Ahoy thar, Legion! So ya’ve trekked across the burning sands, farmed for forty waves and forty fights, consulted the book of the dead but are curious how Inaros handles and how his abilities work! A couple of ya even wanted to know what we thought of him as well… So let it be written! So let it be done! Style-wise, Inaros has a nice amount of customization. Older frames tend to have huge areas of solid color with minor hints or glowing lights you can change, but FashionFrame folks will enjoy tinkering around with your color swatches I’m sure. Oh, speaking of, Saint Patrick’s Day pallette should be out in the Market by now and Easter should be up in a little more than a week, so new or free to play tenno, hop to it! Animation wise, for a new warframe he kinda looks like an old Giza as he has a bit of the shakes. And they only get worse, too.

I get that he’s based on a mummy, but his shambling is a bit ever-present and I’m pretty sure it will trigger motion sickness in some sensitive players. But enough customization, onto his kit! Something that I think deserves a lot more attention that most folks don’t give him credit for is, darn near all of his abilities synergize together. I’ll get to how they combo in a minute, let’s take a look at em individually first! Desiccation basically applies a reskinned heat proc to all enemies looking at you in quite a wide and far radius.

It’s perfect for locking down darn near entire rooms and has zero cooldown so have fun with this one, Legion! It does a small amount of initial damage, a pitiful amount of damage over time, and it supposedly heals you. While it technically does, your power strength has to be insane for this to honestly be a bullet point for the ability. The main pay off here is it ties into his passive: enemies you blind with this ability are open to finisher attacks and if you kill them with one, you’ll get a nice chunk of health back. Now THAT’S some life steal! Enemies can be chain-shanked over and over again the entire stun duration, but you’ll only get health back if a finisher animation delivers the killing blow. Ground attack kills give nothing and finisher animations alone give nothing. If you are looking for health, pick your targets carefully and aim for the squish! If you want a heal on tap and a guaranteed enemy lockdown, Devour is the skill for you.

Press 2 and mark your target, stunning them for a default 30 seconds. Hold down the ability and instead you’ll pull the enemy right to you. Either option you choose you can drain the enemy and refill your health in the process. The more Power Strength you have the faster this process goes, and if you want to be a stinker, as long as you start draining before the ability runs out, you can continue draining until it dies or you get knocked away from them. Generally if you kill the enemy using Devour, they will respawn as a sand covered golem and fight for you for about 15 seconds. This can be buggy though, so unless you build for it, consider it a bonus when it works. Sandstorm is the most lackluster ability. It costs a lot of energy, continues to drain energy over time, slows you to a crawl and throws enemies into the air. Anyone trying to kill anything during DJ Hydroid’s tentacle raves or Zephy’s plate spinning tricks knows how “fun” this can be. The only good traits it has is, while spinning damage taken is reduced and if you somehow kill an enemy you tagged with devour, it will heal you all at once instead of over time and turn them into a minion.

But this is another ability where you need outrageously high power strength to do any real damage so I couldn’t get this to work. Either enemies had too much health and I only ragdolled them, or they had too little health and they simply died and never gave health or spawned as a friendly target. I’d avoid this one like the seven plagues, but if you have excess energy, feel free to counter a group of enemies and pop this to Cle-o-pat-raiiight through em! His final ability is where the pharoah’s curse turns into mummy magic! Scarab Swarm…. or Scarab Armor as it should more realistically be known: Allow the scarabs running through your gummy mummy veins to feast on your flesh and… something something increase your armor at the cost of health. This buff will last through all but purges and disrupts, so unlike Iron Skin this won’t fall off the level whenever you do. The game doesn’t explain this at all but to trigger the actual swarm bit, you need to aim at a target and use the ability again. Doing this will eat precisely 25% of the armor buff you charged up, along with 25 energy.

Enemies afflicted with the swarm can easily pass it to others nearby, and each enemy heals you and any allies close enough for a bit of health. So aim for a group, try to get it to spread as effectively as possible so aim for busy bottlenecks and doorways and now you got your rotation opener started so you can merge these abilities all together. Just an example, here’s some 60 Bombards. I have my weak unprimed fangs on as when I did this with Broken War I one shot them all, so to help demonstrate and to keep it a bit more interesting. Stun them all with your ultimate, lock one you might have missed down with Devour or just pick a random target so you always have a heal on standby.

Whatever damage you took engaging them should already be healed and if you have Rage equipped you’ll have plenty of energy so charge your armor up to full, hit them with Desiccation to open them up to finisher attacks, and stab away. As you have a Devour target marked and a full stack of ult armor waiting to be cast, I’d say focus on killing everything as quickly as possible, recasting Desiccation and Devour as necessary. If you absolutely need to, you can feather the throttle a bit and aim to get finisher kills for the health, but I think you are much better off draining a Devour or passive healing from Scarab Swarm So is he a keeper or mastery fodder? Does inaros stand at the top of the pyramids, or did you get E-gypt’d having him take up a warframe slot? Inaros is most definitely: a keeper.

I’d say he passed with flyin’ technicolors! But I’ll leave the honor of finding the land of milk and honey to you. That’s a wrap for this Mummy episode! What are your thoughts on Inaros, Legion? Let us know in the comments below! Feel free to share and exchange build ideas and tips with others you may run into down there! Devstream 71 should be starting up if it hasn’t already, if you missed out on it live, fret not! We got a devstream recap n review all set for ya on Monday! So enjoy your day, have fun on your weekend, don’t forget the freebie color pallets… ya did, didn’t ya? Go get it already! Limited time! XD I’ll catch you next time, Legion! Take care!.

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