Hello Super Gamers, it’s “Super Effective” I came back with a new Warfare Raid guide video. Today, I’ll learn about the much-anticipated verdict, Gordas. If you have ever heard of this raid or have tried it yourself You know that the process is complicated. Hopefully this video clears the raid I hope it helps to get a new arcane and a new badge. So let’s get started. If you are going to the raid this way You do not have an item called Immune Serum Injector. If you are wondering how to get the item, please continue watching the video But if you have an injector, Press the Table of Contents tab at the top of the screen And it’s my personal recommendation. Get a microphone! It’s very helpful if you have a microphone until you get familiar with this raid. This raid is much more complicated than the rules of retribution. Okay, now let’s talk about equipment. Unlike the rules of critical retention, hard CC It’s important that the Jordas verdict kill the enemy and pick up the items. Level 50 to 100 infested enemies. Weapons and virus-setting weapons would be nice. In particular, it is recommended that the team bring four corosive projection auras It’s universally the same in other missions.

Warfare is recommended to have Ejaculation and Blessing Trinity. But if you exclude both, you can get a demo buff, a soft CC, temporary immune ability, Warfare with utility capabilities will help. The arc wing and arc wing weapon combinations are equally free. But it would be better to have more shields for teammates entering the golem later on Remember All right, now the mission will start.

If you fly a short distance toward the mission goal I see an in-festive barrier with three tentacles. This barrier is your target, and it will not be destroyed by normal means of attack. When you cross the room, there’s a vent with two yellow buttons on each side If you shoot these two buttons quickly, the Infisted Spore will come and go. Melee attacks here can push you to where you want without damaging it But let’s not use any other weapons, because we need to save Spore.

And some of the Arc Wing abilities are infested with Spore We can send it to the wrong place, so be careful not to use it as much as possible. Let a single player push Spore behind the Infested Spore to the Inferred Barrier Then the barriers are destroyed and the next room opens. Move another Spore over the partition and destroy the next festive barrier Then there’s the vent with two yellow buttons.

Shoot the button and the door opens. Let’s gather the team members and get ready to go together in the tunnel. This tunnel has several yellow buttons per pane There is a closed door at the end of the compartment. Your team members must shoot these yellow buttons at the same time and proceed to the next level If the button is successfully fired at the same time, the door opens and you can proceed to the next But if you do not get to the last place quickly, there is a time limit to bounce everyone out of the tunnel The way I recommend is that when players access the button I’m just one of those guys who just flies to the button and shoots the button. The other team members are responsible for the next button. Repeating the following tunnel sections in the same way will result in a large room There is an infested barrier on the ceiling of this room and a giant closed door on the bottom of the room This closed door opens by simultaneously shooting the four buttons on the ceiling side If you pass through the door below, you will see the room that you passed by again.

Move your team members to the starting point and get a new festive spore Pass through the giant door to the in-fest barrier Then a small vent is exposed in the ceiling, There’s a rotating obstacle running through the electricity. Pass through these obstacles to the ceiling and let through the vents When you come out, there is a very large passage blocked by the festive barrier You’ll see a new place to pull in festive spores. Let’s go through the barrier in the same way as before. Then there will be a much longer passage and a final fest barrier. The barrier is blocked by a green force field.

When you reach here, the In-festive Spore will be destroyed. Let’s leave two of them and all team members escort Spore. Let the two of you go to the end of the aisle and look at the side of the other team members. They see several yellow buttons at the edge of each force field behind them When you shoot two buttons with twin pairs, you momentarily release the force field. Allows in-festive spores to pass It would be nice to share the buttons between the two people, for example, right and bottom, left and top. Team members work together to transport the Infisted Spore safely to the barrier Let’s move on to the second stage. Now your team will move on both sides of the landing on the Corpus ship The first thing to check is the glove retention rate. It’s on the top left of your screen.

Quickly go through the map and go to the blue bubble-like place. This blue bubble comes from the central injector Protect your glove retention rate no more If the glove retention rate is 0%, if exposed to toxic air for a while after unprotected I lose my health quickly The bubbles of the sprayer pass through the walls and grow in size In this regard, I will explain to you after obtaining the immunosuppressant. Now let’s first run through the bubbles of the sprayer and proceed through the levels. At the end, there is a large room with a locked door and a console. If team members do not have an immunosuppressant injector, they can not go any further At this point, the raid will fall for a while.

Remember this place, you’ll have to come back after you make the injector. Now your new goal is to create an immunosuppressant. If you kill the enemy in this big room, There are two kinds of items that are different from ordinary drops. Immune serum fragments look like green spheres at this point Immune serum batteries are an important item, but they can not pick up without an immunosuppressant. Do not worry, I’ll explain it again after I make the injector. Now, while you’re sitting in the sprayer foam securely, Start Farming. If you have a clan These are the ingredients we need to study immune serum injectors. Please note the magnification below. It affects the amount of material required for clan research. Take some time to gather the pieces of sheep you need to make the injector. You also collect surpluses to contribute to clan research.

If you want enough serum fragments, let’s go to the exit. But do not worry, it will not be consumed in this case. When you return to the ship, Lotus will send you a message. There’s a plan that will allow us to study the immunosuppressant in the corpus wrap of the Clan dojo. Start the study, copy the schematic, and make an immunosuppressant injector When finished, do not forget to equip it with your belongings. This item can only be worn one at a time, is permanent and does not wear out Now you can pick up up to two immune serum batteries. The number of batteries is displayed as a buff on the top right of the screen. These batteries are consumed when used in the sprayer You can also use it to completely restore your glove retention rate By using an immunosuppressant in the consumables. Unfortunately, you can not make an immunosuppressant unless you belong to the clan.

It’s impossible to deal with it, but do not worry. As I was telling you, you can not get involved in raids unless you have an injector. However, the more people who have an injector, the easier it is to clear the raid. One more thing is that you do not have an immunosuppressant. When raids with team members with injectors It would be helpful to use warfare with damage immunity. Then I will not lose my stamina even if my glove retention rate is low. You are looking at this part of the video You built an immunosuppressive injector Or maybe you’re raiding with people with injectors. Now, let’s continue raid in earnest.

Re-start the raid and return to the door that was blocked before Let’s find a glowing console around the door. There’s a sprayer around the console. Let’s collect some immune serum batteries and turn on the sprayer. Then the bubble grows beyond the console, removing the entangled infectious agent. Hack the console, open the door, and move on to the next area. The next challenge can be overcome by extending the RAID mechanism we just learned There are three injectors in this room, and each injector is located around the infected computer And in the middle of the room there’s a hackable console and there’s a colored light over it.

And behind it is a large locked door. Let’s divide the team and let each sprayer fill up the immune serum battery. When operating at maximum, the bubbles in the injector will each affect beyond the corresponding computer Then the corresponding light turns green. This will allow you to hack the console in the middle of the room Decryption begins after the hack is over Decryption takes a few minutes. If you keep all three injector bubbles at their maximum, you may end up faster The bubbles in the sprayer will gradually diminish when left unattended But you can see the power level by looking at the white bar of the sprayer. Another thing to note is the occasional lottery warning from Lotus This means that the atmosphere is extremely toxic for the time being.

If this is not in the sprayer bubble, the glove retention rate sharply decreases When decryption is complete, a large door opens. You will be able to move on to the next From here, in addition to the console and sprayer bubble mechanisms Team members work together in time to find out what tasks they can pass It also introduces a new object called Esso Pages, which you can interact with.

This Esso page allows players to move to another Esso page nearby Esso Pages are not activated at first But when exposed to sprayer bubbles or shot, they can open. For now, these Esso pages are not essential to the process, but they play a key role in the late raid The first section will have one Esso page and two adjacent injectors. And inside there is an activated sprayer foam and a glass room with another Esso page. There are two scaffolds on each side of the glass room and an infected console inside There is one locked hatch. And there’s a vent that connects the right room to the glass room. Let’s first charge one of the first injectors Then the door on that sprayer will be opened permanently. Now let’s bring three players into the room Let two of them stand on the side of the footboard Then the hatch on the back opens, revealing the infected console. Next, one player with two batteries Let’s go to the glass room through the Esso page or the aforementioned vents. Let’s get the sprayer working.

Your console becomes hackable I repeat this process in the room on the other side Then the big door in the glass room opens. In the last room, you have to climb up a big elevator, The sprayer bubbles rise above at least one of the consoles at the edge of the elevator To reach the top, you have to climb several floors If you are not going up for a while, the elevator will start downstairs Before starting this section, players with injectors will collect two batteries And all of them are on the elevator and slowly operate the sprayer around the passageway If you go up, you may run out of batteries.

You can find more enemies to spit batteries on the next floor. When reaching the top floor, the elevator’s reactor stays on the ceiling The explosion will take place And after a while, your team will go to the final stage of the raid no matter what they do. So enjoy the fireworks. The combat with the golem consists of three phases That means you can not cut your golem’s stamina by more than a third per phase. The golem is located at a charging station to keep his engine from being attacked. There are two yellow buttons on either side of the golem’s torso. The golem’s head is protected by a jacket There’s an exhaust vent on the bottom, And finally, there are two inferred spores that are randomly spawned on the battlefield. Each phase begins with you carrying the Spore with the weakness of the golem looking for the Inferred Spore The weakness is revealed when you shoot two yellow buttons at the same time.

If you put Spore on your weaknesses The Golem’s engine will shut down and restart in a few minutes. During this time, you will be able to enter the exhaust under the golem. Here you need to distribute personnel to two groups Five to seven people enter the exhaust and enter the golem’s body. The rest of the staff remain out there and continue to create new in-fest Sending them to weakness. Each spore fired by weakness reduces the golem’s engine charge by 30% Consider which work frames to use when entering team members The arc wing of the player entering the exhaust vent will recover the shield at the same time as entry You have to run through the winding tunnels to the end. Do not take too much time on the move.

It’s released from the tunnel, and we have to get back in. In this section, arc wing with large amount of shield, large component shield recovery kit, Or an arcane to restore the shield is useful If Trinity reaches the end of the tunnel, you can use Bless to restore everyone’s shield. Slowly come in with your team members and collect immunity serum batteries Beyond a few challenges, you need to communicate and collaborate The inside of the golem is a winding and complicated in-festive labyrinth.

There are lots of puzzles along the three main routes. Each route leads to one of three golem nerves In this case, they are labeled target marks A, B and C. Nerves must be destroyed in this order. Golem’s nerves are basically uninvited, but when exposed to sprayer bubbles, they can attack. If you destroy the golem’s nerves, the eviction timer will begin to return. It gives me a little time to escape to the glowing exit portal in the first room.

If you do not escape within this time, you will die. The first golem nerve looks right out of the first room, but it’s blocked by Force Field. So we have to take a little detour. First, send a player to the road to the far right of the sprayer Run the sprayer below the wire below On the other hand, let the second player go to the tunnel on the left side of the sprayer Hack the console at the end When the hack is over, I cross the door twice.

Go to the other side of the cubicle and hack the second console Quickly navigate to a new place on the Esso page just outside the door When you get inside, let’s destroy the explosive canister and let the team join. In this new room, send a player to the tunnel on the back of Esso’s page Let’s operate the injector at the end of the tunnel. On the other hand, if the second player goes to the back of the window Let that sprayer work. Next, after two other players hacked the two consoles Let’s go into each new room and step on the footboard inside.

Then the middle room door opens and the player in that room can enter the last room. All other players should send them to the starting point and activate the sprayer. If the golem nerve is exposed, it will destroy the nerve and quickly escape. Now the golem will be off the charging station and flying in the air. At this time, you have to shoot the golem’s engine to reduce his stamina by two-thirds Then the golem docks to the new charge and the battle enters the second phase.

Repeat what you did in the first phase, but be careful. This time the tunnel is different from before and the rocks are flying towards you, These rocks can be shot and destroyed. If successful, Let the team collect the batteries and head for this yellow container. One player enters the yellow container to activate the sprayer Have a page of Esso around Then you’re going to move behind the glass wall. I make a hole in the glass and sit on the scaffolding around Meanwhile, the second player hacked the console around the yellow container Let’s stand on a nearby footboard. Then let the third player go up the hatch vertically and into the room above Here the player destroys the explosive barrel, actuates the injector Hack the nearby console This will move the yellow container along the railway to the new location of the first room Once the yellow container has been moved, charge the internal sprayer I step on the container, hack the console and enter the room above In this new room, send one player to the left I passed two of these scaffolds.

You can activate this console to open the door Enemies can easily come up, making it easier to save batteries Next, turn on the injector in the central room and hack the console Then the sprayer moves along the track to a new location near Force Field. Let’s have a person with a battery, so we can wait around the sprayer and buffer the sprayer. Now let the two players stand on the two stools located opposite the room Then the second sprayer comes up to the second Esposito page. Shoot this Esso page and send the sprayer behind Force Field. When the sprayer is moved, quickly place a nearby player at the bottom of the Esso page Let’s shoot the Esso page. So this player is also moved to the Force field. Once inside, Activate the nearby console to allow the rest of the team to join And you can buffer the surrounding sprayer Destroy the golem’s second nerve and quickly escape.

Repeat what you’ve done before to reduce your golem’s health to 1/3 Let’s go to the last phase But be careful, because this time the length of the tunnel is noticeable. This is the last time the inside of the golem is coming in. But it’s not as long or as complex as other times. First, a player who collects a battery packs the injector in a yellow container Then I climb over this box below and shoot the Esso page over the bar Quickly take the second Esso page out of the box Then they move into the box, where they attack the debris that touches the glass.

There’s a new shortcut. Let the player go into the box and then follow the tunnel. If you go down to the floor, you can charge the sprayer below and hack the nearby console Then there is a way to go up, and a locked door at the end. There is a small hole on the left side of the locked door, through which the explosive canister Then the first room is new Let the second player go into this new road and let the console work The door will open and the first player will be able to join. Two players go to the new room around and sit on the two stools So the hatch above is open. The player below the laser grate shoots the Esso page beyond the grate Meanwhile, the third player is sent down the tunnel where the first player has just arrived Activate the sprayer below and take the upper Esso page to the last room When you get inside the room, let’s blow up the jar and let the team join.

Now go back to the room where I moved the yellow container. From there, you activate the sprayer and hack the console to lower the container to its original position At the end of the move, the injector inside the container is filled, causing the console in the last room to be hacked So you’ll get a new sprayer to expose the last nerve of the golem. Destroy the nerves and quickly escape. Finally, fight the golem and end the verdict of Jordas. Congratulations, you have now officially completed Reid. It was “It’s Super Effective” raid guide so far Please post your question or comment below Please share this video with your fellow Tenno people or subscribe for the next frame video. Thank you for watching and I’ll see you next time I appreciate your views and hope this episode was helpful.

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