Hi! Today, I will teach you how to make your very own “thingy”, Whatever you like to call it. Literally (you can rename it), I mean the official name is “Zaw” but who cares. So here’s what the video will cover: So let’s get started. What is a “Zaw”? The Zaw is a custom-made Melee weapon, available in that small town next to PoE (Plains of Eidolon), I mean Cetus. Where there is that old Weapon Smith, Called, Hok. will get you the parts and help you to assemble it. but when you really think about it Kinda have to pay him and to get the parts AND THEN then pay them again to craft it for you. Is one-sided deal….. 😐 When you walk into the store, There are four buttons Each “Zaw” requires three parts: A “Strike” (which is the Blade), A “Grip”, And a “Link” Well DE doesn’t like you and wants you do farm more for the extra unnecessary part So…. you know…. You would also want to pay attention to each part To see what features or characteristics that it carries, So that you can make an ideal weapon.

“Link” is the most important bit that you want to look out, because that is like the counter weight or mass to buff your weapon in a certain way So just keep that in mind. Resources needed for your “Thingy” Well…. Most of the resources are available to farm PoE itself, Some of them are from common drops you get in other missions the you know the common resources they come from….err..

Fishing! Mining! Fishing! Mining! MORE Fishing MORE Mining Cutting plants (weeds) Shooting ROCKS Shooting fishes Hunting BiRdS AND… back to more Mining and more fishing…….. You get what I mean move on. Making the “Zaw” is the easiest bit, you’ll find all the blueprints you get from smith in your ships foundry, and under miscellaneous tab. Simply type in Z A W, You will get all of them on your screen. Go over them and see what resources they need and craft the alloys if required. Now, we will go back to the two buttons that I haven’t covered yet. The third button on the store menu is “Today’s special”, Like Darvo, it is a pretty scam sell, I personally don’t recommend you to buy them.

But if you are one of those impatient people, Go ahead. The fourth button is by far the most interesting bit in this store, and… There are three options on the screen: Potato = Orokin Catalysis it is a pretty good way to recycle weapon when you think about it. You can trade in your standing with it, and then you can make a new weapon. And the last button is, to rename any Weapon….. and yeah “Waifu beater” Question time! Well… there was no best combination but you must go for the parts with similar characteristics Or else it will just cancel each other out and your weapon would be pretty dull For example i want the Dagger-like weapon with speed so i choose all three parts with fast attack speed in general Take your time to play around with different parts, and check the spec for you craft the weapon and you will know what it is like.

Yes, and no we’re not sure yet. But there is a rumour of how all parts are available at rank 0 of the PoE (Ostron)standing. But whether if the standing require for each part is increased it or decreased, has not been confirmed. No, at least for this Patch we’re having. PoE still having quite a lot of changes going on, and some blueprints in other stores have been changed from a “One-off”, to a “Reusable”. Like for example: the fishing dye, that one change from “One-off” 500 standings; Now is the 500 standings for a “Reusable” Just keep an eye out, DE might change later on.

To be honest, I never tried. but again, PoE is experiencing a lot of change within the next month. I would not be surprised we can And that is all for today. If you feel like this share some when the combination, typed them down below; If you got any questions, I will try my best to answer them remember to give me a like we found this useful, and subscribe if you think you want to see something similar This is just me, but I think fashion has been so much to us in the Warframe Comment below in and don’t argue please! Peace out!.

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