Ahoy thar, Legion! Console Squad! Your next update has officially been sent to Certification! Yall will likely be getting it before next Friday! So uh… enjoy some overpowered builds while ya can ^_^ Today we are takin’ a look at the fairly rare EMP Aura Aura mod. Which is kinda… redundant This particular aura was only recently added back into Warframe after a long hiatus. Thankfully the Warframe reddit gave a heads up it was live on Wednesday, so I was able to snag it. So quick shout out to “youtubot” for the timely alert. The mods deleted his comment when the mission disappeared, but I dug through the internets to give credit where credit’s due! <3 The EMP Aura Aura Mod! Sounds like a massive value meal from a Hawaiian fast food restaurant. What does it do? What DOESN’T it do? Work very well, for one ^_^ It is supposed to lower the accuracy of Corpus units, but even when maxxed out, it only provides a ten percent decrease in accuracy. I don’t wanna say the effects aren’t instantly noticable…

But here’s a side-by-side comparison. Can YOU tell which one has the aura equipped? Not even a trick question, one of these does have it on. I tried it at 30 meters, 15 meters, corpus crewmen, moas, and techs. I didn’t notice anything outside the margin of error. I found out moas hate being more than 30 meters away and tend to rush you, sometimes when crewmen kneel they get super inaccurate, which sounds kinda backwards, and sometimes out of the blue, a moa will just randomly want to hit the same spot on the ground over and over again. This was with the emp aura aura mod off, by the way. Is it worth the effort and rarity? For solo tenno: No, not at all. Get it when you’re able, but don’t go out of your way.

Unless they buff it more than 10% per player, you have much better options to choose from. For full groups, maaaaybe. But as it is currently so rare and lackluster compared to other options, you probably won’t run into a group using these any time soon. Forty percent less accuracy… I’m sure it has it’s uses… but for now, this mod will only appeal to collectors that want to complete their set, and traders… who are going to sell it to collectors that want to complete their set. Expect another emp aura aura alert to pop relatively soon, then it will disappear for awhile again, such is the way of RNGsus.

No Devstream recap n’ review on Monday as they decided to postpone it until next week so they can reveal exclusive Lunaro content at some expo. You’d think they would want to reveal it directly to their fans on an official devstream… but marketing shenanigans. While they apparently don’t, at the very least know that *I* appreciate you, Legion, so thank-you for watching. As always, if you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment below! Enjoy the weekend, have fun, and I’ll catch ya next time! Take care!.

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