Can you please get out No, that’s not the way round Are you serious right now? Hello everybody, It’s your host here, and I will be talking about how to mastery rank up yeah, that’s right, mastery rank up Which is here Mastery rank up so basically all you’re gonna do is Ranking up your weapons or warframes Which (kinda) means leveling up yours weapons (and warframes) Once again weapons and warframe all the way to max like all the way to max Which is hard, I know..

Its Depends on how much XP you need it in order to mastery rank up So how do I? Mastery rank up quickly. It’s pretty simple (all?) you gonna do is Do any type of defense missions like for example this. If you want to do easy mastery rank up Level up thingie you can choose this, or you can do the challenging ones like Jupiter Yeah Okay, so but it’s pretty simple So once you see your bar flashing There’s gonna be the option for you to For you to mastery rank up yeah But I kind of warn you that there will be Different tests every time you mastery rank up because this is all for this video don’t mind me I got distracted so easily and.. I know this is my first actual video with my voice in it So it’s kind of a lil bit awkward. I’m sorry But I hope you guys have a great day Ching Changg.

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