Ahoy thar, Legion! With Kela De Thaym’s rework comes Rathuum! a struggle that culminates into a new boss fight! Currently for PC you have a few days left to earn yourself a sigil, badge, and the Furax Wraith melee weapons. I am currently fighting off a cold so I’m gonna keep this as brief as possible to allow you to get back into the action and me to get back into a biggol cup of chicken soup. I don’t even know if that helps to be honest, I just like me some chicken soup. In order to unlock Kela you’re going to have to conquer the Rathuum stomping grounds. Which is pretty much Running Man meets Warframe. The premise is simple, kill the enemy team more often than they kill you. Each have their own abilities you’ll need to watch out for. Solo tenno will have less total enemies to deal with at once while full groups will have everything thrown at them.

This is a pseudo PvP experience so you’ll spawn in with zero energy and no ability to generate some through restores. If you want to cast anything to top off your health and ammo, you’ll need to collect it from various spawn points throughout the level. For the current event you get one point for winning the first round, ten for the second, and twenty five for the final. As of the time of this video you need to have 100 points banked away before you can challenge Kela, and win or lose, each attempt will cost you 50. If you are having difficulty here I’d recommend your strongest loadout possible, Mirages spamming Synoid Simulor and Ash or Valkyr using their ultimates also can clear these without much difficulty. I tended to roll a Vampire Trinity to keep everyone’s health and energy topped off. If people would only let me get the initial energy I needed to cast anything, anyway.

There are some modifiers that affect this Arena mode such as half shields, half health, lower gravity, scaling enemies, draining health over time, so on. You’ll grow to hate these over time, as well as those darn drones that love sneaking up and one shotting you without any warning. So you’ve farmed your points and are now ready for the main event! Kela de Thaym herself! The hardest part of this fight is starting it. There’s this puzzle thing that.. to be honest this thing right here is the main inspiration of this guide video. Rollers will continue to spawn the moment you enter this bit and will stagger you if you don’t subdue them first. The goal here is to have everyone stand on these buttons and shoot their puzzle target within a short amount of time. For this aspect alone you’ll see many folks bring Ignis as it can actually shoot through the spinny bit and hit the proper target at all times. You can even hit any target of friendly teammates if they… uh… could use a little boost! The fight phases are pretty simple.

After you solve the puzzle you fight Kela and lower her health a chunk, she’ll disappear. Regularly death missiles will be fired and one-shot most frames. That is if you let them. These can easily be dodged by doing a quick lap on top or below the arena, it’s your call. These will continue to cycle through until you solve the next round of puzzles, but this time you don’t have to synchronize with your team, which is a plus. Just stand on a button and shoot the green lights until you hit all four targets. Or use an ignis and spray a quick circle and there ya go.

Do this on each button and Kela will return. She’ll web sling across the stage, throw timed grenades and rocket salvos, but she’s not impossible. Weaken her again, solve a final round of the same puzzles you just did, then finish her off, make sure to actively loot the items she drops, and escape the facility. All in all a nice quick little space jaunt and a fairly lively new direction for a boss fight. I likes it! If YOU liked it or enjoyed this guide video, we’d be honored if you’d like, favorite, and share this video with your fellow Tenno. We always appreciates it when ya does. Friday we’ll take a look at what those Furax Wraith hold under their hood, but until then As always, thank-you for watching and catch you next time, Legion! Take care!.

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