Ahoy thar, LEgion! PC Tenno! Thanks to the third year anniversary celebration, if you log into the game before the 29th, you’ll receive the Dex Furis, Dakra, and Sybaris each with their own weapon slot and catalyst free of charge! Console Squad! Got a bit of good news for you as well: You’ll be happy to know your Update 18.patch has officially been sent to cert! If you are lucky and things get handled quickly, you’ll be en route to get some Inaros goodness before the end of the month! To top it off, these three weapons were pre-baked into it, so you’ll be getting them right away as well! As we have the two anniversaries before, man does time fly, let’s take a look at this year’s offering. The Dex Sybaris! The Furis had a slight lotus look about it, the Dex Dakra had them built into the handles… but this… the lotus is just everywhere on this thing. Ya got the dorsal fin lotus, ya got some stamped onto the sides, heck even firing the weapon turns the muzzle flash into a purple one. Okay, okay, we get it, it’s from the Lotus.

You’re one step away from overly attached space mom over here. DID YOU GET MY GIFT? Yes, Space Mom THERE WERE THREE OF EM! Ya, I got them all. Thank-you. NOW DON’T FORGET YOUR SCARF BEFORE YOU GO OUT AND PLAY WITH YOUR FRIENDS. Ugh! Mah! I’m in my Liset, LEAVE ME ALONE! Now, when the Sybaris first came out I said it looked cool, but it just didn’t jibe with me. My thoughts on that haven’t changed, but maybe this newer version can sway my opinion! It’s still a mix between a rifle and a shotgun, but the stats are a smidgin’ more favorable …though we actually lost out on some impact and puncture to gain a sliver more in Slash.

We got a little more magazine capacity, faster reload time, and a strong emphasis on crit builds, which is what I’d recommend building towards. It figuratively fires both barrels in a lightning quick burst, the spray and recoil aren’t too bad, but you’re accuracy is gonna top out at 25 to 30 meters away. You will still be able to hit targets further than that, ya just won’t be able to get reliable headshots is all. Damage per shot is surprisingly high even when first starting out.

I took this to a Sechura run to level it up and was taking out the odd target with relative ease. I tried out a few builds for it, but something still felt off. I think the gun is so evenly split between being both a rifle and a shotgun that neither side is the clear victor. I had the most fun spraying bullets with the weapon like I’m wiping out extras from a wild west flick, but the crit heavy stats suggest I go with a build that focuses on headshots which is a slower and more calculated style. After trying to find which I preferred and would settle on, I said screw it and just mashed em both together into this odd combination.

This build supports a mobile, twitchy, almost PvP-esque playstyle where you can weave in some zoomed headshots and get a kill to watch your damage spike. You’ll need to take down a weaker target to boost your damage high enough to dent the heavily armored ones, and headshots will ensure every shot is a critical hit and some will even be red. Clearing the star chart should be a breeze, but you will hit a hard fall off once the enemy armor starts to scale up. It won’t fit all situations and might not be how you like to us it, but it was the most fun I had with the weapon. In the end, it is neither a traditional Keeper nor Mastery Fodder but a one-time per year item so I’m not sellin’ it due to rarity and keeping the collection in tact.

If you pump it to the brim with Forma you can have yourself a capable killing machine, but I think that forma would be much better spent elsewhere. New and free to players feel free to use this and the rest of the Dex set to propel yourself through the rough starting content. They all are a fine weapon and will serve you well! But that’s just my take on the weapon, what’s yours? Do you like it or can’t wait to snag it? Have any preferred builds of your own? Leave a comment and let’s see it! If this review helped you out or put a smile on your face we’d be honored if you’d like, favorite, and share it with your fellow Tenno, we always appreciates it when ya does! Thank-you for watching and catch you next time, Legion! Take care!.

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