys section, or just search for it to save some scrollin’. It will cost one Nitain and a decent amount of oxium, but you’ll likely have more than enough without even tryin’.

This is the only real slow part of the quest as it will take six hours for this blueprint to finish. And don’t rush it! You’ll spoil your appetite. Now would also be an excellent time to farm up any of these materials ya might not have as you gotta kill six hours one way or another. For the sake of brevity, let’s assume the blueprint is ready to go. Done? Excellent! Claim it, activate it in your Codex, listen to Baro’s email, and take a look at Optik on Phobos.

Get it.. take a look… Optik… anyway feast yer eyes of horus on this! Some wicked sandy pillars n’ stuff! This quest is relatively simple, go in, listen to some lore, and pick up the Sacred Vessel. The Vessel demands Tribute! And what was mine requirin’? What’s that?! Yall want me to kill some corpus? Don’t mind if I do! Baro! You’ve been holdin’ out on me! Now it’s not just any corpus, and in fact you might not even see this same image as currently there are three different variations you could have. But more on that in a minute. In my case I needed to kill like 50 or so Detron Crewmen. You know when you get the right target as Baro will chime in and the screen gets all bright. If you are not, makes sure to have the vessel equipped on your gear wheel via the arsenal. Now, I opted to do a solo run here, but public matches are fine. As long as you are within range, and as long as the right target dies, you get credit.

Baro will let you know when you have enough and you can take a peek at the jar in your Liset to see how charged it is, if you are curious. When it’s full head on back to Optik and turn it in. You’ll get some more lore, another jar, and a surprise kitten cuddle fest! Did I say cuddlefest? I meant death trap XD They still hit hard, but when these guys first were released their damage was through the roof. Now you might be thinking, “PsyCo you gargantuan Stealth Rhino incarnate, surely you must jest!” Fortunately Iron Skin records how much damage was absorbed on casting.

How much do you think these guys hit me for? 100? 200? How about 13,000. And their numbers were almost endless. The game doesnt’ even tell you to kill them, they just show up and start kickin’ sand on ya like they are trying to cover up their latest addition to a litterbox. With those puh–uh Cappin’ I can’t say that. {Why not lad?} Because… no! {Sigh Then ugh, use a different word then. Get creative like!} Uh… okay. [Clears throat] With those…

Kitties licked, and the second jar in hand, you get another picture of what you have to hunt down. In this case I got a Railgun moa. Pretty much the same drill as before. Listen to the lore, get another jar, and another brawl. Today’s contestant? A Rock Golem. He’s pretty tough and I wasn’t modded out right to tackle him, but luckily after a few well placed shots he finally– Oh what the f– Back on the liset you’ll have a third, and final, vessel. This one is really hard to make out, but it’s actually an infested juggernaut. Luckily we’ll only have to kill five of this tier. Now you might not have any of the enemies that I did, and that’s okay.

Turns out there are three variations, the one I got: Detron Crewman, Railgun Moa, Juggernaut, another Grineer Seeker, Hyekka master, Denial Bursa, and Volitile Runner, Brood Mother, Manic. Some of these enemies are interchangeable, like any type of grineer seeker will count, and you can easily get manics from the Regor boss fight on Uranus. [Oh that ye don’t mind sayin’ do ye?!] It’s the name of a planet, Cappin! [It is?] Even though the Regor Manics are actually Drekar Manics, the game counts em either way so cash in on that good fortune, Tenno! Kill whatever enemies you need, and now it’s time to turn it in.

Place the jar. Listen to the big reveal. And now the last stand! Inaros… itself? Or Tomb Protector as it were. No matter. Kill it, and it’ll camp out in it’s sarcophagus. Likely checking it’s phone messages I’m sure. Then you’ll have to kill one of the huge stone statues in the main chamber. Kill that and Inaros wakes up again, only now it can summon your evil twin to fight you as well! Kill THEM and yet another statue wakes up, so on and so on. If you have trouble clearing the star chart, this quest chain will be extremely difficult for you, so I’d recommend bringing a full group to make it painless.

Or you could just flex and let the statues kill themselves as they know they’ll never look as sculpted as Rhino is. YES THAT’S ME. THAT’S ALL ME. PAY NO ATTENTION TO THE MAN OF FEW WORDS BEHIND THE RHINO CURTAIN! [CLEM!] And there you have it! Complete the mission and you’ll not only have all the necessary parts to make an Inaros of your very own, but even a bonus sacred vessel liset decoration for yer efforts! And if ya followed along, you have done it for free! Might have lost some hair and sleep over it, but free none the less! If this guide helped ya out or put a smile on your face, we’d be honored if you’d like, favorite, and share this video with your fellow tenno! We always appreciates it when ya does! As always, if you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment below! Thank-you for watching and catch you next time, Legion! Take care!

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