Ahoy thar, Legion! With the back-to-back releases of Warframes you might have fallen behind on the sporty huntswoman warframe o’ Ivara. While she rocks the bow, she’s more of a ranged thief who loves using gadgets whenever and whereever she can. I’ll let yall supply the Giggity on that one. But she can prove to be a hassle to farm! With her emphasis on stealth play and enemy manipulation, it’s equally fitting and annoying that outside of platinum, the only way you can get her is from successfully completing Spy missions. Alarms don’t matter, you don’t need to 100% stealth the mission, but you do need to successfully loot every data fragment or you can’t loot one of her parts. You can Loki for easy-peasy runs, but if Stealth Rhino can do it, anyone can. My preferred method was rush to the data vault, attempt to bypass enemies when possible, and wait by the entrance. If you triggered an alarm on the way, turn it off from the near by console, and wait a few seconds.

Enemies can still have aggro against you even with the alarm is cleared, especially melee ones, and it can take them a minute to reach the door. Wipe out any stragglers, then break open the seal and solve the vault whatever way you know how. Loki can teleport, Limbo can riftwalk through lasers, but even without those abilites you can make do just fine. Might take patience, but you’ll need that anyway if you run this publically to speed the process up.

Her parts drop from certain level ranges, Systems are from 1 to 15, Chassis from 15-25, and both her helmet and blueprint from 25+ The blueprint might be random though, as I got mine off from from Mercury. Pick whichever locations you prefer, some folks like Grineer vaults better than Corpus, for example, but tilesets matter, too. You might have to change things up to avoid the Grineer underwater vaults and deal with sharkwing, which might be a turn off for some folks, let’s say. Thankfully for the 25+ category there’s an infested Spy mission on Eris by the name of Cyath which will allow you to clear the place as loud as ya like.

For her chassi the hot spot tends to be Aegaeon on Saturn, and her Systems either off Mercury or Vesper on Venus. The lower level spy missions have less cameras and enemies so you can passively level up equipement along the way. If you aren’t well-versed in the vaults you can of course bring some Ciphers with you to solve the hacking mini games instantly. Just hit up the market, build them in the foundry, and equip them in your gear wheel first or you’ll be in for a surprise. But what should be no surprise at all is RNG has a huge factor to how long this process will take.

Memorize every alternative route, run everything flawlessly, even if you get the triple silent extraction bonus it still comes down to luck on when the parts will appear on your screen. I had to run dozens of low level missions for her systems and dozens more for her helmet. The Chassis was the easiest to snag, but all in all I probably ran over sixty missions for her. Maybe closer to 100 but it sorta blurs after awhile. But you can get her, Legion! One final thing you can do for good luck, and I could be wrong but I heard this works is, the items tend to drop quickly for you if you like, favorite, and share this video with your fellow tenno! Just making this video I got all the parts, so there’s gotta be some weight to it! Thank-you for watchin’, Legion! Enjoy your day, have fun farmin’, and I’ll catch you next time.

Take care!.

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