Ahoy thar, Legion! While we covered Dragon Keys in the past, we gotta few requests on how to specifically find them as they aren’t in the market and Dojos can be right confusing depending on which blind contractor was in charge of the layout. So here we go! Head on off to yer local Dojo and see if you can find this Thor’s hammer lookin’ room. I know it’s name’s Mjolnir but who can pronounce that crazy thing. We’ll let Skyrim keep hold of the Norse as we climb the stairs and access the terminal at the top n’ too the left. Bada bing badda boom, you got yerselves some dragon keys.

Oh, and maybe leave the Kubrow home to avoid some… awkward conversation. Well ya see, when two Kubrows love each other very much… Actually you hatch from an egg. I don’t even wanna know how that works. But if you DO wanna know what to do with dragon keys or how to unlock their tasty rewards, we gotta guide set up for ya right huah! Easy peasy means of snaggin’ you some corrupted mods, if I do say so muhself. Though seriously I have no idea what’s goin’ on with Kubrows biology. But as always, thank-ya for watchin’ and catch you next time, Legion! Take care!.

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