Ok back again with me, rahman. this time I will show to you how to use loki or give u a trick for you that can penetrate the glass wall loki ok but thanks giving for my clan, warframe indonesia dan IDWS this is my clan so, i will give u the trick, but now i spin my mana in here i will add my mana, i will call my girl, heheh with this my mana automatic add before this have hole in wall can make easy us to entry frist choise place where good to use frist ulty loki, i think this a good place see, her ulty inside walls so after shadow in inside, u can use skill third loki choose place where u can use third skill of loki for make loki move to the shadow tralaaaa i can move to through in glass walls ok, after inside i will to go open guard key ok, this is frist trick in poin B after this i will go to poin C to use trick secon of LOKI ok, couse in poin B different to point C, poin B more easy cos a hole in the walls if to through full glass wall, this have a special trick come, we go to Poin C here I will show how the trick especially different points earlier B this is full glass no have hole This trick is pretty easy actually, as long as you know how to choose the right position when using the first and third skill before I would give a lot to know why I see when they use loki but do not use this trick before I would give a lot to know why I see when they use loki but do not use this trick ok, now i will give particular trick, first you have to use your ulty you have to find the nearest position to the first ulty use third skill fail, but try again again and again until his shadow in ok, now you see the shadow in the use third skill hahahaaaaaa entrance end i go to guard key to exit using the same trick, but it may be a bit more difficult i will try same trick shadow out wall now shit fail, fail, fail..

hemmzzz… actually not as difficult as this, I think I am wrong choosing the right position wait i try again aaaaaahhhhhaaaaaa I finally came out where is my sentinel???? wah he was still inside, hahaha Okay here it is a trick that I made into video Do not forget to subscribe take a look at the videos of my other, there is a video I was painting and any videos make u like it dont forget to follow my chanel, i have many good video for u.

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