Ahoy thar, Legion! With Plains of Eidolon quite close to release, I’d like to draw yer attention to the curious Twitch Drops system being added with this update. The mechanics of it are simple: watchin’ someone playing Warframe? You got a shot at free sigils, primes, and limited edition cosmetics. Now hearin’ that you might be in shock, but I assure you this is correct: Very soon, we’ll be able to grind items merely watching *other people* grind items. We’re living in rather exciting times, Legion. Heck, if 3D printing gets any cheaper we might not even need to login to equip the stuff at the rate we’re goin’! I do have a guide in the works with all the nuts n bolts, but that’ll need some hands-on research to make sure my suspicions are correct, and since there is going to be a very rare, time-limited edition sigil I don’t want anyone to miss out on, for today we’ll just make sure you can hop on and claim your spot early for all those well-earned goodies in the near future.

More details on that sigil in a minute! Right now head on down to warframe.com and login. It’s a biggol’ button on the top of the screen, ya cannot miss it. Even Corpus Crewmen couldn’t miss this one. Then just click on your account name or go to warframe.com/user and you’ll see a prompt to sync your account with your twitch account. Just type it in there, sync it, and yer good to go! Once Plains of Eidolon goes live it’ll net ya a stylish Syandana, watching streamers collectively for an hour grants ya a Liset decoration, you’ll fairly randomly be given prime and cosmetic items, but no shocker there -_^ But the rare Sigil’s the tricky one.

For that you’ll need to be logged into twitch and watching a streamer survive their first night. Emphasis on FIRST night. If you watch them after they get that achievement, you won’t get it. The Twitch Drop event lasts two weeks, but that sigil is gonna evaporate after a few hours of the update goin’ live so I’ll put a link in the description to a list of all the streamers hooked up that you can get credit from. At time of recording we don’t know when Plains is gonna drop, but again I wanted to make sure everyone had the most advanced knowledge of it so worst case scenario it drops when you are busy, you can just cue up a stream or two and let it run while at work or school and still get credit. Personally I don’t think that sigil looks particularly good, but rarity does affect fashionframe and these are gonna be pretty darn rare.

Though, it could very well make a decent Rift Sigil replacement for folks who missed out on that one already. But what do YOU think about this new loot system, Legion? Great addition for busy folks, or slippery slope where the sekzbots take over and waifus become real? Wait no that… a lot of people would want that, actually– Leave yer thoughts n’ comments below Legion! Thank-ya for watching, hope Plains drops soon, and I’ll catch you next time. Take care!.

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