Ahoy thar, Legion! Those dastardly Corpus Devils are at it again and this time they brought with em the sneak peek at the Ambulas rework! This is gonna be a really quick guide on how to get the most out of the event as fast as possible! …Equal parts to save ya time, and keep this guide relevant as the last one I had set up was wiped out due to them nerfing the Excavation method almost as badly as the initial Oberon rework pass -_^ Animo points! Ya need points and ya need em *yesterday!* They grant ya access to the full Ambulas rework, the free slotted n’ catalyst’d Supra Vandal, along with all the other things you can buy with them off the Perin Sequence leader in the relay. He’s got the full Chucky Cheese gamut, too. Ya got a sticker for 25 tokens, a temporary tattoo for 50, and for the high rollers out there: a little bobble head toy to decorate your liset.

I mean, sure you could bank up on these syndicate mods and try to trade em off for platinum, but wouldn’t you rather spend more on Mr. Wobbles?! [Clown horn squeak] Well, no matter what you invest in, yer gonna need animo points to collect em. How do you get those? Solo Tenno! You HAD a great option with Excavation missions, buuut they went ruined that pretty hard with a “hotfix”. Brand new Tenno could’ve even run something like Kiliken on Venus and get some easy points but now it’s… just a mess. Darn things spawn as fast as… well anything on solo Excavation now. So that leaves New Tenno out in the cold. Solo Tenno unless you greatly outperform Starchart content you current best bet is *potentially* Neptune’s Sao, which was my initial number one spot… but to really activate yer almonds they nerfed the heck outta this one, too. In short they spawn less often, lower level, and net you less points on both counts.

If yall’ve been watchin’ for some time now you might recall I always recommend running new content as soon as possible: This is why. We Tenno apparently cannot have nice things. The currently, collective-considered best place is likely Pluto’s Outer Terminus. If you clear it at a normal pace, no speedva, no gimmicks to mess with the spawn rates, you’ll likely get an Ambulas to land every two to four waves for 5 to 6 points a pop. Should get near 40 points per 15 waves even after the nerfs. The short list of things to keep in mind is he’ll only spawn on open-air Corpus-controlled tilesets, so if you wanna do spy missions or something on the side that’s an option as well, might even get more outta that then Excavations now. The higher his level the more Animo points he drops, capping out at 6. You can *not* increase that with resource boosters, Nekros, Ivara, stuff like that. Whatever drops drops. If he proves to be too tanky might want to try and peel through his armor and shoot off his mecha butt. Not even jokin’, dude’s totally got some titanium gazelle glutes that’d make even Tyl Regor jealous.

Tyl Regor: Worthless ugly freaks! And finally, to unlock his reworked boss battle you’ll need to fill up that bar you see on yer Liset. If it’s not full, you can’t access it. But once it is, Hades on Pluto’ll appear and all you’ll need to do is kill em. And then defend it. For a few minutes. Five times >.< This time gating makes a perfect run take about ten whole minutes so… yet another reason to choose Excalibur as a starter frame and never touch this after the event.

This certainly ain’t gonna motivate ME to farm up his parts any time soon. But hey! Maybe they’ll compensate us for our time and bump up the odds of the drop rate [laughs] Couldn’t do it! I couldn’t even make it through that whole sentence! Oh, that was rich. Let’s save that stuff for the next Rant Roundup -_^ If this guide helped ya out or put a smile on yer face, we’d be honored if you’d like, favorite, and share it with your fellow Tenno! Ya know we appreciates it when ya does! As always, thank-you for watchin’ and catch ya next time, Legion! Take care!.

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