Ahoy thar, Legion! Gotta quick weapon review fer ya today! Console Squad, I hope Alad is treatin ya well in that Shadow Debt event. If you’d like a rundown and some tips, we got a guide for ya all set up in the description. So what weapon are we lookin’ at today?! The… zh… The zhu… This automatic crossbow was added in Update 18.6. It apparently shares the name with it’s creator datin’ way back to the Dynasty Warrior era China. I’m more of a Zhange He fan, myself, but this guy was known as bein’ a master tactician. How does his digitized bow measure up? First up, the build requirements! All together it’ll cost ya 40k credits which ain’t bad, but the two argon AND nitain will likely raise an eyebrow. With my luck it took me longer to get the Argon, but such is RNG. Stats-wise it’s a silent weapon so it will pair well with fans of stealthy shooties. It deals mostly puncture and a bit of slash. While not great against shields, that’s nothing some magnetic damage couldn’t handle. And whduyaa know! It’s packin’ some rather high status chance.

AND crit chance! Depending on your mood for the day, either option is completely viable. I dare say a mix of both would get you the farthest as you are easily critting and proccing 50% of the time for 4 times the damage. Hammershot would pair with this weapon beautifully. As another bonus it has an innate V polarity which just screams Serration Slot so go ‘head and drop that in there and make it feel wanted. Or don’t, feel free to be as masochistic to your weapons as necessary. (I won’t judge… ya weirdo.) I’ve read some folks dislike the recoil, but I found it quite manageable. This isn’t Dual Cesta levels of crazy and even with the double-boost bows get from Speed Trigger it feels more like ninja version of an SMG than anything.

The magazine size is a little on the small side, but not bad. The fire rate is a little slow, but the aforementioned Speed Trigger more than makes up for that, but the reload time is a curious thing. Default reload is seconds. I would say a Fast Hands could help lower that, but depending on your mod setup you might not even need it. You’d think bumping up the fire rate would negatively highlight the slower reload time, but for some reason it was the opposite. I found if you DON’T bump up the fire rate, THEN it was painful.

Build wise, it’s wide open. There’s more than enough status, crit or preferable both in there, but that’s up to personal taste. As an aside I think it would be nice to see every weapon have this as a baseline so we wouldn’t have so much mastery fodder, but I really like how you can craft the weapon any direction you want to go, plus it has built in stealth to boot. So on a scale of Lu Boooo to Holy Cao Cao, I’d probably give this one a Keeper status. Give it a shot without a catalyst, and if you are impressed, throw one on there and enjoy the all the modifications you’re able to eek outta the thing. Super customizable, decent damage, and you can easily make status and crits pop left and right.

But what are your thoughts on it, Legion? Did you enjoy your time with the weapon, or did you get tired of trying to pronounce it’s name and decided to rid yourself of the frustration? Leave a comment below and let us know! Be sure to put any other questions or suggestions ya might have there as well! As always, thank-ya for watching, and catch you next time, Legion! Take care!.

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