Ahoy thar, Legion! After two sizable War Within quest reaction videos, we’re back to our normally scheduled PsyCo-programming. Today we have a request from loyal Legionnaire Clarence Slyed who DAT ICON THO! Lemme just… There we go. –Who asks if I can do a guide on how to get Kuva. Sure thing, lad! If yer wheelin’ n’ dealin’ in Riven Mods, you’re gonna need a buncha this stuff. The process itself aint too bad, but first things first: you need to have completed The War Within quest, and thus the Second Dream. Nothing really to spoil from War Within, but this kinda blows Second Dream’s reveal, so consider this your spoiler warning.

Second, Location! Technically, any mission node that’s Grineer controlled and about level 30 or more will do the trick. Assuming it’s not an endless mission or something weird like Arena or Void Fissures, Invasions, etc. That limits things quite a bit. And while they probably want us to farm it on the actual Kuva Fortress… Ain’t nobody got time for that tileset. In, Out, Done! We’re space ninjas, for Lotus’s sake. Not some hippy-dippy starchild. Which leaves Sedna! You can do any place you like, but the current hotspot is the capture mission Rusalka. Wherever you choose, the next step is to find the Kuva Siphon. No Siphon, no Kuva. These things are just rare enough to be annoying, and you might go a few rounds without finding one at all.

But you’ll know when yer close as the surrounding rooms get a noticeable red tint. From there just step on up to the siphon and start er off! The process itself ain’t too bad, when the siphon lifts one of it’s sniffers, take a look in that direction for a haunting red mist. You can’t damage it, but you’ll need to intercept it as your Operator doing a their version of a bullet jump. If successful, Harley Quinn and Scarecrow’s love child will get mad and that arm falls off the siphon. Repeat three times and you’re done! Some placements of the siphons are a bit tricky as the mist can clip through walls so you’ll need to guesstimate the timing of those, but even so ya can mess up seven times and still get rewards so no pressure. Do keep in mind that you’re gonna be wide open durin’ this process as your Operator’s a light weight and your Warframe is defenseless but still able to receive damage, so while possible solo with a heavy crowd control frame, I’d recommend a group for easy pickings.

For your efforts, on a successful run you’ll be rewarded with about 600 Kuva. Most of time I got right around 590, myself. So if ya do this twice that should be juuust enough to reroll your Riven mods the first three times. But that’s overkill anyway, as I’m sure each and every Riven mod is perfect right from the start. HAH! Oh, that was a good one. Wooo. But! If this helped ya out or put a smile on your face, we’d be honored if ya’d like favorite and share this guide with your Tenno! We always appreciates it when ya does and it really helps us out. Devstream 8…3? Maybe 84. Devstream 80 something is goin’ up today so ya know I’ll be Recap N’ Reviewin’ that for ya on Monday and save ya some time. Until then, enjoy your weekend, and I’ll catch you next time, Legion! Take care!.

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