Ahoy thar, legion! Some folks have been super curious what’s behind that icky infested door of our liset and voiced their concerns about the sounds comin’ out of the thing. Both valid questions. So what happens when you combine a knack of running into glitches with a twisted filter on the ol’ noggin? Sometimes you can get some pretty interesting results. Step one! Run and pick up some speed before sliding into and accessing your arsenal. While sliding, quickly update whatever weapon you wanna, back out of that menu, and repeat. In my case I went with the melee I had equipped at the time Now, if your an ol’ veteran of the game and still dislike seeing your warframe block the UI on loadouts, you’ll probably hate this next part.

Isn’t that nice? Wouldn’t ya just love seein’ this each time you changed your loadout? But I suppose it could be worse, so we should be happy with what we got. But, if you keep it up you’ll eventually pay a visit to your pet. Now this might look a little weird, but be honest bud. This is tame compared to what you’ve seen on this ship already. Keep spamming the upgrade and cancelling motions and eventually you’ll meet up with a black wall. Good news is ya made some progress! Bad news is ya can’t clip through wall with this method. So try as ya might, you’ll be stuck next to your mod segment. Now, ya might be wondering, “PsyCo, that’s great n’ all, but uh…

That’s like the exact opposite of the infested door and if you can’t clip through walls you couldn’t see INTO it anyway.” Well, ya gotta point there, Legion. This is QUITE the distance from those doors… but that’s when ya add little kooky inginuity! Step 2! I went back and tried it again. This time for giggles, I decicded to turn my frame a bit to see if that did anything. And it DID! Sure enough, it moves forward whatever direction you face em. Now my biggest concern would be if we are locked on the Z plane, so will we float over the stairs or be able to go down them? We CAN go down em’! So after some time, and don’t back out twice or you’ll have to start over, by the way, I finally reached the door. Bad news, we’re still not able to clip through it. But the *camera* clips through it just fine! For the time being, there’s nothing top secret stashed away back there just outta yer reach and tauntin’ ya.

It’s just a blank slate they’ll add in some time from now. But there is a nice glowing blue circle dealy. So enjoy the peaceful moodlighting as ya pass the time. So there ya have it, Legion! Glitch and how-to in one! The door might not be actively blocking you from anything right now… but you can take a peak whenever ya feel like it and ya never know what might be waitin’ for ya! Maybe even the Stalker! Hah, like I’d ever let that guy get on my Liset. [Stalker sound effects ]Thank-ya for watchin, and catch ya next time, Legion! Take care!.

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