Ahoy thar, Legion! PC Tenno, you have another day or so to snag the event exclusive Vulkar Wraith! Is it any good? How’s it handle? And is it worth the effort of unlocking? To be fair the bar is set fairly low to unlock it, so anything slightly above the amount of effort that went into choosing what Baro Ki’teer was going to offer each visit will do the trick. As with all Wraith weapons it comes with it’s pseudo Grineer design and a built in catalyst. Stats wise it is almost all Impact and a tiny bit of puncture.Status and Crit and Crit damage are high, making them nice modding targets. I’ve given the critical build a go, and it’s not bad, but I don’t think ideal. You got your mandatory Serration, Point Strike and Vital Sense. To really crank out the crit damage I threw in the new Bladed Rounds mod which grants crit damage for a set time after a kill. The last four slots being whatever elemental combos or utility you like. But this build wasn’t perfect as, even with a 50% crit chance, I could go four shots in a row without a single crit.

For a Crit build, that’s no good. So you’ll need to throw in a Critical Delay or Argon Scope and aim for headshots. The scope ain’t bad, I like the layering of buffs you get with these mods, but it can also be a bit of micro managing as now you NEED to get head shots. So it might be easier and more usable to go Critical Delay if ya got it. But now you are down half your total mod slots and firing slower just to get reliable crits so, while it works and you might find it to fit your style, the most fun I had with the weapon was goin’ for a Status build.

Put every dual stat event mod ya got and no muss, no fuss, you got yourself a status build. That leaves you with three open slots. I keep my mods low to fit all my slim builds, but your damage and status chance will likely be much higher than this, so I opted to throw in some more elemental damage to boost it up a bit. While the weapon is quite ammo efficient, you’ll still run dry on long solo runs, so make sure you line up headshots and elemental combos to hit them the hardest. Ammo Drum helps stall time but you’re better off with Sniper Ammo Mutation. Even then you’ll still need to break barrels if you choose to Sniper alone it so it’s up to you on if either are worth the mod slot. Reload time is a bit high at three seconds, but as long as you make your shots count, it never felt tedious in action to me. Finally the Sniper rework added perks to zooming, and it’s a great one for this weapon.

Zoom and five percent extra damage. Keep zoomin’ in and increase that to fifteen and twenty! Feel free to quickscope high threat targets to zerg them down quickly. So what’ll it be? Keeper or Mastery Fodder? While it has it’s weaknesses, I think these weak spots actually give interesting modding options and there aren’t too many to address at once, which actually puts this sniper above the Snipetron Vandal for me. It’s a Keeper, Legion! But like there was any doubt, it’s a Wraith! And, much like the Gorgon Wraith, punting enemies across the map is extremely satisfying, but this weapon sends them even further! Snipers have their own niche to fill so you might not get as much use out of it compared to an assault rifle, but for I dare ya to try and not crack a smile when launching enemies into walls and over cliffs! Hope the event wasn’t too stressful on ya, Legion. I had a particularly nasty string of RNG on Violence with his rare drop. Took exactly fifty three attempts for him to drop the dang thing. Glad the mic wasn’t live during the end of that grindfest.

Console Squad, you’ll get access to this weapon in just about a month, but rest assured the wait’ll be worth it! As always, thank-you for watching, enjoy you some Wraith, and catch you next time, Legion! Take care!.

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