Ahoy thar, Legion! Specter o’ the rails released the other day and arguably the single biggest change involved void missions and the prime grind. Some are claiming gloom and doom, worst update ever, and saying it’s literally unplayable. So, ya know. Just your average day on the forums XD The new model is quite different than the one you might be used to, but fret not! It looks a lot more complex than it really is and just takes a run or two ta piece it all together. Did you have void keys in the past? Congratulations, now ya got relics. You use these to queue up for void alert missions or ‘void fissures’ as well as crack em open to reach the tasty loot inside. Originally we had to run the same location and mission type over and over again hoping for the item we wanted, now we can run any of the active void fissures of the correct difficulty and use the specific relic we want.

We still won’t get the item we want, but at least the change of scenery is appreciated. Void Fissures! These missions change every few hours and are ranked by difficulty type, so a T1 relic won’t work on a T2, for example. For the most part, they play out exactly the same as a normal mission for that location, but during your travels Lotus will pop up gabbin’ on and on about void fissures. The short version of that is, you’ll need to keep an eye out for a floating gold crack in space. These can spawn nearly anywhere, so I’d recommend checking every branching path on your way to the objective to avoid back tracking. Once you find it, mark the location so the rest of your group can huddle up, or if you are chasing a capture target or something you know where to go back to. When everyone is set, approach and activate the fissure. The screen will get all hazy and you’ll have to kill some corrupted spawns for awhile, including ever-the-favorite: Corrupted nullifiers ^_^ Killing those corrupted have a chance to drop reactants. You’ll need to pick these guys up and feed em to the fissure.

And that fissure is hawngry because it takes ten to finally seal it off. Might sound like a lot, but this isn’t a long process at all. With the hole in the space time continuum sealed, complete any remaining mission objectives and hit extraction. Here everyone’s relic will be opened at once, and where grouping up pulls ahead of going solo for these: If the item your relic spat out is a mediocre compared to the shiny n’ chrome something someone else found, just click on their item and you’ll get that instead! In fact, if a sought-after item drops, all four members of the group can select it if they so desire.

And with that, your run is done! Unlike alerts that only exist once, if you enjoyed the location and mission type you are free to requeue it as many times as you can while it remains active and you have relics that match. The pros and cons of this method compared to the original continue to wage on as the days pass. You have four attempts at a rare each run, but it also takes four keys per attempt which some find wasteful. I personally enjoy this change and how you can easily hop in and hop out of public matches without all the muss and fuss of recruit chat. There’s a little bit more to the process with Void Traces but I wanted to focus an entire video on them, and as they are patching the update daily I have a hunch they might tweak them in the meantime.

I’ll also do a how to get relics guide out, but if YOU have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll see if I can get a guide goin’ for that as well! Until then, if this guide helped ya out or put a smile on your face, we’d be honored if you’d like favorite and share it with your fellow Tenno! We always appreciates it when ya does. As always, thank-you for watching and catch you next time Legion! Take care!.

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